Kaboom Guide: Ignite Learning Center

Best Homeschool Co-op and Association: First Place

Ignite STEAM Learning Center is honored to receive the 1st Place Homeschool Co-op Kaboom Award.

Ignite STEAM Microschool and Learning Center offers programs and classes that unleash every child’s ingenuity in a learning environment where creativity and collaboration flourish. Ignite’s unique 2-day-a-week Microschool for homeschoolers, after-school classes, and summer camps immerse students in the full spectrum of STEAM disciplines—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

With a hands-on approach to learning, our robotics and engineering programs empower students to become adept problem solvers and critical thinkers. Elementary and middle school kids embark on exciting journeys to build robots, design structures, and develop real-world solutions. Students explore the relationship between art and technology, fostering artistic expression and bringing STEAM concepts to life.

Join us at Ignite STEAM Learning Center, where each day is a new adventure filled with wonder and joy.

Enroll in our programs today to embark your child on a learning journey of limitless possibilities! Visit www.igniteingenuity.org for more information.