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10 Cheap Birthday Party Ideas in Greenville, SC for $100 or Less

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Are you looking for cheap birthday party options or free places to have a birthday party for your child in Greenville, SC? Birthdays on a budget are totally possible. Here’s a list of local birthday party venues and services that cost less than $100 (some are even free).

Birthday Party Guide, Upstate, SC

For even more birthday party ideas be sure to see our Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties in Upstate, SC.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the work involved in throwing a birthday party completely by yourself at home but don’t have the budget to spend hundreds on a venue or entertainment?

No worries! Here’s our list of cheap and inexpensive birthday parties to the rescue. We have several ideas for venues and entertainers that offer budget options under $100. Some of these parties are almost free and others include a venue and entertainment for a low fee.

This article does include information about our sponsors as well as other reader-recommended businesses in Greenville. Prices and details may change without notice.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas: Greenville, SC

Mini Golf Party Package at McPherson Park

McPherson Park has a free and beautiful mini-golf course. So gather a few friends, some putters, and balls, enjoy the park, and make party planning easy. And, for just $75 you can have the City of Greenville help out with their Mini Golf Party Package! The package includes 20 putters, 20 balls, scorecards, and pencils. You can reserve your package on the City of Greenville reservation website. There are also shelters to rent, or if your party is small, there is ample shade to spread some blankets for a birthday picnic or tea party.

Free mini-golf at McPherson Park in Greenville, SC

Local Parks

A popular way in the warmer months to save money on a birthday party is to rent a picnic shelter near a fun playground. The price is typically dependent on the area and the size of the pavilion, so a good way to save money is to look for small shelters at the nicer parks. Some great choices are:

Runway Park – Greenville’s Downtown Airport’s Runway Park shelter is popular due to its location right beside an active runway and its airplane-themed playground. The small shelter rents for just $90 for a two-hour rental on Fridays-Sundays to $60 for a three-hour rental on Mondays-Thursdays.

This playground is very hot and has little shade though so plan an evening party if your party is in one of the hottest months of the year, otherwise, you may find it too hot to really enjoy the play equipment.

See our review of Runway Park for more information.

Kids Planet at Century Park in Greer is also a great park to have your next affordable birthday party. They rent several picnic shelters in various sizes that are budget-friendly, all of which are located beside all the playgrounds. Your kids can play around the parks and come back for pizza and drinks at the picnic table. Shelter rental prices range from $20-$30 for small or large shelters if you are a resident of Greer, and $30-$40 for nonresidents. Rentals are for 2-hour time slots and must be reserved ahead of time.

Of course, there are many, many more picnic shelters available in town. You can find a complete list of the websites for information on these shelters in our Birthday Party Guide to Greenville.

There are also several Community Centers available for not much more than $100. One reader mentioned that the Bobby Pearse Community Center was great and even came with a kitchen and easy access to a playground.

Fire Stations

Some fire stations offer birthday parties for free, though a donation is typically requested. The best way to determine if your local fire station offers this benefit is just to call and ask. Plus, what kid doesn’t love a firefighter birthday party theme? Please note that this list is subject to change, but these local fire stations have allowed birthday parties in the past, though pricing is unknown.

Pepsi Party Pack

If you have a child turning 6, don’t forget to pick up their Pepsi Party Pack. This free special package is filled with tickets to area attractions and also includes supplies for a Pepsi Party. It’s completely free but there are only specific days that you can claim it. It comes with some simple party favors like soda, pencils, tattoos, and balloons to create the perfect birthday party at home.

Climb@Blue Ridge

KAG-Reader-recommended Climb@Blue Ridge offers parties at $12 per person with a minimum of 8 people. Bring your birthday cake or ice cream and party decor and enjoy 1 hour of climbing and 30 minutes of cake and presents at your kid’s next birthday bash!

Greenville Zoo

Though the Greenville Zoo is currently restructuring its birthday party packages, a cheaper and more informal option for a birthday is to purchase Greenville Zoo tickets. You can purchase adult tickets for $12 each, and children’s tickets for $9 each online. For a small birthday party of 5 kids and 4 adults, the total would be less than $100, and the zoo activities will make for a special day.

