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Archive for the ‘Pets’ Category

Greenville County Animal Care Has A Great Way For Your Kids To Volunteer While Reading!

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If your kids are between the ages of 8-15 and looking for a way to help in the community, Greenville County Animal Care has a fun way and will help both your child and the shelter dog! The Bucket Brigade Youth Volunteer Program gives kids the perfect opportunity to improve their reading skills while interacting with a furry audience, and we will tell you how to get involved.

Greenville County Animal Care Bucket Brigade Youth Volunteer Program

If you are looking for a way the whole family can volunteer, Greenville Animal Care’s Doggy Day Out is a great opportunity! Take a dog for a few hours to the park, hike at nearby Paris Mountain, or walk downtown.


Find an Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue Center: Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for an animal shelter in Greenville, SC? Maybe you’re looking for dog adoption information. Or maybe you need care for your own pet or rescue for a stray animal that keeps coming to your house. One of the beautiful things about our area is that there are several different animal care facilities, animal shelters, and animal rescue organizations in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Each organization and facility operate a little differently. Some have brick-and-mortar facilities, while some operate only as foster homes. We’ve compiled a list of the animal shelters in Greenville, SC as well as the animal care facilities and rescue organizations throughout Spartanburg.


Where To Go With Your Best (Four-Legged) Friend On A Lunch or Dinner Date in Greenville, SC

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What’s better than dining outdoors in beautiful weather? Bringing your dog along! Luckily we live in an area that has several dog-friendly places where you can grab a bite to eat. We’ve rounded up a list of places in Greenville where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your dog.

This article includes:
Downtown Greenville, SC: Dining with Dogs
Greenville Area Places to Eat Out With Your Dog
Greer, SC Dining with Dogs
Travelers Rest, SC Outdoor Dining with Dogs
Simpsonville, SC Places to Dine With Your Dog


Dog-Friendly Guide to the Upstate

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Woof! Got a favorite Fido in your life? Bookmark this article! This guest post from Kidding Around partner realtor Dan Hamilton highlights all of his team’s favorite dog-friendly hangouts in the Upstate. This guide gives you the lowdown on the best neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, parks, and doggie daycares and boarding for your favorite four-legged friend.

From Great Danes to Dachshunds, one look around Downtown Greenville will tell you Greenville is crazy for dogs! We love taking our furry friends with us wherever we go. Whether you’re a new pet owner or just new to the area, you’ll want to take advantage of this pet-friendly guide to the Upstate. 


5 Reasons You Should Sign Up For The Doggy’s Day Out Program In Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for a fun way to do good in the Upstate? Do your kids constantly ask for a pet dog, but your just not sure if it’s a good fit? We have all the info you’ll need to decide if a Doggy Day Out is something you should sign up for right away!

1 / Dogs Are A Huge Responsibility

How many times did you hear that as a child, or have you said that as a parent? It’s true, and sometimes making the right decision for you or your family is a hard one, when puppy snuggles are involved! The good news is, you can still get some snuggles in, and be helping a rescue pet find the right fur-ever home.

The Greenville County Animal Care facility offers a program called Doggy’s Day Out. This is a great way to teach your kids what goes into owning a pet, but with training wheels.

2/ Help Find Your Furry Friend A New Home

Volunteers could come to pick up a dog and take them to most places where you would take a dog if you had your very own.
Doing this accomplishes several things:

  • Lets you get those puppy snuggles you crave!
  • Allows the dogs to get a break from the rescue facility and have some one-on-one attention from someone for an extended period of time.
  • It allows Greenville Care to learn about the dog and its behavior away from the shelter. Often, the fear and anxiety of being in a shelter don’t allow their true personality to shine through. This makes it hard for the shelter to place the dog with the right owner.
  • While you and your new best friend are out on the town, they will have a special vest that indicates they are available for adoption! You could potentially meet their new family while you are showing them off around town.

3/ Signing Up Is Easy

Due to COVID -19, the process now requires an appointment, but it’s still so easy to sign up! You’ll just need to call Greenville Animal Care and set up a time to pick up your Doggy Date. Pick-up times are between 9 am – 10 am, and your Doggy Adventure is a 2-hour window of time.

