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Are you having trouble finding baby formula near Greenville, SC due to the ongoing baby formula shortage? We know a lot of our readers right now are struggling to find formula to feed their babies, and we also know a lot of our readers are trying to help each other out by sharing when and where they see formula on store shelves.

Below you’ll find comments directly from readers letting us know where they’ve seen formula in Upstate, SC today. Below that we have a few tips from readers to help you out on your formula search.

Disclaimer: This information is not medical advice and suggestions should not be taken as medically accurate advice. This post is for informational purposes only. Decisions about what to feed your baby should be made in conjunction with your child’s doctor.

This article includes:
Find Baby Formula near Greenville, SC
Help Families Find Formula in Greenville, SC
Tips and Resources for Finding Formula
Formula Shortage Dos and Don’ts
Formula Substitution Q&A With A Registered Dietician

Find Baby Formula

Find Baby Formula For Sale Today in Greenville and Upstate, SC

The Kidding Around Greenville page has a pinned thread where helpful Kidding Around readers are sharing the location, time, type of formula available, and photos of formula shelves. This is as close to real-time information about what’s on the shelves right now as we can get. Click on the post below to get the most recent formula comments.

Here’s the Kidding Around Where to Buy Formula in Greenville Today thread.

Help Families Find Formula

Take a photo of the formula aisle when you are shopping and post in the facebook thread above, along with the store location and time the photo was taken.

Tips and Resources for Finding Formula

  1. The website Store Brand Formula has a Formula Finder resource where people can see what store brands may be equivalent to the name brand their child is currently using.
  2. Store websites that list stock may not be reliable sources of information just because the situation is changing so quickly. They may have only a few items and by the time you get to the store, the items are gone. Check local mom and family groups like the Kidding Around Greenville page to get an idea of what shelves look like before you head out.
  3. Use pick-up options where you can order ahead. If you find something in stock and can set up a pick-up order, do so. If the information about what is in stock is not accurate, you’ll get a note that your order couldn’t be filled. That will at least save you a trip out to an empty shelf.
  4. Let friends and family know what brand and type of formula your child needs so they can help you keep an eye out for it. Consider asking friends to purchase when they see it and paying them back.
  5. As prices rise, if you need help, local food banks may be able to provide some assistance.

Formula Shortage Quick Dos and Don’ts

Do: Tell friends and family what formula your child needs. Reach out to online mom groups, work together.

Don’t: Please don’t overbuy formula. Remember that people in the community receiving assistance to purchase formula cannot purchase extra. They rely on the supply being there weekly. If you purchase two or three times what you need, someone else may not be able to purchase it at all.

Do: Follow your child’s doctor’s recommendations about when to add new foods to your baby’s diet.

Don’t: Don’t add extra water to make the formula go farther.

Do: Check online retailers and order online if available.

Don’t: Purchase opened cans. Don’t purchase even new cans online or in-person from non-reputable sellers. If it feels kind of sketchy, it probably is. Trust your gut.

Formula Substitution Q&A With A Registered Dietician

Jennifer Husson is a registered dietician and mom of three living in Columbia, SC. Her answers are informational only and not a substitute for medical care. The best information for your family will come from your doctor.

What do parents need to know about substituting with different brands of formula?

You can often switch formula brands to a comparative formula. Keep in mind that it may take a few days for your baby to get used to the new formula and the baby may experience some gas. Always double-check any formula substitutions with your pediatrician.

What do parents need to know about homemade baby formula recipes?

With the recent formula shortage, it can be tempting to make your own baby formula. It’s important to refrain from making your own formula because this can be dangerous for your baby. Formulas made at home can easily contain too little or too much of a nutrient, both of which can be extremely dangerous to an infant. This can cause severe nutritional and electrolyte imbalances and problems with growth and development.

What about substituting regular milks for formula?

While it may feel harmless to simply substitute formula with cow’s milk or other milk, these milks are lacking crucial nutrients imperative to proper growth and development. The imbalance of nutrients can be very dangerous.

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