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Five Playgrounds in Spartanburg, SC Your Kids Will Beg Not to Leave

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Ready to get outside and play? These playgrounds in Spartanburg, SC are perfect for playtime! You’ve read about the wonderful playgrounds that Spartanburg and the surrounding area have, but after a long winter of planning indoor activities, here is a reminder of some of the best playgrounds in Spartanburg you can revisit, or check out for the first time.

5 excellent playgrounds in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park Makes for a Perfect Afternoon Out

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Are you looking for information about Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park? If you want to know all the reasons this is a great park for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Local mom, Erika, has reviewed all of Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park’s amenities and is sharing why it is one of her kids’ favorite parks. 

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and what better way to do that than to check out one of the wonderful parks that Spartanburg has to offer?

One park worth mentioning, and well worth the trip to Boiling Springs, is Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park, located at 591 McMillan Blvd. Whether you have never heard of it before, or just haven’t had a chance to make it out there, there are multiple reasons to add this park to your “to-do-with-the-kids” list.

Watch! See the New Playground at Va-Du-Mar

parks and playgrounds spartanburg greenville

Want to explore other parks? Here’s a round-up of the best parks and playgrounds near Spartanburg, SC and Greenville, SC.

What’s so great about Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park?

How is the playground?  Great; but we’ll get to that part later. Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park offers a lot more than just a playground and a few swings. Seven different sports fields, with football goalposts and soccer goals, are located in this gem of a park, so bring your soccer ball along and let the kids run off some of their energy. The fields are well maintained with the grass kept short and fire ant mounds are sprayed frequently.

Inside the park, lies Shoally Creek Disc Golf Course. This 18-hole course sits on a “hilly” landscape, making it a bit more exciting, and most of the course is played through the woods. A course map is posted near the start, of course, giving you an idea of what to expect as you play. A wildlife sign is posted, so keep a lookout for the critters that call the woods home. The course is open during daylight hours and is free of charge, just be sure to bring your own discs.

If you’re a fan of Disc Golf, check out our list of more locations where you can play Disc Golf In Spartanburg.

Nestled in the back of the park, away from the noise of the playground, you will find a sand volleyball court, as well as a caged tennis court, with three courts located inside. You will also find a paved walking trail with “doggy bag” receptacles, so leashed pets are welcome on the trail.

Va-Du-Mar Mcmillan Park playgound toddlers

The playground is great too

What is a park without a playground? Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park offers a fenced-in, fun playground geared toward children ages two and up. Within the fenced-in area are two play structures: the smaller playground is designed for children age two to five and offers multiple height-appropriate slides, a steering wheel, a bridge, and multiple ways to climb onto the playground, such as stairs, an arched ladder, and a small ladder.

The playground is open underneath so your little one can run under it for added play space. With 6 swings total, two are kiddie swings for children four years old and under, two regular swings, and two swings for special needs, it’s not likely that your child will have to wait their turn for a swing!

The larger playground, geared toward children age five to 12, doesn’t lack space or fun! A large bridge connects two different parts of this awesome playground, and the bigger side includes a covered “treehouse-like” area.

Various slides, ranging from smaller ones with less of an incline to spiral slides that are high enough to include two spirals before you reach the bottom, sit on all sides of this playground. Multiple climbing walls, stepping stones, and staircases can turn this playground into a fun obstacle course, amongst other fun ways to enjoy it.

Neither of the playgrounds is made of wood, so no need to worry about pulling any splinters out at the end of the day. The ground of the playground area is rubber, so there’s soft padding when your child lands at the bottom of a slide.

Va-Du-Mar Mcmillan Park playgound swings

What else makes this park great?

Convenient options can make or break a park for parents, and Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park does not fall short in this category. Some of the most dreaded words a parent wants to hear 10 minutes after arriving at the playground are “I have to go potty!” only to realize that the closest bathrooms are all the way back home. This park has a men and women’s bathroom, located near the tennis courts, with multiple stalls and a changing table; and more importantly, these bathrooms are kept clean!

There are several benches throughout the playground area for parents to sit and relax while their children play. Shaded areas with picnic tables are easily accessible, so you can pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic with your family.

The playground area is fenced in, reducing the worry of your child running into the parking lot. Trash cans are situated throughout the park for your convenience and are frequently emptied to keep bugs away. Beverage vending machines are located near the fields closer to the park entrance, as well as a concession stand that is open during organized sporting events.

As with any public park, there are rules set in place for the safety of everyone.  Glass containers are not allowed, so keep that in mind if you decide to pack a lunch.  While leashed pets are allowed in certain areas of the park, they are not allowed in the fenced playground area; however, service animals are allowed in all areas of the park.

Va-Du-Mar Mcmillan Park playgound slide

The park is open 7 days a week, park hours vary throughout the year:
Nov. 1‐ Feb. 28: 7 am ‐ 7 pm
March 1 ‐ Oct. 31: 7 am ‐ 9 pm

You can view the full list of park rules here.

