Get Lost in These 7 Corn Mazes Near Spartanburg

Looking for more fall fun? Get lost in a corn maze! The area around Spartanburg has plenty of places to enjoy some fall fun with everything from apple picking to hay rides and pumpkins, and we’ve got it all. Today, we’re sharing 7 great corn mazes near Spartanburg.

You haven’t lived life to the fullest until you’ve gotten lost in a corn maze with your kids. In Spartanburg, we have several great corn mazes. Some of these farms allow you to enjoy the maze along with other farm activities for one admission fee while others offer only a maze or a maze and hayride combo. We even found a couple corn mazes that will let you explore in the dark (and one is even haunted!).

corn mazes near Spartanburg

Corn mazes are fun, family-friendly activities and a wonderful fall tradition. These mazes are sections of a cornfield that are cut to create a path in the shape of a maze. There are typically dead ends and loops, plus the corn is very tall, making it easy to lose your way (maps are sometimes provided). So get out and have fun getting lost!

Corn Maze Tips

To help you make the most of your corn maze adventure, check out these tips from our team:

  1. Bring water. It’s hot out there.
  2. Bring snacks. There’s no telling how long you’ll be in there.
  3. Visit the restroom before you enter, whether those kiddos think they need to or not.
  4. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats. Farmers don’t just wear those straw hats because they look good.
  5. Grab a map. Cheat if necessary.
  6. Don’t cut through the corn!
  7. Listen for clues outside the maze to help you figure out where you are.
  8. Some larger mazes have markers inside the maze to help you orient yourself.
  9. Above all else, don’t lose your children!

A special 2020 corn maze tip: Don’t forget to pack your family’s masks! Due to COVID-19, many mazes and farms are asking guests, along with staff, to wear masks and practice social distancing when in their farm stands. Also, some activities may be closed. For more information about mazes’ responses to COVID-19, we recommend giving them a call or sending them a Facebook message. 

Corn mazes close to home

Here are listings for 7 different area corn mazes. Each corn maze is different, so try more than one!

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