Possible Four-Week Summer School for Students in K-3rd Grade Says SC Superintendent of Education

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In a townhall-style interview with Amy Wood of WSPA-TV, South Carolina Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman said the state is looking at a four-week summer camp for students in Kindergarten through third grade to focus on reading and math and get up to grade level.

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“We are asking for funding for expanded summer school for those students in Kindergarten through third grade who are not on grade level,” said Spearman. “They were not on grade level on March 13th so knowing that and with the ‘summer slide’ that usually happens when kids are out of school, we know that they really need to get back with an adult….there is nothing like a certified teacher sitting beside a student, or at least six feet apart, teaching them to read and getting them on grade level.”

Spearman clarified this point when Amy Wood asked about the six extra days the state has asked for when it comes to expanded learning. Spearman said those days are not only for teaching and instruction but also for diagnostic assessments like academic, emotional, and social assessments. 

Supply Lists Won’t Change

Wood also asked Spearman a question submitted from a viewer asking if parents were going to be expected to provide hand sanitizer and other cleaning agents. 

Spearman said that PPE [personal protective equipment] has already been ordered so that teachers will be protected. Money has been appropriated so that cleaning supplies will be on hand for both students and teachers. 

“It’s our responsibility to purchase those supplies and have them readily available for classrooms across the state,” Spearman said. 

Teacher Raise?

Unfortunately the entire school system will be operating under a Continuing Resolution come August, which means they are operating under last years budget and no new dollars have been appropriated for teacher raises. 

However, that could change when the legislature comes back to work in September and works on a new budget. 

Watch the whole interview below. Molly Spearman’s interview begins around the 39 minute mark: 

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