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Top 5 Art Programs: Greenville, SC (KABOOM Awards Winners)

Where can you find the best art program for your child in Greenville, SC? Finding an art program that helps your child flourish is wonderful, and Kidding Around readers offered their picks for their favorite.

Our 2024 KABOOM Awards Family Favorites winners have art programs with excellent ratings and are considered the best in Greenville, SC!

The best art classes in Greenville, SC

2024 KABOOM Awards Winners

KABOOM Awards Guide

The Top 5 Art Programs in Greenville, SC

1st Place: Children’s Art Classes


  • Yellowbobbypins Art Camp
  • World Upside Down Studio
  • Color Clay Cafe

Children's Art Classes

SPONSORED 904.330.8720 | 1618 Woodruff Road, Suite F, Greenville, SC

Best Art Program: First Place

Unlock your child’s creative potential with Children’s Art Classes (CAC) in Greenville! At our studio located at 1618 Woodruff Road, Suite F, CAC owner Josmary Haulotte leads kids ages 3+ in discovering art across 40+ mediums during our 9-month programs. From painting and sculpture to printmaking and ceramics, your child will thrive in our tailored Beginner Art and Tiny Hands classes grouped by age.

Our experienced teachers like Josmary, who has architecture and design expertise combined with 10+ years working with youth, aim to build artistic skill and confidence.

Join us as we celebrate children’s artistic passions at CAC Greenville! See their joy and creations in our gallery. Our classes not only spark creativity but can lead to scholarships, art school acceptance, and professional careers. Let us develop your child’s talents in our one-of-a-kind program!

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp

SPONSORED 864.238.0599 | 1320 Hampton Avenue Ext Studio 607, Greenville, SC

Best Birthday Party: First Place
Best Art Program: Finalist
Best Summer Camp: Finalist
Best Baby and Toddler Program: Finalist

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp is a premier art studio in the Upstate, catering to children aged 1-14, providing a transformative creative journey. Through weekly art classes, the studio seamlessly blends process art with engaging lessons in art history and literature, creating an immersive and educational experience. Students are encouraged to take artistic risks, fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression.

The studio’s curriculum encompasses a diverse range of artistic media, including paint, clay, printmaking, collage, and more. This broad exploration ensures that students not only discover their preferences but also develop a well-rounded artistic skill set.

Beyond weekly classes, Yellowbobbypins offers highly sought-after one-day art camps and summer camps. These programs are cherished for providing campers with the opportunity to make new friends while delving into artistic creations centered around captivating camp themes. The camps go beyond traditional art education, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among young artists.

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp stands out as a nurturing haven for creativity, where children not only learn about art but also grow in confidence and forge lasting connections through their shared passion for artistic expression.