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This Local Rabbit Park Has Over a 100 Rabbits: Garden Gate Rabbit Park

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Are you looking for a unique, family-friendly place to visit with your kids near Greenville? Garden Gate Rabbit Park is just the place. Read below to find out all about Anna’s visit to this special local rabbit park that welcomes visitors.

Spring is usually filled with images of rabbits, painted eggs, and baskets. Build springtime memories with a visit to South Carolina’s only Rabbit Park!


Find a Unicorn at Hidden Pasture Farm in Fountain Inn, SC

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You don’t have to travel to the end of a rainbow to find a unicorn; it’s right outside of Greenville! Hidden Pasture Farm, located in Fountain Inn, SC was the perfect birthday surprise for the daughter of Nikki Hulton. Find out about this little farm and the unique unicorn experiences they offer, along with pony rides, farm animals, play space, parties and more!

Hidden Pasture Farm Unicorns

The Unicorns at Hidden Pasture Farm

Having been in contact with Kate, the owner, I had booked a 2-hour “unicorn” experience in which my daughter would have one on one time with “George” the unicorn. I couldn’t wait to dress her up and bring her.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by Kate who had a wonderful story about all the unicorns at the farm and how they came to Hidden Pasture. She told us about each of their stories, where they came from, and what type of unicorns they were. George, the imperial unicorn, Sapphire, the half Pegasus unicorn who’s wings can only be seen when it rains, as well as many other “half unicorns”. We also were introduced to “Snoopy” the turkey who had more personality than most adults I have met. We started off holding a baby bunny while the unicorns were getting ready to meet our birthday girl and my son found a playground that overlooked the chickens, ponies, and riding circle. 

Hidden Pasture Farm play area

George the Unicorn

In excited anticipation, it was time to meet the unicorn named George. He had blue eyes (as all purebred unicorns do) a glittery horn, a wreath of flowers around his neck, and a big blue bow on his tail. Kate handed him off so my daughter could walk him out to the pine tree forest and snap some photos. She also gave her a brush to brush his hair. He was a very smart unicorn and understood many commands, which made it easy for my 7-year-old to lead him around.

Pony Rides

After George, we were introduced to two more unicorns, as well as some ponies that the kids were able to ride. Having only rode a pony once before, the kids were excited to saddle up and ride around the circle. Even some of the chickens wanted in on the action and came up the steps to have a look. Kate took each kid around several times one way and then the other while the sunset in the background of the farm. It was beautiful. We still had more to see after the pony ride as we continued to tour the rest of the farm and made our way to the other unicorns, the chickens, and even the peacocks where the kids were given colorful feathers.

Ponies at Hidden Pasture Farm

On our walk around the farm we found out that the farm not only does birthday parties which includes bounce houses, pony rides, and the full farm experience, but also some of the ponies are taken to nursing homes to help as emotional support pets as well. Kate made it a truly unique and wonderful experience and we cannot wait to go back and visit all the new friends we made at this magical little farm.

Hidden Pasture Farm
245 Little Virginia Road, Fountain Inn | 864.477.9284

$8 per person (age 3+)
$5 pony rides (age 2+)
$6 Hayrides (when offered)

Cedar Falls Park in Fountain Inn is the Perfect Park to Visit on a Beautiful Fall Day

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Looking for a beautiful park to enjoy on a crisp fall day? Cedar Falls Park in Fountain Inn offers a fun playground, a paved walking path, a historical site, and a waterfall. We’ll give you all the information you need to plan a day at this park with your family.

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I was first introduced to Cedar Falls Park by Deirdre at JDaniel4’s Mom. Deirdre and I are friends, and she is also a local blogger. She blogged about her visit to Cedar Falls Park during the 2013 Greenville Park Hop. I could tell that she and J Daniel had a lot of fun during their visit, and I decided that my family would need to check the park out ourselves.

