School Guide: BEST Skills Academy

BEST Skills Academy is an affordable private middle school with a formal mentoring approach to education located in Greenville, SC.

  • With a 1 to 10 instructor to student ratio, each child receives a customized paced education plan best suited to their learning style in a beneficial small class size environment.
  • Each student also receives 180 hours of mentoring throughout the year to help reach their goals.
  • BEST Skills Academy offers a well-balanced and rigorous academic curriculum with graduation requirements that match South Carolina standards, combined with critical life skills such as personal finance, organization, time management and self-discipline.
  • Beyond middle school, BEST Skills Academy offers a high school learning center.

BEST Skills Academy is committed to a quality program that sets every student up for success in higher education. BEST Skills Academy is a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association.

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