Do Your Kids Want an Adventure this Summer? Check Out the Summer Adventure Club at Primrose!

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Thank you to Primrose School of Simpsonville in Five Forks for sponsoring this content.

Summer learning loss is a real thing, not just something we threaten our kids with if they sit around all summer and play video games. That downtime between school years should definitely be fun and relaxing, but making an effort to continue the learning cycle is key to a child’s success.

The summer camps at the Primrose School of Simpsonville in Five Forks have plenty of options to fit any child’s interest, keep their attention, create wonderful memories, and even sneak in a little STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Geared specifically towards children ages 5-12, the summer camps at Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks, children become engineers, artists, explorers and more as they discover the joys of design thinking, a fun and innovative way to learn. Engineering design challenges, experiments and themed activities await as children unlock new ways of thinking—all while having a blast! Ready for the best summer yet?

About Primrose School of Simpsonville

Meggie Bradberry was one of the original Primrose School’s first graduates 30 years ago in Marietta, GA. After all, her parents, Marcy and Paul Erwin, started Primrose Schools and believed enough in its incredible benefits that they wanted Meggie to attend and learn there. Meggie and her husband, Buck, are not only sending their own daughter to the school, but as the franchise owners of this unique and successful school, they are thrilled to share the experience with the community.

The Primrose experience consists of four main elements: their people and culture that strive towards creating a “caring and nurturing environment and build trusted relationships”; their Balanced Learning ® System which “supports children’s social-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development”; their Standards of Excellence which provides parents and students with specific accreditation; and their Partnership with Parents, which seeks to develop a strong connection between the parents and the school for the benefit of the children.

The Summer Adventure Club

The Summer Adventure Club offers a large variety of creative summer camps for children ages 5-12 using the Balanced Learning ® System, so parents can be assured that their child is getting the most they can out of their summer.

Get a Move On! Our adventurers take the wheel this week engineering their own toy cars! We can’t wait to test “drive” their creations.

Crack the Code! Do the robot! Our adventurers get hands on with problem-solving through programming—building robots and coding them to life.=

Take the Stage! Get ready to ask for their autograph. Our adventurers are collaborating with fellow students to make their own music videos, crafting everything from the set and costumes to the instruments.

Behind the Curtain! This week we try our hand at puppeteering! Children will make a puppet, come up with a storyline, build a set and even put on their own show.

What a Catch! Keep your eyes on the ball! This week our adventurers will work on making great grabs and terrific throws as they learn the fundamentals of playing catch through cooperative games and drills.

Science of Cooking! Children set off on adventures of the culinary kind as they learn about nutrition, food, and how cooking changes individual substances into delicious treats!

Blast Off! We have liftoff! Our adventurers are exploring the wonders of space as they build rockets, program robots, play coding games and more.

Get Read, Get Safe! Through fun games and activities, children learn important lessons in how to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. They practice leadership skills as they share the importance of being prepared with family and friends. Preparing for a “First Responder” celebration is the final project in this exciting leadership unit.

Signing Up

Camps begin June 10th and run through August 9th, , with field trips every day, fun/educational curriculum activities, and water days. Children can register for all summer or just individual weeks at a time.

There is a $250 registration fee and it’s $265 per week of summer camp. This price includes breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day, summer gear and field trips costs. The Summer Camp program begins at 8:30 a.m. each day but kids are welcome from 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

To register, call or visit the Primrose School of Simpsonville in Five Forks:

2255 Woodruff Rd, Simpsonville

Which camp theme would your child love to attend this summer?

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