Spartanburg City Council Passes Emergency Ordinance

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On Thursday, April 2nd the Spartanburg City Council passed an Emergency Ordinance for City of Spartanburg residents and businesses. The ordinance outlines the expectations for citizens of Spartanburg regarding social distancing measures.

Disclaimer: Kidding Around does not provide legal advice. Please always consult the most current ordinances in their entirety.

What Does the Spartanburg Emergency Ordinance Do?

  • City of Spartanburg residents are encouraged to stay home except for obtaining necessities, providing essential services or individual outdoor recreation, meaning no closer than 6 ft to another person.
  • Residents should avoid groups of more than 3 outside homes.
  • Businesses allowed to remain open should take measures to abide by social distancing recommendations including limiting the number of people in store, shielding employees form visitors and keeping customers 6 ft apart in lines.
  • Police have the authority to break up groups of 3 or more. Residents can call 864.594.7208 or send an email to [email protected] to report any gatherings on public property to the Spartanburg Police Department.

The complete Spartanburg Emergency Ordinance is available online.

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