The adjoining Cleveland Park also has several small shelters (not the large ones right beside the big playground) available to rent for as little as $60/day or $40/half day.

Craft Stores

If you have a group of craft lovers looking for a place to create, then ReCraft Creative Reuse Center may be a good option for your kid’s birthday party. The center does not have birthday party packages specifically, but for a nominal fee of $7 per crafter, your kids can create from a collection of over 100 loose parts materials. Reservations can be made for up to 10 crafters by calling ahead of time.

Recraft Creative ReUse Center in Greenville, South Carolina

Find out why we LOVE ReCraft Greenville in our Kidding Around Review!


Several fast-food restaurants offer party packages or will allow you to reserve a table and bring in a cake if you make prior arrangements for a simple birthday celebration.

Birthday Party policies and offerings vary from location to location, but Chick-fil-A is also a popular place to host a kids’ birthday. Their Taylors, SC Wade Hampton location has an indoor playground, which would be a good option for smaller parties.

SC State Park

An interesting birthday party idea for families who love the outdoors is visiting a SC State Park! You can have a huge picnic, and in the summer months play on the sandy beach at places like Paris Mountain State Park or Table Rock State Park.

Admission varies by location, but it is typically less than $20 for a family of 4. Plus, if anyone is a SC All Parks Passport holder, you can get your carload in for free! Paris Mountain State Park is a great option! It has a sandy beach, playground, large green space, easy hiking trails for kids around Lake Placid, and even volleyball. You’ll have the perfect birthday party relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying your friends and family.

Carolina Cheer

This indoor gym offers birthday parties for a gym venue rental fee + $6/child so if you have 10 kids, the cost is less than $100. Parents can bring in anything they like and Carolina Cheer provides tables, chairs, and tablecloths. They are located in Greer. *Note: We are still waiting on pricing confirmation or changes for 2024. Please contact Carolina Cheer directly for pricing.

Cleveland Park

If you live on the Spartanburg side of the Upstate, be sure to also check out our list of Inexpensive Birthday Parties in Spartanburg.

What inexpensive birthday party packages would you recommend in Greenville?

Grab Your 6 Year Old’s Pepsi Party Pack in Greenville, SC!

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It’s a Greenville tradition of 50+ years to pick up a Pepsi birthday Party Pack! Have a little one turning 6 this year? One thing that I love about raising my family in the same city that I grew up in is the shared experiences that my kids and I have from our childhoods.

The free Pepsi Party Pack is one of those special experiences that crosses both of our generations. I remember our excitement as kids when each of us received our Pepsi Party Pack at age 6. Watching my own 6-year-old experience the same excitement was double fun!

Pepsi Party Pack in Greenville, SC for 6 year olds.

Pepsi of Greenville is a Kidding Around Greenville Sponsor.

What is the Pepsi Party Pack?

When a child turns 6 in Greenville or Laurens counties, the Pepsi Plant in Greenville awards that child with a FREE Pepsi birthday party pack, which comes in a cool box and includes:

  • 12 Pepsi Cans
  • 12 Pepsi Balloons (not inflated)
  • 12 Pepsi Pencils
  • 12 Pepsi Tattoos
  • A Pepsi party birthday certificate

These items could be used for a party or just a fun treat for your kids!

How do you get your Party Pack?

It’s easy to pick up your Pepsi Party Pack in Greenville, SC. Just bring your child’s birth certificate to the office located at 751 State Park Road, Greenville, SC 29609.

  • Pepsi Party Packs are available the month of or the month after your child’s 6th birthday.
  • The Party Packs are available during the first full week of the month between 1–5 pm, M-F.
  • Park in front of the building and enter through the front office.

Dates for 2024 Pepsi Party Pack: Greenville, SC Location

  • January 2nd-5th, 2024
  • February 5th-9th, 2024
  • March 4th-8th, 2024
  • April 1st-5th, 2024
  • May 6th-10th, 2024
  • June 3rd-7th, 2024
  • July 1st-5th, 2024(Closed Independence Day, July 4th)
  • August 5th-9th, 2024
  • September 3rd-6th, 2024
  • October 7th-11th, 2024
  • November 4th-8th, 2024
  • December 2nd-6th, 2024

If you have any questions, call the Pepsi Bottling Plant at 864.242.6041.

