Helping Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks

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Do fireworks scare your pet? In the state of South Carolina, fireworks are legal in most places on any day that ends in a “Y,” and that can be problematic for pet owners. Most large holiday firework displays have been canceled this year, due to health concerns involving large crowds.

Firework retailers have seen a considerable increase in sales. That means that now the show will be brought to your front door, to the dismay of your pets. The good news is that there are things you can do to help your pet stay safe, while the humans are enjoying the pyrotechnics.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Safe During Neighborhood Fireworks

Sometimes when pets get scared and leave the yard, they just keep running. Often they never make it back to their loving family. Luckily there are things pet owners can do that are simple and cost-free to help protect their four-legged family members.

Bring Your Pet Indoors If Possible

Even dogs that have never once attempted to escape the confinement of their yard’s fence, can get spooked by fireworks. They will escape and run away, getting lost. If you don’t have a way to bring your pet indoors, we recommend looking into getting them micro-chipped. If your budget doesn’t allow for this procedure, at least make sure a collar and tag with current contact info are worn by the pet at all times.

We keep the dog inside in her kennel ( she feels safer there) keep the kids away from her and lots of blankets. The cat just stays on her perch. The gecko don’t care…


Find Them A Quiet Corner In The House

Try and sequester your pets in a spot as far away as possible from the place where fireworks will be going off outside. A back bedroom, perhaps? Once you get them comfortable, try adding some ambient noise or a TV show you watch regularly. It will provide a familiar sound that will help to mask the sound of the celebration going on.

Keep inside and bump up the volume on the tv to help keep them calm


Tire Them Out With An Adventure During The Day

If you have a warning of what is to come, you can take your dog out for an adventure. A hike at a state park, a trip to the lake, or just a few laps around the community. The goal is to have them helplessly worn out by nightfall, so they are asleep through most of it.

Wagging Around Greenville has a great list of dog parks you can visit!

Modern Alternatives For Helping With Anxious Situations

When we polled readers, several mentioned something we hadn’t ever heard of; weighted jackets. They work just like weighted blankets for humans. Calming Coats and ThunderShirts are unique weighted jackets for dogs. They work by calming the wearer by hugging your pet. They work to ease your pet’s anxiety whenever it is in a situation that might cause them distress. Weather events, traveling, fireworks, and more.

Thunder shirts are great! Our dogs also like to wear our t-shirts if we’ve worn them first, they can smell us and it makes them feel safe. Obviously that only works if you have very large dogs like us though


CBD Oil Infused Treats Were The Most Mentioned By Readers

CBD infused edibles have a calming effect on dogs, just like it does on humans. These products come in all different edible forms. Local CBD retailer Franny’s Farmacy offers infused dog treats in all different forms. If your dog suffers from anxiety, these items would be great to have on hand.
Want to learn more about CBD?
There is a great article that answers questions you might have about this hemp-derived product from the Upstate Business Journal.

When Nothing Has Helped Keep Them Calm In The Past

When nothing else has worked, the last resort is seeing what your veterinarian can prescribe to help your pet stay calm. Pets can suffer anxiety from the sound of fireworks, and just like in humans, it’s an unpleasant experience.

What has worked for your pets? We would love to know!

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