Greenville Giraffe, Kiden, Gets a Love Match in Oregon and is Leaving Town

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Who doesn’t love a baby giraffe? They are so cute! And when Kiden was born at the Greenville Zoo, everyone here just went crazy. It was so much fun to bring our families to the zoo to see her running around and acting all cute. But as is common practice between zoos, animals are often sent to different places around the country for breeding programs – and well, Kiden’s time has come to say goodbye to Greenville. All in the name of more baby giraffes (and conservation).

According to the Greenville Zoo, Kiden will be moved to the Oregon Zoo later this Spring.

“The move is part of the Masai Giraffe Species Survival Plan. Kiden will be paired with Buttercup, the Oregon Zoo’s five-year-old male Masai giraffe,” said the Greenville Zoo in an email.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, fans won’t be able to bid Kiden farewell in person. But the Greenville Zoo has come up with another way to say goodbye to the giraffe: a farewell Facebook LIVE virtual going-away party will happen on April 15 at 10 am.

So mark your calendars for this special event! And of course, we wish Kiden and Buttercup many happy years (and lots of babies) together.

Do you have a favorite moment of seeing Kiden at the zoo?

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