Have your kids picked up a Pepsi Birthday Party Pack? What did you think?!

50+ Experience Gifts in Greenville, SC & Spartanburg, SC That Don’t Take Up Space

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You have found our giant list of experience gifts! Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC offer a lot of ideas. If your closet, toy boxes, and toy shelves are a little full, we get it. So, we’ve created a list of experience gifts available in Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas that families will love. You’ll make memories, learn new things, and they won’t take up any space in the toy box, either!

Experience gift ideas for Greenville, South Carolina

Being a mom, I hang out with lots of moms and one topic of conversation comes up pretty frequently, the massive amounts of “stuff” that our kids accumulate. Over Christmas, there is one solution that I think is brilliant: buy a gift that doesn’t take up space. Creating a memory is priceless. Spending time as a family is essential. These are experiences that will bring smiles, build up families, and won’t end up in a donation bin. You’ll also find some great ideas (Culinary Tour, anyone?) for the grown-ups in your life too!

Petting a snake at Roper Mountain Science Center
Roper Mountain Science Center

Disclaimer: This list does include advertisers, partners, in addition to other businesses that we recommend. This list contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

The Ultimate Greenville, SC Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift with our Ultimate Gift Guide!

Membership Gifts

We have some pretty amazing membership options in the Upstate. Many memberships provide unlimited visits during the year. Trust me. Parents love these as gifts for their kids! Remember, this list is just for informational purposes, and we can’t guarantee pricing. We have provided links to the original sources where you can find the most current information.

Experience Gifts: Greenville, SC Memberships

Play passes – Lots of local, indoor play places have some version of a play pass, where you get either a certain number of entries or unlimited play. Try Village Play, Kids Play & Cafe, Palmetto Proper, SkyZone Fall Pass, or Big Air PLAYer Pass,

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate – TCMU is a favorite among many Upstate families and offers so many kid and family activities throughout the year that a membership would be a great gift. Also, don’t forget that in addition to their Greenville campus, they also have a campus in Spartanburg that is designed for children aged 5 and under!

Greenville Zoo – Greenville Zoo memberships include extra perks such as guest tickets and it’s a reciprocal membership which means that you can use your membership to get into other participating zoos at a discounted or free price.

Roper Mountain Science Center – RMSC memberships include admission to weekly planetarium shows, Summer Adventure, Afternoon Explorations, and discounts on other services. Memberships for a family are $95 (homeschool families can take advantage of the teacher price of $90). This membership is also reciprocal. You can read about how my family saved over $100 on vacation one year by using ours.

Greenville Water Parks Season Passes – These memberships include Greenville’s water parks.  Individual memberships for parks start at $62 and go up to $95 per person. The Rec ‘N Crew pass, priced at $155, gets the pass holder admission to all three water parks plus year-round admission to The Pavilion’s Ice Rink and Bounce House.

Flying Rabbit Adventures Annual Pass – You can get an annual pass ($395) and play on the big aerial course for 2.5 hours a day when the adventure course is open. Super fun!

Family memberships to local gyms and recreational facilities offer not just access to exercise equipment and swimming pools but also discounted prices on classes, sports, and more. Joining fees and monthly fees vary on the specific facility in Greenville.

Upcountry History Museum – A membership at the Upcountry History Museum not only includes unlimited visits but also access to their Family Fun Days, UHM Kids Book Club, and more!  A family membership is $105 for the year.

Back to the top: Experience Gift Guide

Membership Gifts in Spartanburg

If you live in Spartanburg or don’t mind driving 30 minutes from Greenville, Hub City has plenty of family fun to offer!

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate – While this museum’s Spartanburg location is geared for younger children (5 years and under), the membership is reciprocal and can be used at both the Greenville museum and the Spartanburg museum.

The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg – Any kid and their parents will be thrilled with a YMCA membership because it means they have access to all the YMCA fun!

Big Air Trampoline Park – The indoor trampoline park in Greenville and Spartanburg is a super fun place to visit, but it can add up quickly. That’s why families love the monthly membership packages that include daily two-hour jump sessions.

