Kaboom Guide: Yellowbobbypins Art Camp

Best Birthday Party: First Place
Best Art Program: Finalist
Best Summer Camp: Finalist
Best Baby and Toddler Program: Finalist

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp stands as the go-to toddler and preschool program for parents in the Upstate, celebrated for its engaging and enriching experiences for young children. The Toddler Program, affectionately named Painted Paci’s Playgroup, caters to ages 6 months to 2 years. Here, we joyfully celebrate the wonder of early childhood by engaging all five senses. Each weekly class introduces babies to a world of colors, textures, and creativity through hands-on activities, stimulating their senses and fostering early learning in a fun-filled environment.

For preschoolers, the Wee Create Playgroup offers a dynamic curriculum. From sensory stations that dive into captivating textures to easel painting that unleashes budding artists, every activity is designed to develop motor skills and creativity. The program emphasizes freedom for children to follow their bliss, allowing them to immerse themselves in activities of interest. The session structure includes a collective story time to ignite imagination and a focused art activity inspired by the week’s chosen picture book. The experience concludes with a spirited dance party, letting the little ones groove, move, and let loose.

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp guarantees parents a nurturing learning environment where they can witness the boundless joy and creativity their toddlers and preschoolers experience in every thoughtfully crafted session.