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Did you know that the Greenville SC Dog Show is this week on Friday through Sunday, February 15-17, 2013? While you can find general information about the dog show on the Greenville Kennel Club website, I noticed that I couldn’t find any information about what a family wanting to take their kids to the Greenville Dog Show might expect. So, I asked Kris Harner, the Greenville Kennel Club Show Chairperson just for you.  

Here is what you need to know if the Greenville Dog Show is in your list of activities for kids this weekend.

What to expect when visiting the dog show in Greenville SC?


Could you tell us a little about what a family visiting the Greenville Dog Show could expect to see?

Kris Harner: We usually have approximately 1500 or more dogs entered at the show. Almost every breed recognized by AKC will be there. All entries have to be made 2 weeks prior to the dog show. Sometimes we even have as many of the dogs as you would see on TV watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show event.  

The dog shows have different type of classes.

  • Breed: This is what most of the dogs entered are showing in; it is like a beauty contest. The judges are comparing dogs of the same breed to how well that dog looks like the breed description. 
  • Junior Showmanship: This is a class that youths enter. In this class the youth is judged on how well they present the dog to the judge.  
  • Obedience classes: These classes are judged on how well the dogs listen to the owners. By how well the walk next to them, retrieving an article over a jump, or finding the article the owner has in a pile of other articles.  
  • Rally classes: These classes are like obedience, except the owners follow a sign and ask the dog to perform that obedience exercise. 

You will see dogs of all size and ages, long hair short hair, and even no hair. You will be able to walk around and see them getting ready for the show (ie. grooming). 

We also have some amazing vendors that have products to sell. They have dog stuff and stuff for people too. Our vendors bring a variety of supplies for sale, and for the most part we don’t have many that would carry the same product, so you will find lots of variety of things to see and buy.


What are the most popular events to watch during the Greenville Dog show? What times are they?

It varies by individual. Some people like to watch a particular breed that they have or like, so they like the conformation/Breed classes. Others like watching the dogs doing obedience/ rally work, where the dog has to perform a set of commands. 

Then there are others that like to watch the youths show the dogs in the jr. class. Sometimes the dog is bigger than the youth. This class is really amazing to watch how well our youths learn to present a dog. 

As for the times, the show sends out a “Judging program” in that document it list what ring number and time each class begins. That will be published 1 week prior to the show on our website:


I read that parking is $5 and that no strollers are allowed in the show area. Is there anything else that families should be aware of before coming to the event?

Kris Harner: Yes, be sure not to bring any unentered dogs to the show. Watch your children and make sure they don’t run up to the dogs or to lean on the ring gates. If they want to learn more about what is going on or about the breed ask someone if they have a minute to talk. Most are more than willing to help someone. Always ask first before petting any dog. Oh, and, please don’t put fingers in the crates or feed the dogs without permission. Most of all enjoy seeing all the different breeds and how the dogs can listen and perform in a hectic environment of lots of dog lovers. Please also check out our vendors they have all kinds of stuff to sell from dog supplies, to even treats for people.  

Thank you to Kris for giving us the inside information on the Greenville Dog Show for families wanting to attend. 

Here’s a summary of the most important information:

  • NO strollers.
  • Make sure kids don’t touch dogs (without permission) or lean on ring gates.
  • NO dogs not entered in the events.
  • Parking, $5; event, FREE 

Also, Kris told me that the K9 Police Dog unit will be at the Greenville Dog Show demonstrating at an exhibit. They will not be there the entire time though, so hopefully if you attend you will be lucky enough to catch one of their demonstrations. 

If you want additional information about this year’s show, check the Greenville Kennel Club website. You may also call (864) 255-8625 during Friday – Sunday of this week.

Are you going to visit the Greenville Dog Show? Let us know what you think!


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    We went yesterday and had a fantastic time! It was so much fun to see all the different breeds, and many of the owners allowed us to pet their dogs (after asking, of course). It was definitely worth the trip!

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