Once you arrive they will pair you with the perfect pup, and after going over a few things, you’ll be on your way!

Somethings to help you prepare for your Doggy’s Day Out:

  • Go over the Doggy’s Day Out Program Manual to familiarize yourself with what is expected. It answers most of the questions you might have about your upcoming adventure.
  • Figure out how you will secure your Doggy in your car. Preferably on a seat with an adult holding the leash or secured in the back of an SUV or a crate.
  • As a safety precaution during COVID-19, they ask that you bring your own water bowl for your Doggy’s Day Out. This can be as simple as a clean plastic food storage bowl or a stainless steel pet water bowl from a dollar tree. Don’t forget to bring some water; most public drinking fountains are turned off due to COVID-19.
  • Greenville Animal Care will supply the rest. They will send you on your way with a leash, poop-collection bags, treats, and a report card to provide info from your adventure.

4 / So Many Places To Explore With Your New Friend

The possibilities are nearly endless! The only restriction is that your Doggy’s Day Out Companion must remain on the leash at all times, so unleashed dog parks are prohibited. Other than that, go have fun! You can take your new companion to places like:

5 / Everyone Benefits From The Program

I’m sure it goes without saying that spending time doing good for others makes you feel good too. Even though we had to bring Penny back to Greenville Animal Care after our time with her was up, my kids were glad to have had the time with her. We plan to go back as often as our schedule allows us to do this again!

Penny was an amazing dog, and we know she will find a loving home with people who will give her all the permanent snuggles she deserves!
Head to the Greenville Animal Cares Website for more info about Penny and all the other available pets.

To Follow our Doggy’s Day Out Adventures, head to the Wagging Around Greenville Instagram Account.

10 Places You Can Get Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations Near Greenville, SC

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Is it time for your pet’s yearly vaccines? Are you a first-time pet owner trying to take care of your pet and keep from breaking the bank at the same time?

Here at Wagging Around Greenville, we’ve been on the hunt for the Upstates most-affordable vaccines. We’re passionate about keeping our pets happy and healthy, and thanks to a few budget-friendly options, we can do just that!


Pet-Friendly Hotels Are Waiting to Welcome Your Fur-baby In Greenville, South Carolina

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Are you planning a trip to Greenville, South Carolina, and you need a place to stay with your four-legged family members? We asked readers for places they recommend in the Upstate where Fido will feel welcome too!

Pets are a member of a family, but sometimes traveling with them can be a logistics issue. There are plenty of Greenville hotels that accommodate dogs, and other pets. The city of Greenville is super dog friendly, so pack your bags and get ready to enjoy an adventure with your four-legged bestie.

For more Downtown Greenville hotel info, check out our Guide To Accommodations in Downtown Greenville


Helping Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks

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Do fireworks scare your pet? In the state of South Carolina, fireworks are legal in most places on any day that ends in a “Y,” and that can be problematic for pet owners. Most large holiday firework displays have been canceled this year, due to health concerns involving large crowds.

Firework retailers have seen a considerable increase in sales. That means that now the show will be brought to your front door, to the dismay of your pets. The good news is that there are things you can do to help your pet stay safe, while the humans are enjoying the pyrotechnics.


Want To Grab A Cappuccino with Your Pup in Greenville or Spartanburg?

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Looking for a place you can grab a much-needed boost of caffeine, from a place that has a walk-up window or a drive-thru? We’ve scoured the Upstate for the places that you can do just that! And, possibly grab a treat for your four-legged coffee companion too! There’s definitely no shortage of locally-owned shops in the Upstate.


Behind the Scenes at the Greenville Humane Society

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While you may already know that the Greenville Humane Society is a wonderful place to find a new furry friend, there is so much more here.

We got to visit them and talk about about fostering, affordable pet care, volunteer opportunities and more. If you’re looking to adopt a furry friend or maybe just want to help out someplace where you can make a difference, the Greenville Humane Society is a wonderful place to look.