Not Your Average Zoo: Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari Drive-Thru Near Columbia, SC!

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Have you visited the drive-thru safari at Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari Drive-thru? Get the family ready for an animal adventure, right from the car! Just south of Columbia, this drive-thru safari is waiting for you. So we hopped in the car to go check it out, and this attraction was a hit with everyone! Here’s everything you need to know about Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari.

Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari Drive-thru is Reader Recommended

The Kidding Around Team is always running into people around town or online and hearing how they heard about something from us, and had such a great time. I can assure you; this never gets old. It’s also something that we take very seriously.

Because we have some of the coolest fans around, they often return the favor. Such is the case with Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari. Here’s the tip one reader sent us about Eudora Farms:

We had a fun adventure last week down in Salley at Eudora Farm. Kidding around Greenville has been such a fabulous resource and totally saved me multiple times. I wanted to share with the group. Eudora Farm is a drive through safari that’s only $36 a car. Takes about an hour to drive through depending on how long you choose to interact with the animals. There’s camels, exotic cattle, zebras, large birds, llamas, alpacas, a GIRAFFE, etc. etc. A wide variety came up to the car to be fed or pet. Buckets of grain are $5. After the drive there’s a small area where you can pet young animals and Elliot the giraffe. There’s a bird enclosure with about 60 parakeets that you can feed for $2 a stick. We spent ages in there. There’s some concessions, but we packed in food and ate at the picnic tables. Portapotties are available and handwashing stations. It’s a bit of a drive, but well worth it!!

Caitlin Cobb

After that recommendation, of course we had to go check it out for ourselves!

Visiting South Carolina’s Eudora Farms Wildlife Safari

Zebra at Eudora Farms

Before you head out to Eudora Farms, be sure to check the social media account for the farm and the weather. It’s far enough away that driving there and not being able to get in would make for a lot of tears (and the kids would be upset, too). Our first attempt at heading down to the farm was cut short when the skies over Columbia looked ominous. We got as far as Clinton and I told the kids we were turning around. A few days later the sky was clear and we decided to try again.

Once you get to the Columbia area, if anyone needs to stop for snacks or the potty, that’s the time. For about 40 minutes, you’ll be driving through a very rural area with nowhere to stop. There might also be a wait to enter the farm once you arrive, so a pit stop wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Arriving at the farm, you’ll see a tent to the right side, and this is where you will need to head. Remember where I said to check the website before heading out? Even though it was currently sunny that morning, the farm got a substantial amount of rain. So much so in fact that they weren’t planning on opening. However, a line of cars started to form at the gate, and they decided to open just the drive-thru safari portion. I was grateful to have that, so we paid the entry fee, purchased some food, and drove forward.

Ostriches & Velociraptors

Driving from the tent to the safari gates gives off this Jurassic Park vibe. I kept waiting for a velociraptor to hop out and scream in my face. While keeping an eye out for the raptors, you’ll also catch glimpse of the ring-tailed lemur enclosure and other animals located in the Walking Safari portion of the farm.

Once you arrive at the gates, you’ll need to watch for the welcoming committee. Actually, you’ll just need to roll up your windows and pretend there ARE velociraptors approaching your car.

Ostrich at Eudora Farms

If you will recall, I said that driving up to the gate was reminiscent of that one movie about a unique drive-thru safari. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie, but I’m pretty sure there was screaming on that safari, too.

If you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember this. The ostriches will nip you. It doesn’t hurt (I got bitten); it just scares the living snot out of you. There are plenty of animals to feed, so if you’re leery of getting a little nip from an ostrich, keep the windows rolled up.

Adventure In The Drive-Thru Safari

The safari will wind through several fields with zebras, camels, antelope, water buffalo, goats, emu, llamas, cattle, and a large African Watusi. Some of the animals will gleefully approach your vehicle; some will need to be coaxed over.

For the safety of the animals and guests, you should stay in your vehicle. Keep windows fully rolled down (and please do not roll an animal’s head up in your window!) Keep doors closed always. This includes not sliding open minivan doors.

We recommend purchasing several bowls of food and portioning them out one feeding at a time. Be sure to hide the rest of the food, because it wasn’t until we had a camel trying to climb into my SUV for seconds that I realized the food needed to be entirely out of sight unless it was fair game.

Things To See On Our Next Trip To Eudora Farms

Now that the farm is 100% completed, there is a petting zoo, a giraffe to visit, a walk-thru safari, and food trucks. You can get up close with ring-tailed lemurs, Tropical birds, Bearcats, Kangaroo & Wallabies, and more! The Eudora Farms map shows all the park has to offer! There is even an amazing Parakeet Adventure with over 200 Parakeets to enjoy and feed, as well as an open Wagon Ride for an additional fee. The park hopes to continue to grow and expand as time goes on in hopes of educating the public about the animals, conservation, and environmental protection of these animals’ natural habitats.

Eudora Farms
219 Salem Lane, Salley SC |  803.606.6325

  • Admission is $36 a car for up to 6 passengers / Annual Pass $200 good for 1-year past purchase.
  • Food for the animals is $5 a bucket
    (Prices subject to change)
  • Check Eudora Farms Facebook page for daily operating updates
  • Open Monday thru Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM (last car accepted at 5 PM)

Has your family visited Eudora Farms?

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