7 Reasons why you have no excuse to not join the Y

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It might seem crazy to take on something new right now. With family responsibilities, work, school, and all the other surprises this year has thrown at us, joining a gym might be the last thing on your mind. After all, it takes time, effort, and commitment – and 2020 has presented enough challenges to make even an ironman triathlete feel drained.

But what people often find after they join a gym and start exercising routinely is that all of a sudden, they start to have a little more energy to take on their day. They stand up a little straighter, walk with a spring in their step, and even feel happier. Why is that?

What’s special about the YMCA of Greenville is that anyone can achieve that feeling, in a variety of different ways. The Y is all-inclusive: there is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.

Thank you to the YMCA of Greenville for sponsoring this article.

Exercising on a cross trainer

Cleanliness and Safety

Let’s get this one out of the way: The YMCA of Greenville is cleaner and safer than ever before. Since re-opening in May, each branch of the Y has surpassed the standard protocols that are our new reality: socially distant group classes, frequent surface cleaning with hospital-grade sanitizing solutions, spaced out exercise machines, and, coming soon, bipolar ionization HVAC (air filtration that deactivates viruses in the air), so you can come to the Y with peace of mind.

Our cleaning and safety protocols

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are the Y’s bread and butter. You have the guidance of an expert leading the class, and you get to exercise with people who are trying to accomplish the same thing you are. It creates a natural support and accountability system – once you start making friends with people in your group exercise classes, coming to an already fun workout class will likely become a can’t-miss part of your routine.  From yoga, Pilates and water aerobics to body pump, cycling, HIIT and Beast Mode, the Y has a wide variety of classes to choose from – and all classes are included in your membership dues.

Virtual Y

When you can’t make it into the Y, they have a library of classes on-demand for whenever you can squeeze in a workout from home or on the road. They have even more classes streamed from Ys across the country on YMCA 360.

Nutrition Classes

It’s no secret that wellness is not just about exercise. Whether fueling your body to adapt to a new workout routine, trying to lose weight, or figuring out what to feed your family, nutrition is important. What goes into our bodies is a major factor of short-term and long-term health. The YMCA of Greenville offers nutrition counseling which can be packaged with personal training – because when you get nutrition and exercise right, that’s the sweet spot.

Personal Training

On that note, personal training is another great way to refocus and have someone help you be accountable to reach your goals. The Y’s highly-certified wellness experts can tailor your sessions to your unique needs – at any stage of your fitness journey.

Every member of the family has fun at the Y

Child Care

Take the question of what to do with your children out of the equation when working out at the YMCA of Greenville. You can register children ages 1-12 for Child Watch, a free benefit for YMCA household members, where your children will be taken care of and will have fun while you get your sweat on. It’s important to be able to focus and be worry-free while exercising. Your children will be in good hands at the YMCA of Greenville’s child watch program.

School Holiday Childcare is based on the Greenville County School System operating calendar, so if your child has a school holiday but you still need childcare, you can register them for an S.O.S. day or S.O.S. Holiday Camp.

It’s never too early, or too late, to make your health a priority. The Y has everything you need to achieve your goals, including financial assistance so that anyone who wants to participate can, regardless of ability to pay. Join the YMCA of Greenville now. It can help you take on life with a little more strength than you had before, and after 2020, who doesn’t need that?

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Maria Bassett is a former school orchestra teacher, turned homeschool mom. She and her husband homeschool their 3 sons and 1 daughter, who range from 4th grade through 9th grade. Believing children learn best when they are engaged and having fun, this family loves to take their homeschool on the road, around Greenville and beyond.

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