Class and Activities Guide: Kidokinetics

Kidokinetics is a mobile fitness curriculum that is targeting the whole child as an educational enrichment after school program. Allowing kids to confidently PLAY and learn once the school day ends while parents have an additional time window before needing to pick their child up on campus.

We value PLAY:

P – pass the ball; learning to work as a team!

L – leaders on levels; equipping children to RISE and THRIVE. Stepping up to be confident leaders in multiple areas.

A – attitude of gratitude; always expressing appreciation and respect for each other.

Y – yes you can! Children can do HARD things!

Through classical conditioning, observational learning, PLAY, and respectful modeling we are enhancing behavior, socialization, and cognitive development. We teach anatomy and physiology in each class to children 3 and up! Classically teaching through song and movement allows retention rates to be incrementally higher!

We look forward to PLAYing with you!