Majesty Music Academy Offers Music Lessons and Classes for Kids and Adults, Summer Camp and More

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Wondering if maybe it’s time to start your child in music lessons but not sure where to look? KAG Contributor Kristina recently met with the owner of a brand new music academy that she’s sharing with us. Majesty Music Academy offers lessons and classes for all ages, summer camp and more!

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Music is such a transcendental form of art. It touches the artist, the teacher, and those who listen to it in ways that are sometimes indescribable. Learning how to play an instrument or sing well is something no one can take away from another person. If nurtured, encouraged and properly formed, a lifelong love of music can transform lives in incredibly positive ways.

Studies indicate that students who participate in high-quality music programs score higher on standardized tests, including 17% higher in mathematics and 19% higher in English than students in a low-quality music program or no music program. These students also have a larger vocabulary and better reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.

Right here in Greenville is the new Majesty Music Academy, which houses talented professionals and distinguished musicians who are dedicated to giving children a head start in math, reading, music, and self-confidence. People of every age and background enjoy studying here. It is the only private music school in the Upstate where the general public can study with both award-winning artist teachers and expert elementary specialists under one roof. The academy offers an array of music programs and private lessons for preschoolers, elementary and middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults.

Majesty Music Academy music lessons for kids

About Majesty Music Academy

Majesty Music Academy is founded by Greenville native, Dr. Susan Kindall, an internationally recognized performing pianist and teacher. Dr. Kindall says, “Music study fosters skills and character traits that go far beyond playing an instrument. Our work with students helps them to develop problem solving skills, independent thinking, discipline, commitment, concentration, confidence, and creativity. In addition, one-on-one private music study provides the opportunity for a unique experience where teaching and learning can be highly customized, allowing students to realize their full potential and transfer their lessons to life.”

The academy is equipped with cutting edge technology, including a professional recording studio and full-service classical percussion studio. Piano lessons are taught on acoustic concert grands, baby grand and studio pianos. Visual arts are also promoted in their on-site fine art gallery featuring community artists.

Majesty Music Academy strives to make their exceptional lessons both affordable and accessible for all, even offering online classes.

Majesty Music Academy offers KinderFlute® and WunderKeys®

Through unique music programs geared specifically for kids ages 4–8 (KinderFlute®) and ages 4–5 (WunderKeys®), Majesty Music Academy has the opportunity for children to start very young and learn the basics of music through age-appropriate fun.

The Preschool and Elementary Music Studies are taught by Majesty Music’s expert early childhood development specialists. These two programs consist of finger play and a foundational understanding of piano playing (for WunderKeys®) and impeccable flute technique (for KinderFlute®), group play, musical games, movement activities, and a well-rounded curriculum. The academy is the exclusive provider of KinderFlute® in the Upstate.

Try out KinderFlute® for FREE

No instruments are needed for your first two free introductory KinderFlute® classes. Sign up here.

KinderFlute® consists of 10 weekly sessions for 60 minutes each and the cost is $64.50 per month. WunderKeys® is a little longer with 14 weekly sessions, but they are only 30 minutes each and cost $112 per month. Enrollment is ongoing and students can enroll at any time.

KinderFlute Majesty Music Academy music lessons for kids

Lessons and Classes for Elementary, Young Artists, and Adults

Private lessons are available for kids ages 6+ in piano, voice, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, conducting, and even theory/composition. Terms are all 14 weeks long and prices vary depending on how long instruction lasts. For 30 minutes for young beginners, the cost is $119 per month, for 45 minutes, it is $164.50 per month, and for an hour session, the fee is $217 per month.

Majesty Music Academy offers an accelerated program for serious students with professional and collegiate aspirations for students ages 13+ in their Young Artists program. This program includes competitions, master classes, solo recitals and festivals. Master teachers nurture students, propelling them beyond what they thought possible.

Sessions are offered in 45-minute increments ($189/month), 60-minute increments ($248.50/month), and 90-minute increments ($357/month).

Evening adult classes are also offered by the professionals at Majesty Music Academy. Adults (ages 16+) can study different instruments in the woodwinds, strings, percussion and voice. Lessons are semi-private and take place over 12 weeks in 45-minute sessions, which costs $95/month.

One neat thing about the academy is that they offer online classes through a secure platform. This is awesome for people who want exceptional instruction but for whatever reason, cannot commit to getting to the academy every week. Adults, young people, teens, and even seasoned music teachers and church musicians enjoy the convenience of studying online from the comfort of their own living rooms.

What about instruments at Majesty Music Academy?

Students need to practice their chosen instrument in order to improve, just like anything else they are learning. So Majesty Music Academy does require their students to have the instrument they are learning.

There are places in the area that actually rent musical instruments to students. Other places sell used instruments as well. Majesty Music has lists of all these places and relationships with local dealers to help students do the best they can during lessons.

Majesty Music Academy begins with an Interview Lesson

Every student new to the academy completes an initial 30-minute interview lesson for only $34. This gives people the chance to meet the teacher, see the facilities, and receive expert advice on selecting the perfect program. To schedule the interview, see this link.

Majesty Music Academy offers Summer Camp

Majesty Music Academy offers a week-long MusiCamp for children K5–6th grades (ages 4–11), with a specialized piano track for grades 3–6. This morning camp is the third week of June annually and costs only $30/individual and $60/family. It features its own original curriculum and music. You can register here.

Majesty Music Academy
733 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville
[email protected]

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What type of music lesson would your child like to try?

About the Author
Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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Kat N
5 years ago

I’d like at least one of my boys to try piano – so I could learn with them! I’ve wanted to learn piano since I was a little girl.

Dr. Susan Kindall
5 years ago
Reply to  Kat N

We stand ready to serve you and your family, Kat. Check out our many options at to schedule an Interview Lesson.

5 years ago

We take a seven year old to church with us. She seems to love singing, and writing her own music. Are there any sponsors for her age? I’m just trying to help out a young single mother and her very awesome little girl! This little girl will just light up the room!!
Any suggestions? They don’t have much money.

Dr. Susan Kindall
5 years ago
Reply to  Carol

We are unable to offer scholarships. Perhaps your church would sponsor the young lady.

April V
5 years ago

my daughter is trying to learn the piano!

Dr. Susan Kindall
5 years ago
Reply to  April V

Great! Check out our many options at to schedule an Interview Lesson.

Debra Johnson
5 years ago

Never was able to learn piano–had years of lessons, but some of my children and grandchildren have fared better.

5 years ago

I have not yet found a good improvising workbook–would love to see this one!