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The dog days of summer are here. The Upstate has served up really steamy days lately and walking into a cool, comfortable home after time spent outdoors is always a welcome relief. Preferred Home Services keeps your air conditioning running smoothly when it is needed most.

No matter how many trips to the pool or mad dashes to the neighborhood ice cream truck a family makes, few things replace the special burst of relief that comes from a well-air-conditioned home during a swampy South Carolina summer. A/C units are the real heroes of summer!

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Air Conditioning is Essential to Health and Comfort

In addition to keeping our homes cooled, air conditioning also keeps our indoor air flowing and clean. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , indoor air can harbor pollutants that can stick around if air is not flowing properly. For example, the EPA found levels of about a dozen common organic pollutants to be 2 to 5 times higher inside homes than outside. And, during this strange year, more of us are home, relying on clean and cool air. Believe it or not, some people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors!

One of the ways you can address indoor air quality is to keep up the flow of air, or air exchange, through mechanical means: your air conditioning. Indoor air quality products, such as filters, fans, and air conditioning, can reduce the occurrence of mold, dander, bacteria, carbon monoxide, cooking fumes, and other substances from the air inside your home, in turn reducing health risks for your family.

In addition to keeping our air clean, A/C is a savior for much of the year. During the hottest South Carolina summer months, it is common for the heat index to hit over 100˚ F. Unfortunately if an A/C unit flops when needed most, we notice really fast how much we rely on these machines to keep our households happy and healthy.

How to Keep Your A/C Happily Humming

There are things you can do to keep your A/C efficiently running.

  • Replace your A/C filters. The general rule for replacing filters is every 3-6 months but that varies depending on the unit and health needs of your family. For example, you might change your filter more frequently if someone in your home has respiratory concerns such as asthma or allergies. 
  • Keep the area outside of your a/c unit clean and clear. For example, make sure leaves and grass clippings don’t collect on or around your unit.
  • Schedule regular maintenance with your preferred HVAC company. At Preferred Home Services, this maintenance includes a full diagnostic analysis of your system and services such as, including cleaning dirty condenser coils, checking refrigerant, inspecting and testing controls, and replacing dirty filters. This regular HVAC maintenance will help keep your system running smoothly year-round.
  • Also, be sure to ask your HVAC professional about the long term health of your unit. If wondering how to tell whether to repair or replace your unit, think about how long that repair is expected to last. If the repair will only extend the life of your unit by one or two years, it may be more cost-efficient to replace the unit entirely.
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When to Call for Help

Your A/C unit can offer some clear signs that it is in need of some TLC. Most HVAC systems make a dull humming noise when operating. However, if there is a clanking, popping, or buzzing noise, it could mean that your HVAC system needs immediate repair or replacement. Also, if you notice your thermostat creeping up higher than it usually does, your A/C may not be working the way it should. And, of course, many of us know the dreaded moment when you notice that your A/C just isn’t kicking on.

Preferred Home Services’ Commitment to Quality

Preferred Home Services’ team is qualified to work on any make and model of unit and they take pride in doing quality work. Preferred is a full-service HVAC company and is one of the few companies in town with HVAC units in-stock, ready for next-day installation. Their team handles A/C installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs; heat pump services; heating installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs; indoor air quality solutions, and more. Preferred has performed over 60,000 jobs, employing an experienced team that earns great results– with the customer reviews to prove it! To top it off, their technicians are NATE-certified and PHS offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Learn more about their services by contacting Preferred Home Services, any time and any day.
You can also give them a call anytime — 24/7– at 864.206.5620.

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