Kaboom Guide: Children’s Art Classes

Best Art Program: First Place

Unlock your child’s creative potential with Children’s Art Classes (CAC) in Greenville! At our studio located at 1618 Woodruff Road, Suite F, CAC owner Josmary Haulotte leads kids ages 3+ in discovering art across 40+ mediums during our 9-month programs. From painting and sculpture to printmaking and ceramics, your child will thrive in our tailored Beginner Art and Tiny Hands classes grouped by age.

Our experienced teachers like Josmary, who has architecture and design expertise combined with 10+ years working with youth, aim to build artistic skill and confidence.

Join us as we celebrate children’s artistic passions at CAC Greenville! See their joy and creations in our gallery. Our classes not only spark creativity but can lead to scholarships, art school acceptance, and professional careers. Let us develop your child’s talents in our one-of-a-kind program!