After our visit my husband and I agreed that Cedar Falls Park is a local secret. The playground is imaginative and great for getting kids active. But the best part about Cedar Falls Park is the paved path (yay for strollers!) that leads to a beautiful wooded area where the Reedy River rolls over waterfalls and wildlife abounds.

waterfall at Cedar Falls Park

The history of Cedar Falls Park

Cedar Falls Park doubles as not just a recreational spot but also as an historic area. The site originated as a Cherokee hunting ground and transportation hub across the Reedy River. Later in the 1800s, a dam was built to power several mills. In the 1900s, a larger dam generated electric power for the Fork Shoals Mill. A more complete history of the Cedar Falls is located on a park sign on the trail, but you can also read the history via PDF here.

On the trail, you will also find a sign explaining the Cherokee history of the site as well as a sign about the environmental aspects of the Reedy River which includes a chart of wildlife in the area.

Basic Information about Cedar Falls Park

The 90+ acres at Cedar Falls Park contains so much!

a paved walking trail to the falls
a sand volleyball court
picnic shelter
parking at both the playground and a small amount of parking beside the falls
large grassy areas for play

Cedar Falls Park playground

The Playground at Cedar Falls Park

My kids really enjoyed the play area located at the first entrance of the park. The playground based on fairy tales, included a bean stalk ladder, rock wall, small cave window, and large fun climbing structures. As a mom of a very brave toddler, I was glad to see that even the larger playground wasn’t terribly high (not that I would have wanted her to fall off it).

The playground designed for smaller kids was a little larger than other local options. I liked how it was still challenging and fun for even my 5 year-old (though he was fascinated with the larger structure on the other side).

The playground did not have a fence and both levels of playgrounds were connected. Since the playground was beside the parking lot, you did have to watch small kids closely to make sure they didn’t wander off.

The Falls at Cedar Falls Park

The walk to Cedar Falls was not difficult. Our kids (2 and 5) complained a little and we ended up toting the toddler, but we made it there and back without too much trouble. We did not bring a stroller, but the path was completely paved down to the falls.

We noticed a lot of people playing in the water, but we did not due to it being part of the Reedy River. Parents will want to know that this portion of the Reedy River has the same toxic level warning signs as you will find near the Reedy River at Falls Park.

I wore flip flops and the kids wore shorts on our visit. I would recommend tennis shoes and long pants as you will want to explore off of the path once you reach the falls. Don’t forget plenty of water and snacks too. Basically dress and pack for a hike.

The area was beautiful and we noticed lots of interesting insects and birds.

Even though the park was a little outside the normal area we travel for park visits, I’m sure that we will visit again. The kids really enjoyed their time playing at the park, and word is that Cedar Falls Park is a must-see spot in Greenville in the fall.

Visit Cedar Falls Park with your family

Cedar Falls Park is open daily from 9 am – dusk.

201 Cedar Falls Road, Fountain Inn

Visit the Cedar Falls Park website for more information.

What is your family’s favorite thing about Cedar Falls Park?

Park Hop: PD Terry City Park in Fountain Inn

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It is worth taking a trip down to Fountain Inn to visit PD Terry City Park. While it is not a large park, it is a lot of fun exploring.

To learn more about how you can earn prizes this summer by visiting local parks read our Ultimate Guide to Park Hop.

What you’ll find at PD Terry City Park

Let’s start with the playground. It has equipment well spread out. While the playground isn’t large, kids can swing, climb and slide without running into each other. Most of the play equipment seems to be geared toward preschool to early elementary-aged children. There is a large blue climbing area that my third-grader enjoyed climbing on. It will probably remind you of equipment you played on when you were little.

Right next to the playground is a small covered eating pavilion. It has a couple of picnic tables and loads of shade. It would be a great place to have lunch or enjoy a snack.

A large part of PD Terry City Park is made up of ball fields. There is a large baseball field just behind the playground.  It would be a fun place to play baseball or kickball with your kids.  I bet kids would love to run around the bases then sliding into home plate. Plus, that would be a great way for them to burn off energy.

There is also a group of tennis courts right next to the parking lot. If your children (or you!) enjoy playing tennis, you will want to bring some rackets and a few tennis balls with you. If they just like tossing tennis balls over nets and chasing them, you will just need to bring a few tennis balls.

