Class & Activity Guide: The Bunny Hive Greenville

The Bunny Hive is a vibrant, welcoming social club nestled in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina, where families come together to create lasting memories and meaningful connections. Our beautifully designed space offers a haven for parents and children aged 0-5, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

At The Bunny Hive, we believe in the power of intentional connection. Our carefully curated classes and events are designed to engage both children and adults, promoting learning, creativity, and social interaction. From art and music classes to sensory play and culinary experiences, there’s always something exciting happening at The Bunny Hive.

Our mission is to provide a warm and inviting environment where families can come together to learn, play, and grow. Whether you’re attending a “grown-up and me” class with your little one, enjoying our beautiful space, or hosting a birthday party, The Bunny Hive is a place where magical moments are made.

Join us at The Bunny Hive and experience the joy of community, connection, and creativity.