Greer-Based Physical Therapy Practice Focused on Women’s Health & Wellness

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Have you heard about Body Works Women’s Heath and Wellness? Kidding Around’s Kristina has all the details on this unique physical therapy practice in Greer, SC.

I think there is something to be said for camaraderie amongst women who somehow find their way together to support and learn from each other but perhaps most of all, to know that the challenges they are facing aren’t ones they need to face alone. That’s exactly the kind of space that Dr. Ashlee De Nooy, PT, DPT has created at Body Works, a physical therapy practice specifically focused on women’s health and wellness, located in Greer. This is a practice created by women to support women and it’s entirely evident by spending even just a few minutes there. 

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About Body Works

Body Works was founded by Dr. Ashlee De Nooy, PT, DPT, a trained physical therapist who graduated with her doctorate in PT in 2011 from Bradley University in Peoria, IL.  Her passion for women’s health began after she experienced significant low back and sacroiliac joint pain when pregnant with her first child, which lingered even after the birth of her second child. 

As moms, you likely know that there’s a lot no one tells us about pregnancy and our postpartum bodies. Personally, I found out that jumping on a trampoline without peeing is no longer possible after giving birth. And other things hurt and feel uncomfortable that I never knew would hurt – and may not even be normal. Being a woman and mother, I just power through things and try to forget about it. Dr. Ashlee understands this intimately and will talk to you about all those things when you walk through the door of Bodyworks. You may even be surprised that some things you’re experiencing, like peeing while jumping, pain with sexual activity, or low back pain, as a pregnant woman or after you give birth that, while common, are not normal and can be fixed.  

Body Works helps women with dozens of issues they may be facing during or after pregnancy such as: back pain, hip pain, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, sciatica, discomfort from nursing, Caesarean and/or episiotomy scar pain, Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, urinary incontinence, pain with sexual activity, and exercising safely during and after pregnancy. They can also address general orthopedic needs such as shoulder pain, sprains and strains, headaches, sports injuries, and balance issues.

What Treatment Looks Like

If I’ve got a problem, I want to know exactly how to fix it. The Body Works team utilizes some seriously high-tech and cutting edge treatment techniques to both diagnose and treat their patients. 

When you first see your physical therapist, you’ll answer several questions on an intake form that will give Body Works a clear idea of your medical history and goals. It’s important to know where you’re coming from and where you want to go. 

One unique aspect of Body Works is their Real Time Ultrasound they offer to women. I got to try this out and it was really interesting to see my pelvic floor muscles and how they work through the ultrasound videos. To get an idea of how treatment would work and if it’s working, using real time ultrasound is an excellent and effective tool that Body Works employs to help women get to where they need to go. 

Once all the tests are done and your physical therapist listens to you about your medical history, they’ll create a roadmap that is specifically tailored to your treatment. One thing in particular I’ve come to appreciate with good doctors is their ability to listen and take in what you’re saying. I think this is a rare quality yet one that is so important, especially for women. We listen all day long to kids, our spouses, our bosses, our employees – when can we be listened to, especially about intimate things that aren’t really talked about? You’ll be listened to at Body Works. 

As for how long treatment lasts, it could be a couple months or more or less. It truly depends on what you’re needing and what your goals are. 

We at Kidding Around Greenville recently asked readers on our social media pages for recommendations specifically for pelvic floor therapy in our area. Dr. Ashlee and Body Works was a clear favorite.

Clinical Pilates

I’ve done Pilates before – like on a mat in a group setting at a gym – and I have enjoyed it. That’s not what Body Works does though. Dr. Ashlee explained to me that she doesn’t want to just help women to feel better and start their healing process: she wants to make sure they are strong and healthy when they leave Body Works, which is the reason why she has just recently added Clinical Pilates to the treatment regimen and beyond your initial problem area. Although if you’d like to join a class and are not yet a patient of Body Works, you are more than welcome to do a quick intro with one of the Clinical Pilates Specialists and then start your classes when you are ready. 

Clinical Pilates is designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body by lengthening and firming muscles, therefore assisting the body during day-to-day activities. The focus is based on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. It is used in conjunction with physical therapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries (back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle pain), as well as preventing issues from recurring or starting in the first place.

The Clinical Pilates classes are very small and are done on something called a Reformer. I got a quick lesson and learned how cool this particular aspect of Body Works is. There are currently three reformers at Body Works so that’s how small the class will be since the Clinical Pilates Specialist works with each person individually on what their specific needs and goals are. 

I workout often and I love the feeling of doing something to make my body stronger and more fit. But learning how to exercise to work internal muscles that are sometimes overlooked is also an important aspect of maintaining fitness and health, most especially when it comes to postpartum muscles that have been stretched and pulled in all directions. 

You can sign up online through the Body Works site to join a Clinical Pilates class here or give their office a call.

Setting up an appointment

If you’re ready to see what Body Works is all about and try to either fix lingering postpartum issues or prepare to handle delivery and post-pregnancy a little better, you can contact Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness online through their website or by phone at 864.236.8146.

Body Works is a cash provider accepting HSA and FSA and will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance provider.  

Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness
980 Batesville Road, Unit C, Greer

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