Mom Review: SCCT’s Glow Tales is a Bright and Dreamy Experience

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Are you thinking about attending South Carolina Children’s Theatre’s performance of Glow Tales? Here’s a mom review of the show with what you can expect about everything from the performance to safety procedures. Don’t miss Glow Tales!

Special thanks are extended to SCCT for providing tickets so we could review the show for readers.

When I was offered tickets to take my kids to see Glow Tales at the South Carolina Children’s Theater (SCCT), I was thrilled. We love going to see plays and have missed it so much over the past year. After checking SCCT’s Covid precautions, I felt comfortable with their safety measures and began looking forward to our morning at the theater.

Covid Precautions at SCCT

SCCT has done an amazing job at keeping their guests safe inside the theater. Everyone is required to wear a mask the entire time they are inside the theater.

Each group is seated in pods rather than rows, separate from other guests by at least 6 feet. We were seated in two rows, with my youngest and myself in one row and my other two kids in the two seats in front of us. After the show, we were dismissed in sections to limit crowding. We were never closer than 3 feet to any other people, even when we were leaving.

SCCT has also installed new air filtration systems and they disinfect surfaces before and after each show. There is no intermission during the shows and the concessions stand is closed for now.

What is Glow Tales?

Glow Tales is a blacklight puppet performance of three adorable stories written by Kim Granner. Not only did she write all three stories, she also handmade all of the puppets!

Who Will Enjoy Glow Tales?

Families with children ages 3 and up will enjoy this fun and dreamy play.

Staff at SCCT

The staff at SCCT are always friendly and welcoming. We especially enjoyed this fascinating information station that had some of Kim Granner’s penguin puppets from another show. The kind lady there demonstrated how the puppets work and showed us the details of how they were made, some even made from materials you’d find around your house!

The Show: About Glow Tales

This imaginative show is an eye popping experience. When the lights go down, the blacklights come on and everything white and bright begins to glow, even some of the audience.

Each of the three stories is about dreams and is full of glowing neon puppets, delightful music, and enthralling stage design. More than once, we gasped in delight as the bright colors popped out from the darkness.

Rosie Bloom’s Dream is about a little girl who is sad that she doesn’t remember her dreams until one night her dad suggests counting sheep to help her sleep. Soon those sheep turn into clouds and the glowing magic begins.

Benjamin Bee’s Secret Wish is a charming little story of a bee’s adventures in his quest to find a rainbow.

The final story, Charlie and the Little Splash is about a kind little fish who has big ideas and even bigger dreams but in the end learns to be content with what he has.

After the Show

When the show was over and the lights came on, a few of the performers came on stage for audience questions. Many of the kids in the audience asked questions such as, “How are the puppets made?” and “How do they move?” The performers brought out some of the pieces and demonstrated how they work and that they were all handmade by the creator of the show.

In the lobby before we left, we were told they had activity boxes available for $10. Each box contains four performance related crafts with enough supplies for two children to do each craft. My kids have really enjoyed making the bee finger puppets and the “glow dough.”

In the end, we had a really great experience seeing Glow Tales at SCCT. The stories were cute and fun, the puppets were adorable, and I left with three happy kids who couldn’t stop talking about it. (The “octopus wheel” puppet was one of their favorite parts!)

Want to experience Glow Tales for Yourself?

Glow Tales is running from April 17 to May 2, 2021 with in person and virtual options available.

The virtual option is $40 and includes access to a professionally produced video of the show and an activity box.

In person tickets are $20 per person.

April 17th – 10:30 am
April 17th – 1:30 pm
April 18th – 1:30 pm
April 24th – 10:30 am
April 24th – 1:30 pm
April 25th – 1:30 pm
May 1st – 10:30 am
May 1st – 1:30 pm
May 2nd – 1:30pm

Purchase tickets online at SCCT Glow Tales.

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