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The Secret is Out: Free Personal Shopper at Clothes Mentor!

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Remember the days when you loved shopping? What about the days you actually had time to treat yourself? Or maybe, you’ve never loved shopping and dreaded every minute of it.  Regardless of your feelings on clothes shopping, we have a unique thrifting experience that will turn anyone into a happy, relaxed shopper! 

Kidding Around Greenville was recently treated (and yes, it felt like a a superb, alone-time treat!) to an afternoon of shopping ease with Clothes Mentor’s FREE Personal Shopper service. It was an experience that we are absolutely driven to share with our parenting community! Buckle up folks and get ready for a trip down ‘tired-parent-needs-new-clothing’ lane.

What is Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor Storefront

At first glance, Clothes Mentor is just another thrift store. However, when I tell you this is more than your typical place to thrift, I am not exaggerating. Upon walking in, the store is neatly organized, fully staffed and C.L.E.A.N. That right there gives them a big giant star from me!

But then, as I began perusing through the racks of clothing, I noticed big name brands like Madewell, Ann Taylor, BCBG, Lily Pulitzer, Burberry (and more!) at unbelievably great prices and classic, on trend and ahead of trend, enviable styles. 

Honestly, shopping here is a no-brainer. The clothing is top quality, extremely well-priced and wait for it . . . size inclusive. With sizes from 00-3X, there is something for everyone! And with locations in both Greenville and Spartanburg, it’s just a short drive for anyone living in the Upstate!

Clothes Mentor Tryon

Free Personal Shopper: Your Own Style Whiz That Makes Thrifting Easy!

Okay, so you’re sold on Clothes Mentor. I get it. But hold on, there’s more! Clothes Mentor offers an absolutely FREE Personal Shopper service. They believe fashion should be fun not stressful. And this is where the fun comes in!

Before I walked into the store, I visited the Clothes Mentor web site and completed the personal shopper quiz. The quiz is an online form that asks basic questions about your overall clothing tastes, measurements, body type (pear, apple, etc) and what you are shopping for.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been living in sweats, shorts & t-shirts for so long – all you really want is clothing that helps you feel like you again! 

Clothes Mentor Style Quiz

After entering my information, I needed to upload a full body photo. None of us love sharing a full body photo of ourselves but trust me, this is going to help your personal shopper really understand the right fit of clothing for you. I was flabbergasted at how well she nailed it! (keep scrolling to see what I tried on!)

Once I submitted all my information, a Clothes Mentor representative scheduled my Personal Shopper appointment and the rest is happy mom history.

A Personal Shopper That Doesn’t Pressure You? Yes, please!

The day of the appointment, my personal shopper introduced herself and walked me to a dressing room fully stocked with clothing, shoes and accessories, exactly my size and style! After showing me each item and offering recommendations on how to style the outfits, she moved on to her day and left me in a fully stocked dressing room all to myself.

You heard me: ALL TO MYSELF! No pressure, no peeks around the corner – just me, beautiful clothing and my own timeframe.

Clothes Mentor Dressing Room

I have to admit, I started out slowly and a little hesitant to step out of the dressing room. But as I embarked upon each new outfit, my confidence began to grow and I ventured out to the three-way mirror.

To my pleasant surprise, the no pressure guarantee wasn’t just a marketing ploy. My personal shopper came over when I had questions about how to put together certain outfits and then let me continue on without her.  She was amazing. 

What I really loved was the fact that every outfit suited my style comfort zone but included elements that pushed my boundary just a tad. She knew how to select pieces that were “so me” and knew how to elevate the look with elements that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, such as:

  • statement necklaces
  • pointy-toed flats
  • pleather pants
  • leopard print

Just enough to expand my closet while still being me!

Check out the fit of these pieces! The personal shopper really has an eye for knowing what will look good AND make you feel good. Be honest & detailed in your online questionnaire and you will be rewarded with a wonderful experience.

Clothes Mentor Personal Shopper outfits

Honestly folks, my husband is lucky I didn’t leave with my entire vehicle completely filled with new clothes! I’ll be slowly revamping my closet as I become a repeat Clothes Mentor visitor and make the Personal Shopper service my go-to guilty pleasure.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Personal Shopper?

Let’s review how simple the personal shopper process really is:

  1. Complete Online Form
  2. Schedule Appt
  3. Show Up & Enjoy! (Located in Greenville & Spartanburg)
Clothes Mentor Fun

  • No minimum purchase = good luck tho, the clothing is amazing!
  • Free personal shopper = it’s like a best friend with excellent fashion sense!
  • Size inclusive = can we give a shout out to beautiful, size 00-3X bodies everywhere?!
Clothes Mentor Shopping

Clothes Mentor’s Personal Shopper service is the real deal! Everything they promised me was true and then some! Not only did I leave with zero pressure to buy and clothing that fit my body but I also left feeling confident in my own skin and refreshed from a few hours completely focused on myself. Clothes Mentor has nailed it. One question for you: will I see you there?!

Clothes Mentor Greenville 30 Orchard Park Drive, 864.297.7784

Clothes Mentor Spartanburg 1450 W.O. Ezell Blvd, 864.345.2930

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