Local Artist Creates Memorable Paintings for Families

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Art and its beauty can elicit many emotions – joy, sadness, peace, admiration – and it’s all around us, from the setting of the sun to the smiles on the faces of our children to the sound of the ocean. A particular art piece, whether a photo or a painting or a piece of pottery, holds memories and if it’s displayed somewhere in your home, you can go back to it and recall the same feelings of that moment in time. All these reasons are why I love art and especially love the uniqueness of a couple of special paintings I have hanging in my own home.

Get to Know the Artist: Jennifer Mills

The paintings I have were done by Jennifer Mills, a Greenville native who graduated from JL Mann and went on to travel the world as a golf anchor and television personality. After leaving the world of TV behind, she took up a second career as an artist and found her special niche in creating memories on canvas from photos of her clients or special landmarks, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind paintings.

One of the Jennifer’s paintings was featured in this past year’s Artisphere in Greenville. She was only one of 50 artists selected – only a handful were Upstate artists. The local TV show “Scene on Seven” even interviewed her ahead of Artisphere – see here.

Other paintings of hers have been featured in art galleries in the West Village of Greenville as well.

Photos to Canvass

Jennifer certainly has the creative gene flowing because when she takes your photo and recreates it on canvass, she does it with her own imaginative flair.

This is a photo of my daughter in our backyard that Jennifer took and created on canvass for me. She added some trees and a lot of color that really made the painting pop. She captured the essence of movement, which I just love, and this painting really makes me smile.

Jennifer Mills painting

The other photo she used was of a moment of me and my youngest daughter. She took the liberty to place us in a beautiful environment without losing any of the special moment. My daughter knew it was a painting of her as soon as she saw it!

local artist family paintings

To see more of Jennifer’s work from photo to canvass, go here.

Learning More

This is a fantastic gift for a loved one that is truly unique and thoughtful (or a great addition for your own family!). If you’d like to get in touch with Jennifer create a unique painting for your family, you can contact her through her website http://www.jenniferspots.com/.

Full disclosure: Jennifer Mills is my dad’s wife but I wanted to share her work with you, my fantastic readers of Kidding Around Greenville, so you have the opportunity to enjoy her work of your family as much as I have enjoyed her work of mine.

Would you love a painting of your family?

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