Staying Connected During Social Distancing

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Trying to stay connected to your friends, neighbors and family? People are utilizing technology in many different ways to stay in touch with friends, family, classmates, and more.  If your family is looking for a way to connect while staying safe, we have some ideas to share.

I guess if something like a worldwide quarantine were going to occur, we are lucky to have it happen in a time when we are blessed with the technology we have. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying there is anything good about our current state of affairs. I just think we are lucky to be able to remain in contact with people all over the world despite being encouraged to stay at home. 

Using Social Media To Stay Connected 

Instagram Live 

You can utilize the Instagram live feature to dine-in with friends and family. There is even an option to add other users to the video feed. 

I’ve decided to do virtual breakfast hangouts. Being able to jump on Instagram live and have other people join me helps me feel like I’ve been around others for the day. It helps with how anxious I get while choosing to not leave the house. I’m super thankful for it. I’m thankful for virtual fellowship. It helps to see familiar faces. Definitely therapeutic!

Stephanie B.


Classroom parents are creating Facebook groups and using Facebook Messenger to stay connected and support each other. When questions pop-up about that pesky math problem, they are there to help you through it or comfort you in the fact they didn’t understand it either! 

Video Conferencing Technology, Not Just For The Office Anymore


Founded nearly 10 years ago, if we had asked you just 10 days ago if you had heard of Zoom the answer probably would have been no. But now in the time of Covid-19, this is one of the most talked-about things. Teachers are using the platform to conduct classes or just to see all their students at once. 

To replace our “Field Trip Fridays” we set up a zoom call for tomorrow for our homeschool group to have a virtual “show n tell” … Tomorrow will be “meet the pets” Zoom is a free video conference service and you can get 100 people online at the same time. I’m not affiliated with them.

Elizabeth S.

Adults are using Zoom to conduct virtual Happy-Hours with friends, and just to have some adult conversation after being cooped up all day at home. 

Using Zoom to see Classmates


Popular with our readers, Skype is providing people with a way to connect. Skype is a video conferencing site. 


Discord is a free chat and communication app developed for gamers. Users can play games or just hang out and chat. 

Staying Connected Using Smart Phones


Another popular option with our readers is Facetime which allows you to see the person on the other end of the phone line. Something that is comforting more now than ever! 

Obviously birthday parties are a bad idea right now. So what should you do to celebrate instead in the time of social distancing? One local mom came up with a brilliant idea that she shared with readers. 

Today is my son”s 12th birthday. I created a virtual scavenger hunt for his friends and family to do at home. Take selfies and videos and send them to him. He has been giggling all morning!!

Sarah C.

Social Contact Without Technology

Staying safe and showing you care, doesn’t always require a device and technology. Getting creative to be social while keeping everyone safe, is going to be a talent a lot of us acquire in the coming weeks. 

My grandmother is in an assisted living facility in Simpsonville and they are offering to FaceTime for you or let you come stand outside of the glass front door and they will bring your family member/loved one to the front door so you can wave and hold up signs. We are hoping to do this tomorrow!

Gwen G.

Have you found a creative way to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones? Let us know in the comments! 

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