City of Greenville’s Emergency Mask Ordinance Extention

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Monday, October 12th Greenville’s city council voted unanimously to extend the temporary mask ordinance that was put in place back in June. This is the second time it has been extended by the City of Greenville. The new mask ordinance extension will remain in place for 60 days.

In addition to the original directives (included below), the city included mention of the State’s mandates regarding restaurants. That mandate requires that all restaurant workers wear a mask at all times and that customers need to wear one unless they are eating or drinking.

South Carolina DHEC recently released data indicating that places with mask mandates saw a 46% decline in new covid-19 cases within 4 weeks of the requirement. The City of Greenville was one of the first in South Carolina to implement social distancing guidelines, with a large percentage of municipalities following their lead.

Here’s what the ordinance means for residents and businesses in the city of Greenville.

Disclaimer: Kidding Around does not provide legal advice. Please always consult the most current ordinances in their entirety.

What Does the Mask Ordinance Do?

  • The City of Greenville requires customers to wear face coverings inside all retail establishments within the city limits. This includes all retailers, including service-based businesses such as hair salons, barbershops, spas, and nail salons, as well as restaurants.
  • The Greenville ordinance requires these businesses to enforce social distancing recommendations for employees and customers, including maintaining 6 ft of the distance between people, hand washing and sanitizing, allowing employees to wear masks and gloves, and cleaning high touch surfaces.
  • The ordinance encourages citizens to follow social distancing recommendations, including maintaining social distancing when out, washing or sanitizing hands, covering a cough, and cleaning high touch surfaces.
  • Those in violation can be fined up to $100, and businesses with repeated violations can have their occupancy permit or business license suspended or revoked.

You can read the full Greenville Social Distancing Ordinance available online.

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