Shipwreck Cove – Go ahead and purchase a season pass to Shipwreck Cove waterpark in Duncan and parents and kids will be thanking you for making summer wet and wild.

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Event Tickets as Experience Gifts: Greenville, SC & The Upstate

I don’t know about you but my kids absolutely love being spectators. Sometimes I catch them in a state of wonder or amazement when I take them to sporting events, plays, music performances, and even monster truck rallies. Not only do event tickets make a great gift for children but they can also be a great way to treat a whole family or plan for a special date for the grandparents and kids.

Ticket Gifts in Greenville

Swamp Rabbits Hockey – My kids absolutely love hockey. It’s a fun, family-friendly environment. Check the schedule for fun promotional night events.

Furman University basketball tickets – Grab tickets to the local university’s basketball games.

Clemson Tigers – Clemson football fans would love tickets to a home game.

Greenville Theatre – The Greenville Theatre features musicals, dramas, comedies, and more throughout the year.

South Carolina Children’s Theatre – The SCCT has performances for everyone. They also offer programming for younger audiences via their Tell-Me-A-Story Theatre. During the summer months, kids can take advantage of their classes and summer camps. And it all takes part in their bright and shiny theatre on Augusta Street!

Greer Cultural Arts Council – In addition to productions by the Greer Children’s Theatre, the Greer Cultural Arts Council also offers courses in the arts, dance, drama, literature, and music.

Peace Center – The Peace Center has many offerings including Broadway shows and music performances.

The Well also has a fun round-up of family-friendly events.

Here are two excellent options for tickets as an experience gift:

Get ready for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Greenville, SC and beyond

This year, you can put tickets to the circus under the tree! in February, The Well will feature the new Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus! Get your tickets now for a show from February 9th -11th, 2024 and you’ll be putting the Circus under your tree this year!

Check out our Kidding Around Review of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus!

The Well is also home to Monster Jam! You can grab tickets now for Monster Jam on April 6th and 7th, 2024. Monster Jam is always a family favorite. Here’s our Kidding Around Review of Monster Jam.

Monster Jam monster truck
Monster Jam at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Greenville Drive – Baseball games are always fun, especially at the family-friendly Fluor Field, where they even have a playground on site.

Greenville Triumph or Greenville Liberty– The Greenville Triumph soccer team wows fans young and old.

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Ticket Gifts in Spartanburg

Spartanburg Little Theatre – Local theatre company that performs shows for various age groups

Spartanburg Youth Theatre – Local youth theatre that performs shows for kids by kids

Ballet Spartanburg – Performs beautiful ballet at Chapman Cultural Center

Greer Cultural Center – Venue for music concerts and Greer Children’s Theatre performances. It also hosts classes in a range of arts, dance, drama, literature, and music.

College Sports Tickets – Cheer on a hometown team with tickets to a local college’s sporting events. Local schools include ClemsonUSC UpstateWofford, and Converse.

Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium – Hosts a variety of live events such as Charlie Brown Christmas and Disney Junior Live

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Local Classes as Experience Gifts: Greenville, SC & The Upstate

Purchasing a class is a great way to have fun learning. While this list is not comprehensive it includes several of our favorite options.

Class Gifts in Greenville

Dance Without Limits– Dance Without Limits offers dance classes beginning as young as 18 months in their Mommy and Me Dance Class all the way through advanced dance classes. Ballet, tap, lyrical, and tumbling classes are available as well as summer camps. Dance is for everyone at Dance Without Limits.

Kindermusik with Piano Central Studios – Kindermusik is a great way to introduce music to a baby or toddler.

Yellowbobbypins Art– This amazing art studio at Hampton Station offers virtual gift cards, so you can gift the kids in your life art classes and lessons!

Color Clay Cafe – This pottery studio offers painting and other art designs for both adults and children. You can also enjoy Open Studio times outside of classes.

I9 Sports – This youth sports league offers a range of different sports options for children.

Sylvan Learning – For kids who enjoy an extra challenge, Sylvan Learning provides a full range of interesting classes including classes on robotics and coding.

