School-Age Childcare: KidsZone

864. 263.3895 21 Orchard Park Drive, STE A, Greenville, SC

We are offering childcare for grade school kids and we will be assisting the kids with their eLearning.

Approved for CARES Act Funding

Program Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7 am-10 pm, Friday, 7 am-12 am, Saturday, 9 am-12 am

Ages: 12 years and under

Academic Assistance Offered: We will have a dedicated staff member working the kids assisting them with their eLearning appointments and assignments and making sure they are doing what they need to be doing.

Health and Safety Covid-19 Policies: We take the children’s temperature before they enter the center. Kids will sanitize their hands before coming into the center. We spray down the center every hour. No sick children will be allowed to drop off.

Tuition: Weekly – $200 / $150 sibling, Full Day – $64 / $32 sibling, Hourly – $10 / $4 sibling