Snatch a Break with a Donut in the Park in Downtown Greenville, SC

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Looking for a place to spend the morning out with the family in Greenville, SC? It’s not a full day trip and it’s definitely not a vacation, but even a morning out can do wonders to lift our spirits and bust that boredom. Consider combining a take-out treat with a less popular shaded park for a fun and low stress morning. One recommended combination is Hendough Chicken & Donuts at Gather GVL and Linky Stone Park, Children’s Garden in downtown Greenville. The donuts are some of the most fabulous in Greenville and the park is shaded, cool, and a place to explore that will help bust a little boredom.

Take a Break in Downtown Greenville

Stress and the busy life getting to you? It’s important to give our minds and nerves a break and enjoy some time with our families, even if it’s just for a morning. So get up, load up the kids and make yourself a mini-morning vacation hour.

Gather GVL, home to HenDough Chicken & Donuts, is located about half a mile from Linky Stone Park. It’s about a 10 minute walk, or just a couple minute drive. We skipped the walk, picked up our donuts and drove to the park. There are a few 30 minute loading/unloading spots across the street from Gather GVL and street parking along W Broad Street beside Linky Stone Park that make the driving part pretty easy.

HenDough Chicken & Donuts

I cannot speak to the chicken portion of HenDough Chicken & Donuts. Although, I’m sure it’s delicious. But today we’re really talking about the donuts. They are magical. You’ll find traditional flavors and also some unique creations like lemon meringue. The boston cream is my favorite. The dough is light and the custard filling not overly sweet. It’s just the best bite of donut goodness I think I’ve ever had. But then I also had the creme brulee donut this last time, and that was also pretty stellar. The kids like the chocolate frosted with sprinkles and the cinnamon and sugar. But, really, you can’t go wrong.

Use the Gather GVL app to order your donuts ahead so can just run in quickly without waiting. If they need to make a substitution, they’ll give you a call. Then, all you’ll have to do is pop into Gather GVL to pick-up your donuts, and maybe grab yourself a coffee at West End Coffee Bar while you’re there. My husband ran in to do the pick-up while I waited in the car with the kids.

Pro tip: Grab lots of napkins. In fact, if you have paper plates at home, you might just want to bring some with you. Filled donuts especially can get a little messy when eaten off a napkin park picnic style.

Linky Stone Park

You may have heard of Linky Stone Park as the Children’s Garden in Greenville. It’s a unique space in downtown Greenville with gardens, statues and structures that are whimsical and will appeal to children. It’s also mainly shaded and was comfortable on a Saturday morning in July.

If you park along W Broad Street, look for the purple bridge that spans the river. You’ll cross that to get to into Linky Stone Park.

You’ll find several benches in the shade and also lots of places with soft grass to plop down and enjoy your donuts. I selected a grassy spot near the brass sculpture of the pig. However, according to my children it was unacceptable to eat donuts while facing the back end of a pig. So we moved. There’s also some shade facing the front of the pig, just in case you’re wondering.

Where places in Greenville are you visiting this summer?

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