Enjoy Some Socially Distant Fun Outdoors at Rabbit Rabbit in Asheville, NC

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There’s a new venue in Asheville where families can enjoy a meal, a movie, and some fresh air while staying a safe distance from others. Rabbit Rabbit will be your family’s new favorite out-of-town day trip destination, and KAG’s Melanie has all the info you need to know to plan a fun outing. 

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A Bit Of Good Luck 

So you might be asking, “why the odd name?”

According to superstition that is thought to have begun in the UK; saying “rabbit rabbit” before anything else on the first day of the month will bring you good luck for 30 days. But, it must be the first thing you say on that day, or the magic doesn’t work. 

What Is Rabbit Rabbit?

One of Asheville’s newest outdoor event spaces is a collaboration between neighboring Asheville Brewing Company, and the event organizers from The Orange Peel

Rabbit Rabbit opened in the summer of 2020 during the start of the pandemic. It’s generously spaced seating,  in an open air venue was a huge hit with people looking for a way to get out of the house. 

Picnic tables spaced about 20” apart, igloos, and grouped Adirondack chairs offer guests different seating options to suit their needs. The venue is smoking-free and currently requires masks when you are away from your seating area.

These igloos are a hot trend and the cool thing about the Rabbit Rabbit ones, is that they are first come, first serve, with no minimum tab required. Most places I’ve seen that have these same igloos, require a minimum tab of about $80. 

Parking in cities is usually a hassle. The parking lot adjacent to Rabbit Rabbit is just $3 for a 24 hour window! It’s not free, but it’s convenient and hassle free parking for just a few bucks. 

Dining at Rabbit Rabbit 

Food at Rabbit Rabbit is provided from two different sources. 

Asheville Brewing Company menu offers guests pizza options along with chicken strip meals, burgers, and appetizers. We chose the chicken strip meals and they were generous portions for just $7. 

Pro tip
There is no table service, and the line to order next door at Asheville Brewing can get long. If you plan to attend a movie or a different event, arrive early to order food so that you don’t miss all the fun. 

In the center of the courtyard, is another ordering window for drinks. You can grab beer and soft drinks from this window as well as free refills on the fountain drinks. 

AVL Tacos has a taco trailer parked in the courtyard of Rabbit Rabbit. They have a brick and mortar location in North Asheville, that has a loyal following.Unfortunately, the trailer was closed the night we visited, or I’d have definitely gotten tacos! 

Events at Rabbit Rabbit 

While you can just head to Rabbit Rabbit to enjoy a meal and some fresh air, there’s also fun events you can enjoy with your family and even your dog! 

Tickets are just $5 per person to enjoy a second run family-friendly movie. Movies shown include Finding Nemo, Despicable Me, Moana, Up, and other popular choices. We enjoyed one of our favorites, Marvel’s Black Panther. Tickets can be pre-purchased at Rabbit Rabbit online

Silent Discos
If you are looking for a cool date night option during a weekend getaway, this might be it. Silent Discos are a relatively new trend where the guests are all supplied with Bluetooth headphones that are fed music from a live DJ. Then everyone is dancing, and to the outside world, there’s no music. At just $5 per person, this is a more budget-friendly silent disco to attend than I’ve seen elsewhere. 

Asheveville Brewing Company/Rabbit Rabbit is awesome! They are having a silent disco night where you can rent headphones and only the people with them on can hear the music… my 8 year old loves it. And we got our own igloo.

Jessica Winters

The partnership with The Orange Peel almost guaranteed that there would be cool live music shows to attend here. Subscribe to the Rabbit Rabbit newsletter so you don’t miss any concert events. 

Rabbit Rabbit 
75 Coxe Avenue, Asheville NC | 828.398.1837

Have you been to Rabbit Rabbit yet?

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