Arts in Motion Offers Non-Competitive Dance Training

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No recitals. No competitions. All fun theatre. Introducing Arts In Motion in Spartanburg!

What is Arts in Motion?

Arts in Motion is a non-competition studio that offers students performance opportunities through original productions presented to our community. Their goal is to provide students and parents alike an overall more enjoyable experience compared to a traditional recital or showcase. 

Thanks to AIM for sponsoring Kidding Around Spartanburg!

As AIM grows, they are expanding their curriculum and class and performance offerings. They are even allowing students to experience the on-stage and back stage side of live performance theatre! In lieu of a traditional recital, all students are able to participate in original productions. This allows for class time to be dedicated to building technique while also allowing students to experience a rehearsal schedule. 

Arts in Motion works to develop, inspire and cultivate the individual talents of your child in a loving and nurturing environment. It is their mission to offer quality and comprehensive dance education through age appropriate classes, always encouraging  and nurturing creative minds in all aspects of the arts!

Arts in Motion is currently offering ballet, musical theatre, jazz, and tap!

Arts in Motion Core Values

  •  EMPOWERING- Building students’ strength and confidence, not just in the studio, but in life.
  • INSPIRING ARTISTS- Sometimes we do not realize what we are capable of until someone else helps us see our own potential. AIM strives to continually improve as a studio and dance educators, encouraging and inspiring young artists to never give up on themselves or their dreams.
  • PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION- We are all a work in progress no matter our age—we are never finished learning! AIM does not strive for perfection, but believes in determination, consistency, and passion. 
  • COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION- In a world filled with competition, AIM believes in providing space for students to come together to create–not for a medal or trophy, but for the joy of creating something new!
  • GROWING LEADERS- Leadership trickles down, and that’s why the teachers dress for their role as teacher: to set the example and tone of each class. Older students serve as mentors for younger students. AIM strives to do good in our community. They engage in community service projects as a dance family.
  • COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION- Dance is full of technique and artistry, and has significant influence in a dancer’s life–physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Dance reinforces concepts such as discipline and respect. AIM students not only receive technical training, but as they progress, they will also learn dance history, vocabulary, and anatomy of a dancer as a way to help them better understand their technical training.

Why Arts in Motion?

  • No competitive team track. No dance competitions.
  • No annual recital. Instead students are able to participate in original dance productions.
  • All students are able to participate in productions, or not! 
  • Students as young as 2.5 years are introduced to the stage in a fun, exciting, and non-threatening way through productions written just for AIM.

Contact Arts in Motion today!

Arts in Motion
580 E. Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302
[email protected]

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