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Posts Tagged ‘Baby and Toddler’

These Indoor Play Areas Will Keep Your Toddlers and Babies Happy

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Need something to do inside with a toddler or baby in Greenville, SC? Well, the big kids are back in school again, and, let’s face it, the little ones need to be entertained (and sometimes just worn out). How about an indoor play area perfect for the toddler crowd? 

We’re lucky to live in a great city where there are plenty of places to head to when you have to get out of the house but a park isn’t an option.

Here’s a list of some great indoor play places for babies and toddlers in Greenville, SC.


Date Night Ideas Including Your Baby near Greenville, SC

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Trying to plan a date night that will allow you to bring the baby along without any fuss? Date nights might seem like a thing of the past once you have a baby, so we are coming to the rescue with this list by Lindy Wilson. We have some great date ideas with a baby for parents in Greenville, SC that are perfect for when you need your tiny human to tag along.


The Best Halloween Events for Babies and Toddlers in Greenville, SC

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Looking for some Halloween events in Greenville for your baby or toddler? One of the highlights of having babies, if we are honest with ourselves, is dressing them. And costuming in October is even more rewarding and adorable. We at Kidding Around Greenville think we can help. Here’s a list of costume-happy activities without late hours or spooky décor. They are the perfect formula for toddlers and babies! Besides, we all need another excuse to coo over our little skunks and dragons.

Read on for some tot-friendly destinations in Greenville to try this year.

Looking for more? Don’t miss our enormous Guide to Halloween Events in Greenville and Spartanburg!


Navigating Greenville With Babies and Toddlers: Things to do, places to eat and more!

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Does your family include a baby or toddler? There are so many things to do for families with babies and toddlers in Greenville, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! We’ve pulled together this list of all our content especially for families with toddlers and babies. You’ll find lots of ideas about things to do with your baby or toddler and places to go play when you need some time out of the house. We also have information especially for young families, like a list of recommended pediatricians and information for expectant moms in our Baby and Maternity Guide.

This article includes:
Things to Do With Babies and Toddlers in Greenville
Baby and Toddler Classes
Resources for Families with Young Children
Places to Play Outdoors with Toddlers and Babies
Eating Out and Shopping With Kids


Best Places to Feed a Baby in Greenville, SC

Posted on | 9 Comments

While we know you breastfeeding moms have rights, it is helpful to know which places make it easier for you to breastfeed. In this article, you will find advice for places to breastfeed conveniently in Greenville. If you know of another place that may make life a little easier for a breastfeeding mom in Greenville, let us know in the comments!


Hiking Around Greenville, SC with Toddlers and Young Children

Posted on | 5 Comments

Looking for some great hikes for toddlers and young children near Greenville, SC? Hiking with young children is possible! We put together this great list of the best hikes in and around Greenville, SC for toddlers. Peruse the list to find trails that are perfect for little ones in the Upstate.


7+ Tot Times in Greenville, SC for Your Toddler and Preschooler

Posted on | 2 Comments

Tot Times are awesome for little ones and their parents – kids get to play during a designated time just for them, whether it’s at a museum, bounce house, or gym. And parents know their kids are safe and enjoying the time to get out energy. We’ve rounded up the best places for Tot Times around Greenville – so pick a few and let your mini-hurricane get out some energy.


8 FREE Toddler Activities in Greenville, SC You’re Going to Love

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Working with a tight budget and looking for free things to do with your toddler in Greenville? You and your toddler can have a blast all around Greenville…and you can do it all for FREE! Whether you want to go downtown, play outside, or visit a local bookstore, we can help you find something free to do!


Greenville Zoo | Everything YOU Need to Know for the Perfect Visit in Greenville, SC

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Got an hour or two to take a walk on the wild side at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, SC? The Greenville Zoo offers a quick and easy zoo experience. While the zoo isn’t large, it includes many animals kids love, and it’s an easy activity even if you only have an hour or two. Kidding Around Contributor India Menon and her family revisited the zoo after not having been in more than a year. Here’s all you need to know to plan your visit.


