Greenville Martial Art Center is Ready to Help Parents this Fall!

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Do you need full-day childcare, flexible attendance care for roadmap schedules, or after-school childcare for your school-age child this fall?  Greenville Martial Art Center is bringing their exceptional full-day summer program to the school year with their new learning camp program for Greenville County’s virtual and eLearning students. Plus, GMAC continues their amazing after-school program with pick-up from local schools. No matter your childcare needs this year, GMAC can help.

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What is Greenville Martial Art Center?

Greenville Martial Art Center is a local, family-owned martial arts studio conveniently located on the corner of Roper Mountain and Feaster Road in Greenville. They offer classes for kids, adults and families in Taekwon-Do and Hapkido, plus their popular summer camps and after-school programs. This year, to help families meet their school-day childcare needs, Greenville Martial Art Center is offering a Virtual Learning Camp for virtual and eLearning students. Care is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6:30 pm for grades 4k and up, including middle school and high school.

GMAC Virtual Learning Camp

Greenville Martial Art Center offers several unique components parents will love. First, virtual learning campers will get to participate in a daily Taekwon-Do class. The uniform is included in the registration fee, which is a big bonus! Then, GMAC will bring the disciplined nature of the martial arts to your child’s eLearning or Virtual School needs. In this structured environment, students will have adult supervision to make sure they are staying on task, diligently completing their assigned school work and meeting with their virtual teachers at their scheduled times. Parents can head to work assured their child will be in a focused environment where they can work hard on their studies without distraction.

Yet the day at GMAC won’t be all work. Virtual Learning campers will also utilize the 10,000 square foot facility for fun activities throughout the day. These activities will be similar to summer camp style games, crafts and more.

Big Benefits of GMAC Virtual Learning Camp        

In addition to the fabulous benefit of daily Taekwon-Do class and a disciplined school work environment for eLearning and virtual classes, GMAC has some big benefits:

  • Greenville Martial Art Center doesn’t believe in hidden fees. Your family will pay a lifetime registration just once. That fee includes your uniform! The tuition is competitively priced with available sibling discounts.
  • GMAC is flexible! As parents themselves, they know parents have no control over the school schedule this year. They understand the number of days per week that you need supervision for your child will change depending on the eLearning schedule.
  • You will not have to sign a long term contract at Greenville Martial Art Center.

GMAC Afterschool and Evening Program

The after-school and evening programs will continue at GMAC. This means your children can have consistency as they move between in-person school days with afterschool care and eLearning days. All of the regular evening and family classes at GMAC will continue, as well.

Health and Safety Covid-19 Policies

GMAC has enacted several heightened safety protocols. These include:

  • Frequent and careful cleaning
  • Masks: GMAC is keeping procedures as consistent for the children as possible. This means that children will follow the same mask protocols at Greenville Martial Art Center as they do in their classrooms at school. All staff will wear masks, and children grade 2 and up will also wear masks.
  • The eLearning and virtual work stations will be spread out and physically distanced away from other work stations.
  • Temperature checks upon arrival.
  • Additional protocols as advised by the CDC and DHEC.

Register for Camp, Classes and Afterschool care at Greenville Martial Art Center

Email or call 864.881.1397 to register, or for more information.

Find Greenville Martial Art Center on Facebook.

Greenville Martial Art Center 
425 Feaster Road
Greenville, SC 29615

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