Great Coffee, Fantastic Space at Junto Coffee

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Have you heard about Junto Coffee? The coffee shop and roaster recently opened in Taylors Mill. They offer a selection of coffee roasts and drinks in a gorgeous space at Taylors Mill. So get some friends together and meet up for a cup of coffee this week.  You’ll be glad you did!

I’m frequently in the Taylors area running errands or bringing kids to and from activities. When the former local coffee shop in Taylors Mill, Due South, left for its’ new location in Hampton Station, there was a bit of a hole in my heart. It was nearby to many of my kids’ activities and was great for a short date with one of my kids for a little special time with mom. So while Due South is still a good place to grab a cup of coffee in Greenville, they left a void for excellent coffee in Taylors. Which is why when my good friend suggested we grab a cup of coffee at Junto Coffee in Taylors Mill, my reactions was something like this: “There’s A NEW COFFEE SHOP AT TAYLORS MILL?!?”

Junto Coffee Shop’s Atmosphere

Junto Coffee is located in an amazing space. It’s huge windows let in an abundance of light that reflects off the lightly painted walls and ceiling creating a very warm feeling. Some of the windows look to be original and really add to the charm of the space. And lets talk about the plants. I love green, growing things. Each window is decorated with a hanging plant and there are large, mature potted plants throughout the comfortable seating. There are a multitude of living room type sets of furniture as well as benches and more traditional chairs and tables spread throughout the large space. There is also a grassy outdoor space with tables that would be a perfect spot for moms with a couple little kids to meet up.

The Coffee at Junto Coffee

I’m a fan of coffee. But I prefer it without cream or sugar. What can I say, I like the way coffee tastes! So I ordered just a dark roast drip coffee. I don’t remember which coffee it was particularly, my friend had just handed me her adorable baby and I was distracted. But I can say this was a truly fantastic cup of coffee, full of flavor and not the slightest bit bitter. They also offer pour overs if you’re wanting to be a little more specific, along with lattes and a plethora of other coffee beverages both iced and hot. My friend ordered a latte and also enjoyed it. They had a wide variety of flavor options for their lattes. The menu also included a few baked goods in case you want something sweet to go with your coffee.

Mom Review: Kids at Junto Coffee

We chose one of the living room sets at the far side of the room to enjoy our coffee. While it might be possible that I enjoyed the coffee an extra dose because of the sweet, chubby cheeked little baby I got to snuggle with while I was drinking it, I think it is equally likely it was just really great coffee in a relaxed and beautiful space. She did help me get some good pictures though.

While snuggling babies is not required for enjoying coffee, the coffee shop is definitely a space that can accommodate children. When we first arrived it was nearly empty, but filled in as we chatted. However because everything is so spread out, it never really got loud. And when the baby got a little fussy, it was clear no one was the least bit bothered.

Where is Junto Coffee?

Taylors Mill, which used to be a textile mill but has been undergoing all kinds of renovations, is home to restaurants, artists studios, Model Train Station, reclaimed lumber, and now Junto Coffee. When you drive toward the Mill you’ll see a sign for Junto Coffee at the first of the Mill’s parking lots. (It is NOT located in the same area Due South occupied.) You’ll turn right into that first lot. Junto Coffee is in the building straight ahead once you have turned into the lot, but all the way to the left. “Junto Coffee” is clearly printed on the glass doors of the coffee shop.

Junto Coffee
232 Mill Street
Taylors, SC 29687
Junto Coffee Facebook

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