12+ Fun Things to do with Your Baby in Greenville, SC

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Looking for places to go with your baby in Greenville? Babies are tricky. You can often take them to places not suitable for a preschooler running around yet finding baby-specific activities is harder than general kid ones. Luckily we have a few ideas of fun things to do with your baby in Greenville. Hope you enjoy and please add your own favorites in the comments!

Don’t miss our guide to all things Baby, Maternity and Post Partum in Greenville, SC.

Fun activities for your baby in Greenville, SC

Toddler areas at the playground

Nothing beats the outdoors so take your baby to the park. We have a list of parks with toddler playgrounds and they’re even fenced for extra safety! Most of these fenced-in playgrounds have baby swings so that even non-walkers can still have fun.


So this might not be baby’s favorite, but capture those little grins now. You can do old school portrait studios or hire a freelance photographer to get some cute snaps of you at the park or anywhere you’d like. And if you’re looking for a photographer, we have a list of some of our reader favorites.

The Greenville Zoo

The zoo is full of fun animals to look at for even a baby in a stroller and the zoo playground has comfy chairs making it the perfect place to stop for a feeding.

Cloth Diaper Classes

Tired of running to the store for more nappies? Check out cloth diapers through an informative meeting! The main local group is Greenville Cloth Diaper Group on Facebook and they can point you towards a meeting.

Kroc Center

Toddler Tuesdays at the Kroc Center is Greenville is fun and cheap. You get to play with your baby in the zero entry pool, do crafts, and meet other moms. It’s $10 per child and members are $5 per child. This event takes place during the school year except for winter and spring break.


The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is fun for all ages but has a special corner for babies on the top floor. Grandma Betty’s Farm is where you’ll find an enclosed space for crawlers as well as story time in their special 5 and under classroom. The middle floor has some mirrors next to the climber that are great for babies, especially those just starting to sit. Downstairs, the Lily Pad has infant seats for water play.

TCMU of Spartanburg is also a great option – it’s included in your TCMU membership. They have wonderful exhibits specifically for kids ages five and under, including a crawling space for babies, water exhibits, and lots of interactive exhibits. It’s $5/person if you’re not a member.


Take your baby to one of the parks with stroller-friendly trails. We also have a great list of Family-Friendly Gyms and Exercise groups if you’re looking to work out somewhere that has childcare.

Linky Stone Park

Enjoy the children’s garden, flowers, and pretty paths at Linky Stone Park.

Attend a local playgroup

If working out isn’t your thing, try a moms group in Greenville. True your little one might not be “playing” right now but that’s no reason you can’t spend an afternoon walking around the zoo or getting some coffee with other parents.

The Little Gym

The Little Gym also offers fun classes for babies. Check their schedule for a list of current classes.

La Leche League

If you’re nursing or interested in starting (it’s possible to “relactate” even if you stopped) La Leche League of Greenville is a perfect spot. Attend a meeting and make some new “breast” friends for you and your nursling. Older siblings are welcome at almost all meetings and some are open to dads too (just ask as meetings frequently are moms only for privacy).

Hiking in a carrier or jogging stroller

Hike It Baby has an active local chapter and has regularly scheduled group hikes. Just show up and get walking. Some locales require hiking packs or baby carriers (any sling that’s comfortable for you to wear the whole hike) while others are stroller friendly. Or, check out our list of stroller-friendly hikes to plan your own play date.

Mall playground

Both Haywood and Westgate have a padded play area for little kids. It’s a great way to introduce your baby to playground equipment with less fall risks and no worries about weather.

Bouncing Babies at the library

The Greenville library system has various story times at most locations, including Bouncing Babies especially for young ones. But most story times are still a treat for your baby so don’t hesitate to bring them to whatever fits your schedule.


Piano Central Studios offers lots of these classes geared toward the youngest of music lovers.

baby music class

Do you have an activity to add to our list? Share it in the comments!

This post was originally written by Lindy Wilson and has been updated by the Kidding Around Team.