Our Kidding Around policies concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19):

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We know that our community is closely following the news about COVID-19 and is worried about how this virus will affect our local area in the coming weeks. At Kidding Around we aim to encourage safety and unity as a community in the face of local challenges. We take that responsibility seriously. We also know that we have a responsibility to encourage appropriate community responses and not to needlessly hurt our community through spreading false fear or encouraging panic. To meet these current and future needs, we are adopting the following policies in our upcoming coverage:

1.    We will not sensationalize coverage of the virus.

We will not share information that induces needless stockpiling or fear. You will not find any photos of empty toilet paper shelves on our pages. Instead we encourage our community to think of others and buy what they need and leave the rest for others. This is a time for us to stand with each other.

2.    We will continue to focus on providing local information.

We do not have the expertise or ability to make health recommendations including the safety of visiting public places or attending events. Please consult local health recommendations and your physician to assess which events and activities are appropriate for your family.

We will continue to adapt our coverage to local guidelines and public health advice. Currently our response is:

*The publication of a list of public health statements and responses to COVID-19 including local governments, public health offices, local school boards, and local businesses.

*An updated cancellation list that includes local events and local businesses that serve families or children.

*Maintenance of a local calendar and website articles which include both events and services that are being continued and events that are cancelled. We will adjust our calendar, social media and newsletter coverage as needed in response to official local health recommendations.

No matter what, we will still be Kidding Around! We will be helping you have fun with your family and find the resources you need no matter what that looks like in the coming weeks.

3.    We will encourage our community to look out for one another.

This is a time where each of us should take any necessary precautions to protect our elderly, medically frail, and at-risk communities.

We will watch for local needs and share them through our networks.

We will continue to support local businesses during this difficult time.

4.    We will promote positive and unifying messages.

Thank you for your support. We believe that Upstate South Carolina and the Greenville and Spartanburg regions are amazing places to live and that our community is strong and ready to meet this challenge.

About the Author
Bethany Winston is the owner and editor-in-chief of Kidding Around Greenville & Kidding Around Spartanburg. She enjoys exploring parks, discovering local events, and meeting the people who make Greenville an amazing place to live. You can contact her directly at bethany@kiddingaroundgreenville.com.

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