There are few more things I love about this park. The first is that is it really clean and well kept! The second is that it is a few blocks from downtown Fountain Inn. It is so easy to explore the park and then walk down towards the main street to get an ice cream cone or visit the used book store.

See our Spending a Day in Fountain Inn Itinerary for more ideas.

PD Terry City Park
116 Cannon Avenue, Fountain Inn, SC | 864.862.4421

For more reviews of local parks see our Park Guide to Greenville, SC.

Have you ever visited PD Terry City Park in Fountain Inn?

Meet Deirdre
JDaniel4’s Mom is a former teacher who loves to explore Greenville with her preschool son J. Daniel, IV by learning, laughing, listening, and living. She writes about parenting, educational activities, and children’s books on her blog JDaniel4’s Mom. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.Deirdre, JDanielsMom

A Day in Fountain Inn

When you drive into downtown Fountain Inn, you will see a number places to check out. There are restaurant, shops, the library, and some wonderful parks. I want to share a few of our favorite places right on Main Street along with several that are not that far off Main Street. You could probably spend the day in Fountain Inn and explore many of them. ~Deirdre Smith, KAG Contributor

A typical day in Fountain Inn

We like to start off at one of three parks off of Main Street. We don’t always visit the same park each time we visit. Each is very different play place.


The Georgia Street Park has a small play area, basketball courts, and bike track. The bike track is designed for tricycles, scooters and small bikes. It loops all around the park and includes traffic signs and parking places.

The PD Terry City Park has ball fields, cover eating areas, and a really fun playground area. It is not far from Main Street. We have walked from Main Street to this park a few times. If you have younger children you will want to drive there.

The Fountain Inn Firecracker Disc Golf Course is located a short car ride away from Main Street. It wraps around Fountain Inn Elementary. It is a fun place for serious Frisbee throwers and those just learning to toss a disk.


The fountains in Fountain Inn are also favorites. You pass by one on the left just as you enter Fountain Inn on Main Street. It has a more Grecian feel. Just as you get past a group of shops and restaurants you will find a second fountain. It has more contemporary feel. We love the little library there and the porch style swings.

The fountains weren’t on when we visited this spring but we’re hoping they’re on by summer!

day trip to fountain inn

Lunch Spots

After play time, comes lunch time. We have had lunch at J Peters where everyone really enjoyed their meal. Another place we enjoy for lunch is Bucky’s BBQ. The platters offer guests generous portions on side and BQ. My son and I have even been known to share an adult platter. I have heard great things about Cucina 100’s pizza, but we haven’t eaten there yet. If you don’t bring bag lunches to enjoy at a park, each of these would be great place to eat.

Grab a Snack

snack shop in Fountain Inn

Following lunch you may be craving dessert. We recently came across Sweet and Saucy on Trade Street across from the fountain with little library. It is filled with all kinds of candies and other sweet treats. It is a great place to explore. If you don’t crave candy for dessert, they recently started selling ice cream bars and popsicles.

Places to Explore

After all the eating, you will want to sit and digest. The BookQuest is a wonderful used bookstore right on Main Street. We recently spent time flipping through Where is Waldo? and Bad Kitty books there. While there is a wonderful children’s section, you will find books for all ages through out the store. You will also enjoy there hanging book sculptures in the children‘s section. If you want a longer walk before sitting, you will want to head to the Kerry Ann Younts Culp Branch of public library. The Fountain branch has wonderful collection of children’s books.

If you stay closer to downtown rather than walking down the library, you will find the Fountain Inn History Museum. It is wonderful place to explore. We love the stage couch and the railroad areas. It is mostly open during the week. You will find them open some weekends for special events. You can check their website to see if it will be open on the day you want to explore Fountain Inn.

things to do in Fountain Inn

I hope your family enjoys Fountain Inn as much as my family does!

Meet Deirdre
JDaniel4’s Mom is a former teacher who loves to explore Greenville with her preschool son J. Daniel, IV by learning, laughing, listening, and living. She writes about parenting, educational activities, and children’s books on her blog JDaniel4’s Mom. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.Deirdre, JDanielsMom