The Little Gym – This local children’s gym is a favorite of our readers!

Daily Bread Baking Class – Take a baking class at Bluebird Homestead or give as a gift.

bread making class at Bluebird Homestead
Rolling the amazing pizza roll at Bluebird Homestead baking class

Also, you can purchase certificates for Art Workshops through the  Greenville Center for Creative Arts, Spartanburg Art Museum, and more. Many of these workshops are excellent parent and child bonding experiences.

Acrosmith Gymnastics, Airborne Athletics, and Greenville Gymnastics all offer classes year-round. If you’ve got a budding gymnast, buying them classes for a month is a great gift.

Roller Time Skating Academy offers roller skating lessons and summer camps for beginners through advanced skaters.

Goldfish Swim School offers a holiday package deal for a gift of swim! They have gift bundles with 3 months of lessons, 2 months of lessons, or $100 gift cards.

Climb @ Blue Ridge has gift cards in just about any amount, so the climber in your family can learn how to excel at the sport.

Vino & Van Gogh has gift cards available for 2-hour classes (adult and children), summer camp, after-school camps, couples painting classes, and parent/child painting classes!

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Class Gifts in Spartanburg

Spartanburg Youth Theatre – Offers theatre classes for kids preschool – high school

Sylvan Learning Center – In addition to tutoring, Sylvan Learning Center also offers Robotics for Kids.

Spartanburg Science Center Lego Robotics Club – Offers after-school Lego robotics clubs for kids 6-12 years old

Musikgarten at Lawson Academy for the Arts – Offers music classes for kids 0-7 years old at Converse College

Spartanburg Art Museum – Offers art classes from preschool through adult classes at Chapman Cultural Center

For even more ideas, see our giant Activity & Classes Guide which will help you find:

  • Martial Arts Classes
  • Ballet Classes
  • Gymnastics and Cheer Classes
  • Equestrian Experiences
  • and more!

Back to the top: Experience Gift Guide

Local Experience Gifts: Greenville, SC & The Upstate

Making memories through shared experiences and new adventures is always a win! Whether for yourself, you and your significant other, or the whole family, the Upstate has plenty of neat experiences to explore. Nothing is easier than handing over a gift voucher to something exciting!

Experience Gifts in Greenville

Greenville Culinary Tours – I was invited to experience the Greenville Culinary Tour myself and hands down, it’s an absolutely awesome gift idea. The price is an excellent value and I would definitely do it again. Tickets include food and a drink at each location.

Escape Artist Greenville – Our team here at Kidding Around has done three of the escape rooms and had a blast. This is a perfect date night activity or just for fun with friends.

Wine & Design – This art studio offers canvas painting classes for adults and even has an Art Buzz kids line of classes for children.

Trapped in the Upstate – This escape room in Greer will test your problem-solving skills while delivering a fun night of entertainment.

Ice on Main – Ice skating on Main Street would make the perfect treat for the kids (or a special someone).

Once Upon a Dream Parties – Did you know that you hire a princess for as little as $50?

Topgolf Greenville – Take a few swings and have a great meal together. Fun for the whole family (they even have kid clubs available).

Mad Smash Rage Room – Get out your frustrations by smashing a whole bunch of stuff in a smash room. Kids ages 8+ can participate.

Moo Cow Farm – Enjoy cuddles with cows at this farm in Simpsonville. It’s a great gift for the animal lover.

Flying Rabbit Adventures – They’ve got two huge ropes and obstacle courses with zip lines plus a pump track. This is a really fun experience for the whole family.

Denver Downs Farm – Get your family Denver Downs tickets for an awesome fall experience!

The Pavilion– You can get a 10-visit pass for the bounce house at The Pavilion in Taylors, SC for just $85. You can also get a youth ice skating 10-visit pass for only $65 and an adult one for $85!

Speed Factory Indoor Karting– With locations in Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC, this indoor karting place offers gift cards starting at $5.

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Experience Gifts in Spartanburg

Big E Gaffney – Movies, putt-putt, bowling, ropes course, and more

East Main Arts – Offers a variety of adult paint and wine parties, as well as family arts and costumed character appearances

Hearts of Clay – A Spartanburg local favorite. This is a spot to make personalized art and pottery.

