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Greenville Welcomes Preferred Home Services

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Greenville has been made just a little more GREEN recently with newcomer Preferred Home Services! But, that happy green and blue truck fleet with its big thumbs up is anything but new! They are the highest-rated home services company serving the Lowcountry for 7 years that has expanded into the Upstate offering plumbing and HVAC services. The family-owned and operated Preferred Home Services was founded in 2014 by Dave Geiger, Kyle Geiger, and Chris DiCampli. Dave is a third-generation plumber and Kyle is a fourth-generation plumber reflecting a strong lineage of trades being passed down over hundreds of years.

Thank you to Preferred Home Services for sponsoring this article.

Preferred Home Services
PHS founders: Dave Geiger, Kyle Geiger, and Chris DiCampli

Customer-centric Model

“How can we make you smile today?” It isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of being with Preferred Home Services. And, what a welcome sentiment when so often the interaction as a homeowner about plumbing and air conditioning needs begins with the stress and worry of something breaking! The team at PHS cares about their customers and is committed to excellence within their trades. Each technician is background-checked and NATE certified. What does that mean? NATE Certification reflects superior knowledge of residential, light commercial HVAC systems and refrigeration systems.

A lot of companies claim to be expertly trained, but Preferred Home Services adds another layer of confidence to the wary homeowner deciding who to hire with the PHS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If a customer is not 100% satisfied, for any reason, they will do what it takes to make it right. That type of confidence reflects a commitment to their trade that is likely the reason behind their many company awards and rankings.

House truck

Preferred Home Services has been named to the elite Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies two years in a row, recognized as one of South Carolina’s top workplaces two years in a row and profiled as South Carolina’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Maintaining Your Home

Our readers know the scene: a disturbingly quiet moment followed by the sound of water and a child’s running feet to get help. Or, the final preparation to get ready to host Friendsgiving as you notice the heat from the kitchen is more than just your cooking. And, my personal favorite: ignoring that slow draining shower to deal with “on the weekend” for the weekend that just never comes (and now you’re up to your ankles in water).

The savvy homeowner doesn’t wait for crisis to hit before calling a home services company. The PHS team’s approach to maintaining plumbing and HVAC often leads to the identification of a problem before the problem becomes more costly, more inconvenient, and more time-involved.

HVAC repairman
Blain maintaining the HVAC system

That’s why Preferred Home Services offers the Preferred Partner Plan. Included in the plan is:

  • regular maintenance: a 21-point tune-up that’s specifically designed to help you enjoy lowered energy bills by up to 30% and reduce system breakdowns by up to 95%.
  • ongoing safety inspections: after a safety inspection of a home or business’ heating, A/C and plumbing systems, a detailed report is provided with any alerts and concerns
  • priority scheduling: jump the line when you call regardless of whether it’s a routine service or an emergency
  • greater convenience: never worry about forgetting to schedule a tune-up with proactive PHS team calls scheduling your maintenance needs
  • discounted service: exclusive 15% discount on all plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair services during membership period
  • waived emergency fees: no overtime regardless of it you call day or night!
  • transferrable membership; moving? Take your Preferred Partner Plan membership with you, or transfer it to the new owner of your home—the choice is up to you!
  • lifetime warranties: extensive, lifetime warranties on most plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repairs – you’ll never have to pay twice for the same repair.

But wait, there’s more! Learn about the Preferred Partner Plan by calling  864.568.3583 or contact PHS online to learn more!

For every season & reason

Preferred Home Services has two locations, but one heart! Whether it’s preventative maintenance, a repair, or installation, think of them for your:

  • air conditioning and heating maintenance, repair and installation of new systems
  • heat pumps
  • ductless mini splits (selective area heating and cooling, such as one floor or wing of a home, for area without duct work that would benefit from temperature control)
  • indoor air quality (air purification, whole home humidifiers, UV light cleansing, and more)
  • water heaters, including tankless options and installation of new systems
  • drain cleaning
  • garbage disposals
  • gas piping repairs
  • toilet repairs
  • sump pumps
  • septic repairs and replacements
  • sewer line replacements and sewer camera inspections
  • and, whole home water filtration (mmm, delicious!)

Local Experiences

I am so happy with the incredible customer service I received with Preferred! They were prompt, professional, and fixed my AC and thermostat in an efficient and timely manner. I’m also grateful for them taking the time to explain the issues and solutions with fixing my AC and thermostat. Thank you, Preferred! I’m recommending them to all of my friends and colleagues!

Rachel N.

Their name says it all! Preferred Home Services! My family will only use this company for our plumbing needs. They were prompt, detailed, and all around great!

Corey C.

I called to have the service preformed on a Friday afternoon. They worked me into their schedule and provided phone calls and text messages to keep me informed of where that were and when they’d be at my house. Wow talk about communication.!! I am retired, after 37 years in a related field of construction, And the Preferred Home Service team is that good. I have one number to call from here on out.

