This Family Meal from the Kroc Center in Greenville, SC is Huge and Affordable

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If you are in need of feeding your family a delicious meal that is affordable and healthy, the Kroc Center’s Kroc Pot meals are just the ticket. KAG Contributor Kristina tried them out and gives her review of them here. Thanks to the Kroc Center for letting us try the Kroc Pot meals for this review!

Kroc Pot Meal from the Kroc Center in Greenville, SC
Kroc Pot Meal/Kristina Hernandez

While I enjoy cooking, I find it to be draining some days, especially on those crazy busy days where I’m working and haven’t meal planned. I just stare at the fridge and pray something delicious pops out. That can actually happen with Kroc Pot Meals from the Kroc Center in Greenville. It’s like magic. All you have to do is order and pick up. 

I got to try one of their Kroc Pot Meals for families as well as an individual meal and I can say with certainty the folks at the Kroc Center nailed it. 

Kroc Pot Meals

A brilliant initiative by the Executive Chef at the Kroc Center in downtown Greenville came up with the concept of helping busy families to have a delicious, easy meal at the end of the day. All a family would have to do is order, pick up, and heat it up. 

And so the Kroc Pot was born. Menus are posted every Monday and orders must be in the following Sunday by 8 pm. 

The Kroc Center offers both large family meals as well as individual servings called Kroc Pot Fuel. 

The smaller Kroc Pot Fuel meals can be picked up starting on Mondays after you order on Sunday and the family meals can be picked up starting Wednesday at Noon. 

Kroc Pot Fuel
Kroc Pot Fuel/Kristina Hernandez

I tried the Chicken Fajitas with rice and refried beans for the family meal, which serves four people, says the Kroc Center. I’ll tell you how many people it really serves in a minute. I also tried the single serving Kroc Pot Fuel meal of beef with brown rice and zucchini, which took all of two minutes to heat up in the microwave.

The Verdict

Picking up the meals from the Kroc Center took less than five minutes and heating up the family meal took about 25 minutes in the oven. 

The Kroc Pot meals say they feed four people. Maybe if these people are giants from fairy tales. Our Chicken Fajitas meal could probably have fed eight people. There was not only chicken and peppers for the main part of the meal but there were tortillas, refried beans, Mexican rice, Mexican corn, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and salsa. We have leftovers at least for another meal. 

And the food is really good. Everything was flavorful and cooked perfectly. My kids dug into the refried beans like hungry hobbits. It was all so delicious and so, so easy. I need easy and tasty. That’s what these meals deliver. 

I did sneak a taste of the Kroc Pot Fuel meal also and I nearly ate the whole thing. It was delectable. The beef was in this brown sauce that had me taking just one more bite at least five times. The brown rice was fluffy and the zucchini was perfectly seasoned. I’d be happy eating that a few times a week easily.

How to Order Kroc Pot Meals

Lots of good news on this front. 

Check out the menu first to see what catches your eye. For example, this week they have Szechuan beef lettuce wraps with crunchy Asian slaw, Chicken Marsala with penne pasta, and Thai red curry with tofu served with Jasmine rice. They usually offer one vegetarian option. Their Kroc Pot Fuel meal is steak with vegetable stir fry. Don’t these all sound delicious? That’s because they are. 

Ordering is really easy, just be sure to do it by the deadline of Sunday night at 8 pm. Go to this link to order

You must be wondering what all this deliciousness costs by now. If you’re a member of Kroc Center, family meals are $25. If you’re a non-member, it’s $28. I can think of very few other places in town that offer such a delicious and generous amount of food at that price point.

The individual Kroc Pot Fuel meals are $7.20/member and $8/non-member. 

Picking Up and Heating Up

Once your order is confirmed, make sure to put it on your calendar to pick up your meal at the Kroc Center in downtown Greenville on Wednesday after Noon or Thursday. Just go to the front desk and ask to pick up your meal. Easy. 

Fajita meal from Kroc Pot Meals at Kroc Center
Kroc Pot Meal/Kristina Hernandez

Our bag had heating instructions on it, which even the most oven-averse person could handle. It was basically to put everything into the heated oven for 25 minutes. That was it. Take and devour. Put leftovers away and eat the next night. No cooking again!

I think the Kroc Center staff has such a great program in this initiative. I’m always looking for easier ways to make things at home flow smoother, especially when it comes to dinner time. They’ve managed to come up with a way to really help us out and to do it at a price point that is affordable, which I immensely appreciate. 

I plan to order Kroc Pot meals not only for my own family but also for friends who have had babies or are sick and in need of some help. 

Kroc Pot Meals
424 Westfield Street, Greenville

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