Spartanburg County Historical Association – Support your local historical association by purchasing a membership, which will provide you with free or discounted admission to properties and special events

Trapped in the Upstate – Trapped in the Upstate also has a Spartanburg location with more puzzles to solve together, including Prison Break and Striking Gold.

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Good Gifts No Matter Where You Live

While the Upstate has plenty to offer, there are plenty of good clutter-busting and memory-making gifts to be found in almost any community.

South Carolina State Park Passport– State Park Passports are great for families who love the outdoors. The All Park Passport is $99 and gives you access to all 47 state parks, including some lighthouses. And if you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t live in South Carolina, there is surely a similar program for their home state’s park system!

Nail or Spa Gift Certificates – A spa gift certificate is another excellent choice – especially for busy moms. One of our local favorites is Drift Float! Buy a float for someone in your life who needs to relax (or yourself, no judgment here). We did it and it was awesome.

Drift Float spa in Greenville, South Carolina
Drift Spa

Pool Memberships – Even though it is too cold to swim right now, you can always plan ahead. Purchase a family pool membership so the kids can enjoy the pool all summer long.

Photography – Book a local photographer to capture photographs of your family – and don’t forget to print them out to give to the gift recipient!

Indoor Play Ideas (check our rainy day guide for a massive list of places that offer bouncing or play during the day)

Meal Delivery Services / Grocery Delivery – Help out a busy family by paying the fee for a meal delivery or grocery delivery service such as Shipt (for groceries) or Hello Fresh (for meals). Need inspiration? See how you can Get Those Groceries Delivered in Upstate, SC!

Gift cards to local restaurants – My family always loves receiving gift cards to local restaurants since we don’t eat out often. In addition to the many chain restaurant gift card options, most local Spartanburg restaurants offer gift cards as well.

Subscription Boxes – Subscription boxes are all the rage and there are a ton to choose from! Most subscription boxes allow you to choose the increment (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly). Plus, they offer them for kids (i.e., books, arts & crafts) and adults (i.e., coffee, adult beverages, to name a few). While I’ve never tried it, I’ve heard other parents say that they love Kiwi Crate and try Tinker Crate for older children. There are also local subscription boxes you can pick up directly, like Big Play in a Box.

Streaming Services Subscriptions (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling) – Help a family cut the cord by paying for a subscription to a streaming TV service.

Summer Camp – Summer camp is an amazing gift. Many places will soon open their registrations. My child had a blast last summer at Conestee Camp with Greenville Rec and Space Camp at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate. If you need inspiration, check out our massive Summer Camp Guide!

Attractions Dining & Value Guide – One of my absolute favorite ideas is the Attractions Book. You can purchase them online and they are offered for Greenville, Spartanburg, and several other parts of South Carolina. It supports local businesses and the coupons are quite good. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer! Ask around as many schools and non-profits sell this book as a fundraiser.

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Day Trip Gifts

One of the benefits of living in the Upstate is that we’re sandwiched in between several cities that offer plenty of family fun activities–many of which are easily worth an hour or so of driving!

The Georgia Aquarium – We took our child to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta several years ago for his birthday and he still talks about it!

The Biltmore An annual pass at the Biltmore includes not only admission to the house but also to the farm where kids can pet chickens and goats, the winery, and discounts on tickets to Dollywood and Tweetsie Railroad.

The Biltmore

Dollywood – The beloved theme park is only three hours from Greenville and is fun for the whole family, especially during special holiday events like the nightly Christmas parade or the fall Pumpkinfest. Dollywood’s Splash Country is also amazing in the summer. Plus, preschoolers can get a free season pass! (Read our review!)

Anakeesta – Also in East Tennessee, this mountaintop village is just magical. The views are stunning and you can eat dinner or watch an outdoor movie overlooking the Smoky Mountains. They have seasonal events and offer year-round passes.

WNC Nature Center – Located in Asheville, the WNC Nature Center focuses on animals and plants in the southern Appalachian mountains. The center includes lots of shade, walkways, and natural playgrounds and is perfect for a day trip with little children.

