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Thinking about starting some music lessons for your child (or perhaps yourself) this fall? The music professionals at Moonlight Music Studio offer private music lessons, on a whole array of instruments, at their studio or in your home! Read on to find out more about the founder of this local business and the services they provide all over the Upstate.

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I have a musician in my family. Unfortunately, it’s not me. It’s my brother. And growing up, I got to be serenaded by the music of saxophones, guitars, and piano, which honestly, made me a bit jealous because playing an instrument seemed like a pretty cool skill to have and making music is just plain awesome. I ended up taking beginner piano lessons as an adult because I really wanted to learn the basics of the musical arts.

Music is almost other-worldly because it translates into any culture and language. Studies show that kids who study music have better test scores (my brother totally nailed his SATs) and greater self-confidence. But as a parent – or anyone really who wants to learn an instrument – where do you start when you’re looking for quality lessons?

About Moonlight Music Studios

For the past 22 years, Moonlight Music Studios has been providing exceptional instruction to Greenville students in not only instrument lessons but also composition, music history, music theory and music appreciation.

Founded by Sharon Cook, the studio conveniently offers at-home lessons, in-studio instruction, and even online classes. Sharon herself has taught pianists and flutists for over 20 years and is active in the community as both a performer and accompanist. She has a team of professional musicians who all have at least ten years of experience.

Moonlight Music Studios piano lessons for kids

The instructors at Moonlight Music Studios

But what if your child or yourself have zero experience with an instrument? Not a problem at all. Moonlight Music can teach anyone. After all, they don’t have a staff of professional musicians just to look pretty. They are experts at teaching woodwind, percussion, guitar and piano. They also have piano ensemble and group lessons available.

Instructors at Moonlight Music Academy allow students to learn the music or instrument at their own pace, without pressure to perform. If students are taking lessons for fun, then that’s awesome because they are going to love it. If students are interested in more a competitive journey, that’s great too because Moonlight Music is a member of professional musical organizations with opportunities to compete.

Lessons at Moonlight Music Studios

Lessons are priced depending on if the student is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced and the length of time and location. Studio or online lessons are $25 per 30 minutes for a beginner and at home lessons for 30 minutes for a beginner are $40.

Ready to sign up? Schedule a lesson here.

Moonlight Music Studios
In-studio lessons are located in Greenville
In-home lessons are available in Easley, Simpsonville, Travelers Rest, and throughout Greenville County
[email protected]

music instructor at Moonlight Music Studios

What type of music lesson are you interested in for your child?

About the Author
Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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4 years ago

My son would like guitar or piano lessons.

Linda K
4 years ago

My son would love to learn guitar. What a great opportunity! Thanks

Wendy Waskovich
4 years ago

Music – the international language. Would love for our son to take piano.

4 years ago

My son would like to learn piano

4 years ago

My son is interested in Piano. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sherry Beason-Schmitt
4 years ago

My 15-year-old grandson has a new guitar, but doesn’t really know how to play. He has a single mom and lessons would be a good way to get him going!

Rachel Crabtree
4 years ago

We would choose violin lessons!

4 years ago

My daughter is dying to start piano and my son drum lessons!

4 years ago

My son has been taking ukelele lessons and is ready to move on to the guitar. You have helped point me towards a great place for him to take those lessons.

4 years ago

Piano or Guitar~

Terral :)
4 years ago

Piano lessons for my girls!

4 years ago

My song would love to take guitar lessons this will be a great opportunity! Thanks.

Erin Mooney
4 years ago

My son has such a passion for drums. He would love to learn how to play.

4 years ago

This would be a great opportunity for my 7 year old son to learn the guitar instead of humming the noise when he plays for us 😬 and the fact that home lessons are offered help make it more possible with 5 kids and multiple actives!

4 years ago

My daughter want Piano Lessons!

Hannah C
4 years ago

My 10 yr old daughter would love to learn how to play the piano

4 years ago

Lessons for my daughter in either piano or violin!

Laura L Hintze
4 years ago


Salem Singer
4 years ago

My son would like piano lessons.

Nicole P
4 years ago

My daughter has been wanting to take piano lessons!