Jon R.

Call Preferred Home Services at 864.568.3583 or visit their website to learn more!


Two lucky Kidding Around fans will receive a $250 gift certificate to use at Preferred Home Services.

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SouthernMED Pediatrics: Quality and Compassionate Healthcare

SouthernMED Pediatrics is focused on creating a positive relationship between child and pediatrician to start a lifetime of healthy living. Each child and parent not only receives outstanding healthcare, but is treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. Their staff and physicians go above and beyond making each encounter pleasant and informative while respecting the time and individual needs of families. In South Carolina, SouthernMED has a proven model across 9 locations offering the benefits of small town feel with the quality parents require! And, they added a convenient location right here in Clemson last Fall. Are you ready to receive efficient and quality healthcare for your family?

Thank you to SouthernMED Pediatrics for sponsoring this article.


Pediatric Speech Therapy that is Whole-Child focused: McCulloh Therapeutic Solutions

We celebrate woman-owned businesses at Kidding Around, especially one with a 15-year track record of success in giving children across the Greenville & Spartanburg community a voice. Can you imagine struggling to speak in a way others can respond to or enjoy food without choking? Or, the worry of a parent of a child who is slipping behind on key developmental milestones of peers and siblings? Children should have every obstacle to thriving minimized as they develop. And that’s why McCulloh Therapeutic Solutions (MTS Kids), a boutique-style approach to pediatric speech therapy, is on a mission to provide individualized whole-child speech-language support.

Thank you to McCulloh Therapeutic Solutions (MTS Kids) for sponsoring this article.


Achieving good sleep – for parents and children!

When her first child didn’t sleep well (waking up a “mere” 6-10 times per night), Erin dismissed it as the “normal” course of parenting. Afterall, there’s a joke that a parent only sleeps after the child’s 18th birthday (perhaps not even then).  But, when Erin’s 2nd child woke up every 45-90 minutes, the sleep debt impacted the entire family emotionally, mentally and physically. That’s when Erin Lawyer sought a solution and, eventually, began an educational journey to become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.

Thank you to Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting for sponsoring this article.

Parents make many sleep sacrifices for their child(ren) without a second thought. But, when the milk ends up in the cabinet and the mail in the refrigerator or when tasks are poorly completed and time is withdrawn from another child or partner, one must say “enough.” “I recently consulted with a family whose ‘enough’ was when the Dad’s pedometer logged 3 miles during a single night waking simply walking an infant around the family home because the child would cry when put down,” shared Lawyer. Children need sleep, as do their parents. Missed developmental milestones, abnormal food intake, and behavioral concerns like crankiness are the most common expressions of poor sleep in young children.

Night waking is a normal part of sleep. Humans never truly sleep through the night. With good sleep skills we are easily able to drift back to sleep, likely not even remembering being awake in the first place. For infants that rely on sleep “props” such as a feeding, a pacifier, physical touch (patting, rubbing, etc) and/or motion (rocking, walking, etc), they will come fully awake as they transition sleep cycles, needing you to recreate whatever situation that got them to sleep in the first place. That prop might be quick to implement or could take hours. When it takes hours, there’s often a lot of frustration and tears (from baby as well as parent), all to repeat this the next time the child wakes in an hour or two, with no improvement in your child’s sleep skills.

World renowned sleep expert, Dana Obleman, founded the Sleep Sense Program that is the foundation of Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting. Lawyer herself received the support and guidance that transformed their family’s sleep struggles into good sleep skills for health, happiness and development before continuing her journey to become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. By the time the Lawyer family welcomed their 3rd son, with Erin’s knowledge and her gentle guidance, he was sleeping 12 hours a night by 11 weeks of age! Some families might have a “unicorn baby” who sleeps well without intervention followed by one who doesn’t. No one is to blame for a child not sleeping well. And, solutions exist when that happens. It is never too late to help your child sleep well. Sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury.

“Some parents worry that there are trade-offs required for a child to achieve healthy sleep habits like stopping breast feeding or forcing a child to helplessly cry. This is not necessary.” remarked Erin Lawyer. The Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting process is gentle, can begin before welcoming a child home or after, and is safely and conveniently achieved through private one-on-one consulting by phone. Lawyer works with children of all ages. A free 15-minute telephone consultation to share a child’s situation and come up with ideas for a solution is available by appointment at 864.764.4096, by e-mail [email protected], or scheduled online.

On February 4, 2021 between 8 am and 4 pm, Kidding Around will host a Sleep Q&A on our Facebook and Instagram accounts where parents can seek advice and share their story. Make a note to take advantage of this opportunity!