Do your kids love Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park as much as mine do?

Spartanburg Restaurants Your Family Will Love

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Hunting for a great local restaurant that your family will love? Local mom Jennifer put together this list of awesome restaurants in Spartanburg to check out. This list includes hot spots downtown, family-friendly dining in Boiling Springs, and more.

Hungry? It’s a good thing you’re in Spartanburg! Our charming town is quickly becoming a foodie haven. At this point, I have lost count of all the new restaurants opening up in Spartanburg. As we all #seespartanburgrise, we also get to enjoy the perks that come from this revitalized growth like incredible restaurant options.

While my family likes chain restaurants just as much as the next family, we love eating locally. When we eat locally, we support small businesses and boost the local economy. And, we get to enjoy unique food dishes and dining experiences. Plus, when out-of-towners come to visit, we’d much rather take them to a local restaurant than to a place they can eat back home.

With that being said, I’ve prepared this list of ten of my family’s favorite local restaurants. It no way covers all the many outstanding restaurants in the county. For instance, with so many new restaurants opening in 2017 and 2018, we simply have not had the opportunity to try them all. (But, it is my stomach’s ultimate goal!)

This list is perfect for those new to Spartanburg or visitors looking for some local flavor.

Wade’s Southern Cooking

Wade’s is a local icon. You cannot live in Spartanburg without visiting Wade’s at least once. And, I highly doubt that will be your one and only visit. It has been serving Spartanburg locals Southern classics and meats and threes since 1947.

Why kids love it – Mac and cheese are considered a vegetable.

Wade's Restaurant in Spartanburg

Photo credit: Wade’s

Bubba’s BBQ and Bash

If you have guests visiting, you have to feed them good ole’ Carolina barbecue at least once. With tons of barbecue options, I am going with my family’s personal favorite, Bubba’s BBQ and Bash. In addition to excellent barbecue, they also offer fall-off-the-bones ribs and baked macaroni and cheese that always leaves me craving more.

Why kids love it – Barbecue is messy and gives them an excuse to lick their fingers clean.

Taco Dog

Can’t decide between Mexican or American? Look no further than Taco Dog! Located in the Hillcrest Shopping Center, Taco Dog has been settling restaurant debates since 2003. Its unique menu offers tacos, nachos, burritos, and uniquely-topped hot dogs.

Why kids love it – Do I even need to explain this one?

Downtown Deli & Donuts

Just like the name suggests, Downtown Deli & Donuts is a downtown breakfast and lunch spot serving deli food and donuts. However, it is far more than your traditional deli or donut shop. They offer artisan donuts with unique flavors (as well as gluten-free donuts) and a lunch menu that is full of healthy and tasty salads and sandwiches.

Why kids love it – They get to decorate their own donut.

Downtown Donuts & Deli restaurants in Spartanburg


Manny’s in Boiling Springs is always packed! This is because they offer a wide selection ensuring everyone finds something they will like, and it is budget-friendly. This Greek and Italian style family restaurant offers pizza, calzones, wings, subs, spaghetti, gyros, and more.

Why kids love it – Chicken fingers, fries, and spaghetti

Monsoon Noodle House

Located right in the middle of downtown, Monsoon Noodle House has a cool atmosphere and excellent food. Their noodle bowls have been satisfying Spartanburg locals since 2008. If my opinion isn’t enough for you, they’ve been voted Best of the Best Chinese Restaurants for three years now.

Why kids love it – Smaller plates of Lo Mein just for them

Mon Amie Morning Café

Mon Amie Morning Café, on the Eastside, serves savory French food for breakfast and lunch (or just dessert). The restaurant is delightful, and the food is outstanding. No matter if you visit for breakfast or lunch, you will walk away with your belly full and happy.

Why kids love it – Crepes are more fun than sandwiches.

Gerhard’s Café

Hidden inside a shopping center is one of the locals’ favorite restaurants that offers both fine dining and a pizzeria. Do not let the fine dining fool you – Gerhard’s Cafe includes a pizzeria that is great for families with more budget-friendly and kid-friendly menu options.

Why kids love it – It is a lively atmosphere with big tables and a small outdoor green space.

Without a Children’s Menu, But Still Worth It

If you feel safe taking your kids to local restaurants that do not offer kids menus (but offer great food), then you absolutely must try these two:

Willy Taco

Since opening in 2013, Willy Taco has quickly become a local favorite. People kept coming back and waiting on busy nights to taste their funky tacos and try their fun drinks. While they do not offer a kids’ menu and you have to pay for chips and salsa, they do offer a plain cheese quesadilla and an atmosphere that will entrance your children.

Do you have a restaurant your family loves to add to our list? Add it in the comments!