Hey Moms, Here’s How to Pamper Yourself in Spartanburg

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After a long week of taking care of an entire family, it is easy for days, weeks, or even months to go by before you stop to realize you haven’t taken any time out for yourself. The job of a mother is truly 24/7 without lunch breaks or days off, and rarely a time out. Taking time out for you is important. Yes, just as important as making sure all the dishes are done and the school lunches are packed for the next day!

Time out for mom

Spartanburg has several places to help you escape, and give you a true time out (without the discipline of course). Here are some places around Spartanburg to check out that can help give you some much needed time alone.

Head to the YMCA

The Thomas E. Hannah YMCA offers a variety of group fitness classes, from Zumba, to weight lifting, to yoga. There are multiple benefits of group fitness classes. Not only does having an instructor help teach you the correct form, but the social aspect of it allows you to interact with other adults while working out. Fast pace classes can get your heart pumping and leave you feeling great after you’re done working out, while more relaxing classes, like yoga, can help you wind down at the end of a long, busy day. If group classes aren’t for you, they have a full gym with cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights. The Thomas E. Hannah YMCA, located at 151 Ribault St. in Spartanburg, also offers child care, which is included in your family membership fee. You can spend time at the indoor lap pool to help you relax; or even better, relax in their Jacuzzi or sauna- they offer a wet and dry sauna for adults 18 and older. They also offer a once-per-month ‘Parent’s Night Out’ where you can drop your children off for fun and  activities on a Saturday night, while you go out on a date or just veg out at home, and it’s included in your membership fee!

Take a yoga class

YOGAlicious is located at 161 Dunbar St. in Spartanburg and offers classes seven days a week. Classes are only $10, and community classes are only $5. They welcome beginners, so don’t be shy if you’ve never tried yoga before. You don’t need a membership to try it out, which gives you the flexibility of going to classes on your own schedule and allows you to pay as you go. You can get more information about their classes and instructor on their website.

Pamper yourself at the Spa

There are multiple spas located in Spartanburg. The Purple Orchid Spa & Salon, located at 464 E. Main Street Suite B in Spartanburg, offers various types of massages, body wraps, waxing, spray tans, as well as hair and nail services. Soleil Salon & Day Spa, located at 505 W. 2nd Street in Spartanburg offers similar services, including a full spa package with lunch. Spa Bleu Day Spa, located at 253 E. Main Street in Spartanburg is another option to obtain these services. Most spas do require an appointment, so you may want to plan in advance. When you think of going to a spa, it’s easy to throw out excuses, such as “why get my nails done if I’m going to ruin them with doing the dishes this week?” Or, “why get my make-up done if it won’t last that long?” Or even, “why get a massage if I’m going to deal with stress the moment I leave?” Whether the make-up is washed off right after date night, or you do ruin your manicure two days later, after running around all day with a messy bun and leggings, it’s nice to allow yourself to feel like the beautiful woman you really are with a little pampering!

Head to Barnes and  Noble

Barnes & Noble is a great spot to shop for a book or wind down. After all, there’s a coffee shop inside! Located at 1489 W.O. Ezell Blvd in Spartanburg, the best part of Barnes & Noble may just be the quiet atmosphere. Grab a latte, pick up a magazine, sit down, and relax! After you’re done with your coffee, why not browse around? You don’t have anyone asking you to do anything, you don’t have to worry about moving the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, and you can savor the fact that you actually just finished a cup of coffee without having to get up until it was gone.

Go grocery shopping

This doesn’t seem like one you would find on a list of ‘ways to relax,’ but don’t just go to any grocery store- Lowes Foods, located at 850 E. Suber Road #200 in Greer is well worth the drive. Not only do they have a fantastic selection of everything you need, but there is a bar, complete with adult beverages, located inside the store. Grab a cart, that includes a cup holder, and head over to the bar for a glass of wine or a beer to sip while you shop!

If you’ve never been to Lowes Foods, you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection they offer. Their bakery not only offers cakes and cookies, but a variety of individual desserts if you can’t decide on just one. There is a huge produce section, which offers a large amount of organic choices. They offer “pick and prep,” which allows you to choose your produce and have it prepped to your liking. They can core your apples and pineapples, chop your onions, or peel the produce for you. (yes, please!) You can prepare you own fresh peanut butter from fresh peanuts, or almond butter from fresh almonds, right on the spot.

Where do you go when you need a mommy time out?

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