First Presbyterian Academy – 2 campuses to serve your family

First Presbyterian Academy (FPA), with its roots as Greenville’s oldest private, Christian School, is in its Open Enrollment period through Sunday, February 28, 2021. The status of all families, both current and new, is equal as applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Across both their Downtown campus on West Washington (serving K2-K6) and Shannon Forest on Garlington Road (K3-12th Grade) locations, re-enrollment figures are at an all-time high.  Tours and new student applications for coveted classroom seats have reached record numbers with many classes near capacity!  FPA is accredited through AdvancED and South Carolina Independent Schools Association (SCISA) with membership in the National Honor Society (NHS) and Phi Delta Kappa, to name a few. A full list of accreditations and membership is here.

Thank you to First Presbyterian Academy for sponsoring this article.

A few of the 2021 Graduates

First Presbyterian Academy Downtown began with just 12 students in 1952 on the historic site of First Presbyterian Church. Now boasting over 100 students, the school serves families within and around the church itself with educational offerings in K2, K3, K4 and K5. Something special is their transition K6 class of learners who need the gift of time before advancing to 1st Grade. Students enjoy small classroom sizes taught by degreed teachers, and experience related arts classes in Music, Physical Education, and Art. At this location, is an Academic Center that assists with language-based difficulties, executive function skills and interdisciplinary issues as either one-on-one or group sessions. While the school day runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., options for early and late stay afford parents needed support.

First Presbyterian Academy at Shannon Forest graces a beautiful 15-acre campus on Garlington Road designed to create a specialized environment for specific ages of students. The Lower School (K5-5th) and Preschool (K3-K4) buildings are separated by a unique garden perfect for reading, sketching, and learning about nature.  Middle and Upper School (6th-12th Grade) buildings are located on the other side of Garlington Road.   The campus includes, among many things, baseball, soccer, and practice fields. The school offers early and late stay options.  Early Stay is available for K3-12th Grade students. Late Stay is available for K3-5th Grade.  By grade level highlights include:

A unique garden perfect for reading, sketching and learning about nature.
  • K3-K4: full and half day programming, instruction from degreed teachers focused on developmental stages, a challenging academic program, and nurturing in social and emotional needs according to a Biblical worldview. Students also receive education in related arts programs. Learn more.
  • K5-5th Grade: includes challenging, hands on classroom time with additional instruction in STEM, Art, Physical Education and Music, while celebrating the differences of all God’s children with daily Bible lessons and classroom management through the lens of scripture. High ability learning is fostered through a Gifted Program. And, STEM students develop social skills, learn cooperation, enjoy project-based learning, apply knowledge to real-life situations and use technology to engineer solutions to actual global problems, such as building bridges or supplying water. Learn more.
  • Middle School recognizes the growing needs of students in preparing for the transition from Elementary to High School. The course offerings (here) highlight Religion, English, History, Math, and Science with opportunities for electives in Foreign Language, Physical Education, STEM, Choir, Drama, Drumming and Art. Students interested in honors level curriculum may begin in 8th Grade with High School credit-level classes.
  • High School students receive high quality, College Preparatory, Honors and AP classes taught with an emphasis on content, engagement, and higher-ordered learning skills combined with a foundation of truth of the Christian worldview.  With a dedicated College Counselor working with students and their families on course scheduling, test preparation, college visits, and job shadowing, the outcome is 100% of students are accepted to college and prepared for life. Average 2020 ACT scores were 25 and SAT scores were 1150. A breakdown of the course offerings is seen here.
Women’s volleyball is one of 21 athletic teams competing in 9 sports

First Presbyterian Academy is also home to 21 athletic teams competing in nine sports. All athletic teams compete on the Academy at Shannon Forest campus and are known as the Crusaders. The school views Athletics as a part of the educational process and expectations are held to the same high standards as all other educational pursuits. There are also ample opportunities for growth, leadership, and involvement through student organizations. The school engages parents in volunteering. The Vision and Mission of the school promises to provide students of all ages a nurturing environment with rigorous academics taught through a Christian worldview, preparing every child for a future of academic excellence and Christian service.

VISION: The school IGNITES a passion for excellence in learning and INFUSES God’s Word as a lens for learning, so our students may grow to IMPACT the world for Jesus Christ.

MISSION: We are a Christian community dedicated to providing a premier college preparatory education, grounded in a Biblical world view, which develops character in students from varied backgrounds for a lifetime of learning and service.

Apply now! The process is outlined here.


K2, K3, K4, K5 & K6

200 West Washington Street

Greenville, SC 29601



K3 – 12th Grade

829 Garlington Road

Greenville, SC 29615


Find out more about First Presbyterian Academy!

Beginning to care for your child’s teeth

“Take care of your teeth and they’ll take care of you” is an adage we all learn, sometimes the hard way! But, when is it appropriate to begin dental care for a child whose teeth aren’t even permanent? Dr. Rich Constantine of Constantine Dental of Greenville recommends visits when a child begins to show teeth! Starting early establishes dental care as a familiar (dare we say, fun) experience and is a great time for parents to learn the proper care of tiny teeth at home!