10 Quarantine Date Night Ideas to Help You Forget About Being Quarantined

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If you and your significant other are wanting to do a date night but can’t get out of the house or do your usual dinner and a movie, we’ve got lots of good ideas that can jumpstart the romance and help you to reconnect. Really, none of these are fancy, most are simple and easy and cheap. 

So get the kids to bed (or have them watch a movie) while you and your love reconnect and think about truly anything other than social distancing. 

Challenge another couple to an online game

We like the Houseparty app, which is a fun way to play games with your friends together online. 

Get takeout & a bottle of wine

Skip making dinner and support a local business. Here are lots of restaurants where you can get a fantastic takeout dinner. The Community Tap has takeout date night packages every week. Eat dinner by candlelight to kick up your game a notch.

Play a board game 

No electronics, just you and your significant other trying to beat each other and get bragging rights. 

Take a class together

SkillPop has lots of online classes for around $20 each. Personally, I’d suggest looking up two classes online: salsa dancing and massage. Both are fun and relaxing.

Put together a puzzle

If you both like puzzles, a good jigsaw puzzle is a relaxing way to spend time together with no expectations.

36 Questions to Fall in Love

These 36 questions will supposedly make you fall in love or deepen your relationship. Test them out and tell us what happened.

Draw a portrait of each other

Grab a pencil and paper, face each other, and sketch away. This works even better if both of you are terrible artists. 

Write down your love story

Start a journal for your kids about your love story, how you met, what your lives together have been like. Leave your legacy to your children and grandchildren.

Plan your ultimate vacation

My husband and I have talked about a dream trip to Europe for years. We each have a few things in mind that we’d like to do and this is the perfect time to start planning. Look up hotels or favorite a few AirBnBs, find restaurants to visit, off the beaten path things to explore. There are lots of things you can plan now, including local day trips together!

Watch your favorite comedian online

Laughter is the best medicine and while I tried to stay away from virtual date ideas, listening to your favorite comedian together is a wonderful way to enjoy each other and laugh together.

What are some other good quarantine date night ideas?

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