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Long before I was born, support for those on the frontlines of war was shown by tying a ribbon around a tree in your front yard. A yellow ribbon or a patriotic theme was used, and it was always a war being fought overseas. It’s no secret that we are now fighting a new war within our own borders, against an invisible enemy. This is a new type of war, and one the likes most of us have never experienced.

What Are ScrubBows?

ScrubBows is a local group supporting the brave folks working on the frontlines. With every donation, you will be helping to provide healthcare workers in the Upstate and Western North Carolina with a meal and minute to rest and re-charge.

Healthcare workers are not only nourished, but the meals are purchased from local restaurants like HenDough, Sidewall Pizza, Dray: Bar & Grill, and others. Restaurants all over the world have been impacted by the dine-in restrictions placed on them. Supporting them through initiatives like this, or placing take out orders is a great way to ensure their survival once the pandemic is over.

ScrubBows is raising money to purchase food from local restaurants and bring it to hospital employees all over Greenville. We provided 55 lunches last week and 6 dozen donuts on Tuesday morning. We have been trying to provide meals to them at cost to help them out. No matter how challenging things are for all of us these days, we can all find ways to help out our neighbors, particularly those on the front lines like our healthcare providers. We’re so grateful for all that they do for our community every day.

Paul Klaassen, Co-Owner of HenDough

How The Idea for ScrubBows was Born

Like most others, local mom Kelli was looking for a way to show support for local healthcare workers. Also, not unlike the rest of us, Kelli was looking for a distraction from the news of the day and a way to calm her nerves. Her neighbors were all tying blue ribbons to their trees in support. She didn’t have any ribbon, but what she did have was a pile of old scrubs. She decided to try making bows from the scrubs. When she realized they were cute, and how it helped distract her – ScrubBows was born. Kelli along with another Upstate woman who sought out Kelli wanting to help, now make these bows for people and have raised almost $6,000 doing it. Once the idea took off and Kelli started talking to restaurant owners, she realized their plight and how much ScrubBows would help them as well.

How Can I Help?

The meals that ScrubBows provide typically cost $10 per person. The average donations have been between $20 and $250, along with a large donation of $2,000. Joining the effort in supporting healthcare workers and local restaurants is easy.
Simply visit the ScrubBows website and make a donation. That donation will accomplish three things.

  • You will receive a bow made from surgical scrubs. Saving the scrubs from heading to a landfill, and helping the environment.
  • Healthcare workers will receive a meal. The provided food will entice them to take a much-needed break when they might otherwise not.
  • The provided meals are purchased from locally-owned restaurants. Places we want open long after this is over, so we can all enjoy eating out again.

See all the good you could do for the Upstate with just a small donation to this worthy cause?

We all wish we weren’t fighting this war. Knowing we have groups like ScrubBows spreading hope, makes me feel a bit more optimistic.

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom of two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures!

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