Do You Need WiFi For Your Child’s School Work at Home? You Might Qualify For Free WiFi in Spartanburg & Greenville.

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Need WiFi for school this year? Spartanburg school districts and Greenville County are announcing deadlines to apply for a free Wifi Service. Deadlines start July 29th and vary by district. Check the information for your district below and don’t wait to apply!

Due to Covid-19, some parents will be continuing their children’s education at home. The additional cost of internet service is a burden not all families can afford.

The state of South Carolina is offering free internet hotspots and internet service to eligible homes with school-aged children. If you don’t already have internet service in your home, you may qualify for this free service. At time of publishing, the state is providing funding for the service from August 2020 through December 2020.

Spartanburg District WIFI Application Information

All of the districts in Spartanburg have not yet released their applications. If other districts are participating, we will update the information as it is announced. Deadlines are rapidly approaching for some districts, starting July 29th.

Spartanburg School District One
The deadline to register is August 4th – apply for Free WIFI in Spartanburg District 1

Spartanburg School District Two
No announcement has been made as of 5 pm, 7/30

Spartanburg School District Three 
Deadline to register is July 30th – apply for Free WIFI in Spartanburg District 3

Spartanburg School District Four 
No announcement has been made as of 5 pm, 7/30

Spartanburg School District Five 
No announcement has been made as of 5 pm, 7/30
Parents were sent an e-mail polling to see if households had internet access or not.

Spartanburg School District Six 
Deadline to register is July 31st – apply for Free WIFI in Spartanburg District 6

Spartanburg School District Seven
Deadline to register is July 29th – apply for Free WIFI in Spartanburg District 7

Greenville County School District
Deadline to register is August 3rd – apply for FREE WIFI in Greenville County // Solicite WIFI Gratuito en el Condado de Greenville
*  If assistance is needed, please contact the GCS Service Center at 355-3100 and a representative will assist you in completing the form remotely.

Who Qualifies?

You may qualify for this free need-based service if:

  • At least one child in the home is of school age in the district you are applying through.
  • The home does not currently have internet access
  • The household income is at or below these income levels:
    (You may be asked to provide proof of income at some point)
    • 2 people – $43,100
    • 3 people – $54,300
    • 4 people – $65,500
    • 5 people – $76,700
    • 6 people – $87,900
    • 7 people – $99,100

If you are still trying to decide what to do about a return to school, we went through all seven Spartanburg district plans and compared them.
You can see what Spartanburg Public Schools are doing this fall, or what Greenville County schools are doing this fall and make a decision.
You’ll also find information about all the school options available to parents this fall in our School Decisions Guide. It includes virtual charter school information, plus homeschooling, private schools, and public school plans.

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