Find Out Why Christ Church Episcopal School was Ranked Best Private School in South Carolina

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Looking for the perfect Greenville County school option for your family? Christ Church Episcopal School is a wonderful choice and one families in the Upstate should consider when looking at schools in our area. Read on for more details on why CCES might just make a great choice for your family! 

Thank you to Christ Church Episcopal School for sponsoring this website post.

The Greenville area is home to many excellent schools and parents have an overwhelming array of educational institutions they can choose from to meet their child’s needs. But really, as a parent, where do you start and how do you know if you’ve made the right decision in the end?

One school in Greenville stands out from others because of some incredible accomplishments. Christ Church Episcopal School (CCES) has a 100% college acceptance rate. In 2017, they were ranked #1 Best Private School in South Carolina by Niche.

And they still have a few remaining spots open for the 2018-19 school year. It’s not too late to tour or apply.

But first, here is why CCES is so awesome.

Christ Church Episcopal School students

Encouraging well-rounded students

While academics are paramount to a classical education at CCES, the school also has a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center, a service learning program and 44 diverse athletic teams.

Class sizes are small, averaging one teacher for every ten students. And the staff at CCES are dedicated, experienced, and instill in the students a love of lifelong learning. Seventy percent of all CCES faculty members hold advanced degrees so students are in capable hands.

In the Lower School, learning is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) where students learn how to research and present their knowledge to parents and peers. In Middle School, an emphasis is placed on skills that help students excel in both the academic and personal environments. Leadership, critical-thinking, and team building are foundational and students have multiple opportunities to engage in extracurricular and off-campus programs.

In the Upper School, students are offered more than 150 courses, including 22 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, where credits can count towards college classes. The classes are demanding and challenging yet prepare students to do well in college as they develop a wide array of skills needed long after they leave CCES.

Christ Church Episcopal School private school in Greenville

Strategic Plan: Cultivating Deep Roots and Abundant Growth

CCES introduced their significant strategic plan, Cultivating Deep Roots and Abundant Growth, last fall. Staff studied other successful schools across the country and analyzed their own programs to see what they could do differently to move the school forward, challenge the students, and ultimately graduate young adults prepared to face college and exceed their goals.

The aim is to “equip all students for success in meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities in the 21st Century,” said a school official.

CCES is developing wellness programs, integrating college preparation across grades, fostering a growth mindset and resilience in students through curriculum mapping and curriculum additions. They are also implementing the successful Lucy Calkins Writing curriculum, among others. One of the most influential literary educators in the nation, Lucy Culkins developed a curriculum that encourages teacher modeling, one-on-one learning, and independent writing.

Service Learning

As a Christian school, CCES values serving others and giving back to the community and encourages that same spirit in their students. When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom and into my community for service projects. By encouraging the same values in their students, CCES is helping to develop and nurture giving hearts throughout the school.

Age-appropriate projects are given to students at each grade level and they are encouraged to volunteer and recognize on their own how to serve based on what they experience. For example, some students from CCES volunteered at a local soup kitchen and realized the importance of having soap. They started a collection at school for soap and other hygiene-related items so they could bring them all back to the soup kitchen.

Athletics & Performing Arts & Faith

CCES is a member of the South Carolina High School League and the school encourages participation and performance at a high level. Sports offered include football, tennis, field hockey, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, softball, baseball, basketball, cheerleading and wrestling.

The Performing Arts Center at CCES is ahead of the curve when it comes to nurturing that creative spirit in students. CCES has talented faculty specializing in drama, music, theatre, and the visual arts, all ready to aid students to cultivate their inner Shakespearean character, Broadway musical star, Picasso, or Bruce Springsteen.

CCES is a faith based educational institution rooted in the Christian, Episcopal tradition and students attend weekly chapel services. Many of the school traditions stem from the CCES mission and “experience”. However, CCES embraces students from a spectrum of religious beliefs and welcomes them all into the CCES family.

students at Christ Church Episcopal School

What Others Are Saying about CCES

CCES has great reviews from parents and students. It’s easy to see that families really love the school and understand the value of a Christian education for their children.

A senior at CCES wrote: “I transferred to Christ Church sophomore year from a big public school. I enjoy the close knit community. I know all my teachers, and all my teachers know me. I have made a great group of friends. Also, CCES prepares you greatly for college and their classes challenge you to be your best.”

“CCES has provided a warm, nurturing environment for our kids to excel. They are academically challenged and involved in both team sports as well as academic clubs. One of the common comments heard from students as well as parents is how involved the faculty and administration are in their lives. Teachers go out of their way to teach, coach and mentor each student, truly taking a personal interest in them,” wrote another parent of two children who graduated from CCES.

Check out Christ Church Episcopal School for yourself

Want to check out CCES at an Open House? Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 4th at  9:30 am and 6:00 pm.

To learn more, visit:

Christ Church Episcopal School
245 Cavalier Drive, Greenville

Visit the CCES on Instagram or Facebook.

Have you considered Christ Church Episcopal School for your kid’s education?

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