Parents Rejoice: Playgrounds in Greenville County Are Finally Re-Opened

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If your kids have been asking non-stop since March when they go to the playground, you have an answer: now. At least for some of the playgrounds in town.

Playgrounds that fall under the management of Greenville County are now open (signs are being removed that say “playgrounds closed” currently). Signs that suggest social distancing will be put up.

“As per the Governor of SC via Executive Order No. 2020-37 playgrounds are now allowed to be used and are considered reopened,” said Bob Mihalic, Governmental Affairs Coordinator, Greenville County. “We followed the executive order, so County Rec playgrounds are open.”

Shelters and fields will re-open to the public on May 31, 2020.

City & County Parks Are Not the Same

City and county parks are totally different but Greenville City Parks have posted they will officially reopen parks on May 31st except Cleveland Park (outside the Greenville Zoo) because of storm damage.

Here is a list of Greenville City Parks.

Here is a list of Greenville County Parks.

What about Runway Park?

Runway Park follows Greenville City and will reopen on May 31st. Restrooms aren’t open yet but they plan to open in a few weeks.

Other Area Playgrounds

Fountain Inn parks are now open. Simpsonville playgrounds will open on May 30th.

Spartanburg County announced last week that their playgrounds will be opening on May 31st.

Fields & Rentals

If you were hoping to have that small, outdoor birthday party for your child, you can now do that. You’ll be limited to 50 people “in a single room or in a confined indoor or outdoor space,” reads the new regulations.

The rules for sports are a little more lengthy:

  • Effective May 31st athletic fields may open for youth sports practices without spectators other than one parent or guardian per participant, as needed.
  • Effective June 15th games or similar competitions, with or without spectators.
  • Signage for social distancing will be posted. Bleachers would be closed (for social distancing) and water fountains not available (water fountains are not recommended for public use).

Greenville Parks Guide

Greenville certainly lives up to its name in green, open spaces and parks. We have a huge Greenville Parks Guide to help you figure out which parks have what amenities.

Also, these two lists may help when deciding which parks to visit:

Which playground will you be visiting first with your kids?

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