This GVL Bracelet from Wild Ice Jewelry Boutique Gives Back $50 to COVID Relief

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When you stroll across the iconic Liberty Bridge spanning the beautiful falls of the Reedy River into the familiar, charm of downtown Greenville, you probably swell with pride. The artsy vibe, the beautiful parks, and diverse restaurants everywhere are just some of the highlights to this great place. Now, you can get a bracelet to wear your Greenville pride in style.

Thank you to Wild Ice Jewelry Boutique for sponsoring Kidding Around Greenville!

While traveling, Donna “Wild Ice Jewelry” Adams noticed many people want to have a physical memory of places they have visited. These destination pieces, as she likes to call them, are memories of having been a part of a great place. As Donna watched the city of Greenville grow and morph into a destination spot in national magazines, she felt Greenville deserved to be represented with something amazing and beautiful.

Introducing the GVL Bracelet! Donna designed this bracelet to be a statement of the city, the people, and the memories of Greenville. Are you proud to live in Greenville? This is the statement piece you have been looking for. Donna chose to create this bracelet using only .925 sterling silver. Precious material for a precious city!

The idea has always been for this piece to give back to the city that gives so much. Right now, when you buy a GVL Bracelet, Wild Ice Jewelry Boutique will give a minimum of $25 to a local charity or cause!

The GVL Bracelet is just one of the beautiful pieces sold by Wild Ice Jewelry! Start shopping online right now.

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