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Low Cost Haircuts (and lots more) at Greenville Tech in Greenville, SC

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Did you know that Greenville Tech operates several student-run clinics that offer low-cost services to the Greenville, SC community? If you’re looking for some low-cost options to sub into your routine to help fight the way inflation is hitting your budget, you’ll want to check out what Greenville Tech is offering.

GTC Student-Run Clinics

What Are Student-Run Clinics at Greenville Tech?

Student-run clinics at Greenville Tech give students real-life practice in their field of study. They are overseen by licensed professionals, but because students are doing the work, the fees charged to clients are very low compared to professional services.

Student-run clinics at Greenville Technical College:

You will need to make an appointment at these clinics to attend.


Group Therapy: Greenville’s Indoor Playground for Grown-Ups

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Are you in need of some Group Therapy? Greenville has an indoor playground for adults that will bring out your inner child for a little fun. Group Therapy Pub & Playground is exactly what Greenville has been hoping for and more!

Group Therapy Pub and Playground in Greenville, SC

Sometimes you just need some space to chill out, play some games, and belt out some karaoke, or if you’re like me, just cheer on the brave souls who do. All of that and more is at the new Group Therapy Pub & Playground at Camperdown Plaza in downtown Greenville. 


10+ Dates that Cost $0 This Summer in Greenville, SC

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Looking for something to do that’s free for a date in Greenville, SC? Budget dates in Greenville are totally possible. We get that parents don’t always have the money for extravagant date nights but still want to get away and reconnect away from the kids. You don’t need a lot of money to do that! In fact, we’ve come up with lots of dates that are totally free.

If you can get a grandparent or family member or friend to watch the kids, then you don’t even need to pay for a sitter.

Free Summer dates in Greenville, SC


Adulting in Greenville: The Ultimate Grown-Ups’ Guide to Greenville, SC

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Are you an adult in Greenville? This guide is for you! We know we’re all about kidding around Greenville, helping families get out and enjoy Greenville together. But really, we’re all adulting around Greenville, too. And adulting is not easy.

The Grown-Ups’ Guide to Greenville is full of date night ideas, places for a parent to snatch a few minutes of relaxation, the best coffee shops, and even some resources to help make all that adulting just a little bit easier. You’ll find mental health resources, plus links to our healthcare guides and childcare help.

Pink flowers blooming in front of Liberty Bridge at Falls Park, Greenville

Plan a Date: Ideas

Whether you’re planning a date night, date day, you’re on a budget or you’re looking for something extra extravagant, we have some suggestions. Plan the perfect date in Greenville, SC!

Top 14 Romantic Dates in Greenville

Top Date Night Restaurants in Downtown Greenville

6 Stress-Busting Date Ideas in Greenville, SC

This Unique Date Amounts to a Five-Course Meal at Five Different Greenville Restaurants

Plan the Perfect Greenville, SC Date Night

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

10+ Dates that Cost $0 This Summer

Where to ride in a horse & carriage in Greenville during Christmas

10+ Great Christmas Date Ideas

Frose from Juice Box at Gather GVL

Things to do in Greenville, SC for Adults

Group Therapy Pub and Indoor Playground

Frozen Cocktails in Greenville, SC: Here’s where to find them!

Greenville’s Local Coffee Shops

Enjoy a Glass Of Wine and Some Self-Care Time At This Local Studio

You Can Find Bliss Again At Drift Float & Spa

See a show or concert at the Peace Center. Or, on one of these other sports and entertainment venues in the Upstate.

Visit the Greenville County Museum of Art.

Day Trips and Getaways for Grown-Ups near Greenville, SC

Plan a day trip or a weekend away with these ideas for the grown-ups in Greenville, SC.

People mingling on the back upper deck at Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Day trips for couples

5 Destinations that make a Perfect Day Trip for Couples

14 Most Epic Date Nights Within 2 Hours of the Upstate

5 Amazing Bed & Breakfasts All Within 1 Hour of Greenville

A 2-3 Day Downtown Charleston Itinerary for Grown-Ups

Parenting in Greenville, SC

Parenting is hard. No doubt about that. Here are a few resources to help make things a little easier. From childcare needs to parenting help, we have you covered.

Save money! Find low-cost services at GTC student-run clinics, including haircut and salon services, pet grooming, dental care, and more!

dad walking with daughters down paved trail

The Ultimate Guide to Daycare Near Greenville, SC

Date Night Ideas Including Your Baby!

Here are the best Daddy/Daughter Dates in the Upstate

20 Top Ideas for Great Dates With Your Kid

Achieving Good Sleep for Parents and Kids

For Moms

Finding Health Care

Ultimate Guide to Healthcare in Greenville, SC

Ultimate Guide to Dental Care in Greenville, SC

Ultimate Guide to Maternity and Postpartum Care in Greenville, SC

4 Places Where Moms Can Find Mental Health Care

Marriage Counselors in Greenville, SC

All Is Well In My World | Doula Services in Greenville

Physical Therapy Practice Focused on Women’s Health & Wellness

Pelvic Floor Therapy in Greenville

Grown-Ups Who are New to the Area

If you’re new to the Upstate, these guides can get you started!

Lake Placid at Paris Mountain State Park

Why You Will Love Moving to Greenville

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Greenville

Shopping, Saving Money and More

Gift Guide for New Moms

Women’s Consignment Stores in Greenville

Plan for Your Family’s Future with Parent Financial

How You Can Save Money in Greenville