Discovery Place – A hands-on science museum located in Charlotte

Ellaberry Llama Farm – This farm in Hendersonville is amazing. You can play with llamas!

Carowinds – A theme park located in Concord (Charlotte area) with tons of rides designed for their littlest visitors!

Hands On! Children’s Museum – A children’s museum located directly on Hendersonville’s charming Main Street, the Hands On! Children’s Museum has a target audience of children aged ten and under.

Mountain Play Lodge – An indoor play space for children in Arden that features two large climbing areas, complete with steps, multiple slides, and overhead tunnels with obstacles to climb over, around, and through.

Cool Places to Stay Experience Gifts

Why not book an amazing overnight with your family or partner for an unforgettable experience gift? Here are some awesome places to do so.

Alice's White Bunny Cottage
Alice’s White Bunny Cottage

Magical Mountain Resorts in Hayesville, NC – Stay in any number of themed cabins and buses! We loved the Alice’s White Bunny cabin.

The Ridge Outdoor Resort in Sevierville, TN – Stay in a glamping tent complete with a bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and living space.

Getaway Cabin at Lake Hartwell, SC – Experience the outdoors while staying cozy and comfortable in tiny cabins.

Saluda Outdoor Center in Greenville, SC – Either get a head start on booking a place where you can also go tubing over the summer or just get away at these nearby cabins, just five miles outside Greenville.

KOA in Travelers Rest, SC – You don’t need to go far for a unique overnight! Stay in a covered wagon at the KOA in Travelers Rest.

Emberglow Outdoor Resort in Mill Spring NC – Stay at any number of comfortable and pet-friendly glamping accommodations.

Sky Ridge Yurts in Bryson City, NC – This is one of our favorite places to stay in the region. The yurts are beautiful, comfortable, and have great views.

Westgate Myrtle Beach in SC – The resort has pools, a splash pad, and is right on the ocean.

Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, TN – With three waterparks open in the summer and the largest indoor waterpark in Tennessee, Wilderness is at the top of our travel list when planning a fun family getaway.

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Holiday and Christmas events in Greenville, SC

Have a wonderful holiday with our List of Holiday and Winter Events and Things to Do.

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Around the Holidays

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Does your child have a birthday near Christmas? Have you found yourself celebrating a birthday sitting around a Christmas tree in the living room? How can you celebrate a Christmas birthday or a birthday near Christmas and still make your child feel special? What’s the secret to making December birthdays special amid all the Christmas presents and Christmas decorations? Should we add birthday decorations to the party, too? What do birthday traditions look like mixed in with Christmas?

If you are looking for ways to celebrate birthdays near holidays, you’ve come to the right place.

Celebrate a Christmas birthday

Make Your Child’s Birthday Memorable

The holidays are usually a busy time of the year for everyone, which can make birthdays near Christmas difficult to celebrate with a group.. From traveling out of town, having family over, decorating, cooking, and wrapping presents, it seems like your ‘to-do’ list just doesn’t end. Throwing a birthday party for your child into the mix can make things even more overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s important to make your child’s one special day of the year, just that…special!

Here are some ideas to help make the day all about them, and others you may want to avoid.

Plan Something Special Instead Of A Party

Sometimes, all the planning in the world won’t allow you to plan a birthday party that your child’s friends can attend. An actual party isn’t always necessary. Your child will be excited to have a day dedicated just to them with only having their immediate family involved.

Take them out on a day that works for your family, let them pick a fun place they would like to go (or surprise them). Try an entertainment center with games, bowling, or laser tag. Let them choose which restaurant you will go to for lunch or dinner, and take them out to pick out their birthday gift. This is an easy option that requires little planning but still makes your child feel special.

Birthday party at Christmas

Throw A Holiday Time Birthday Celebration: Close to Christmas Birthday Party Tips

Figure out the best timing

If you want to do a party, schedule the party a week before or a week after your child’s actual birthday. This is especially a good idea if your child’s birthday falls on the same date as the holiday. If your child’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving, consider celebrating the weekend before. The weekend after Thanksgiving tends to be a busy time for most people, as they are traveling home, bidding their holiday guests farewell, or starting their holiday shopping. If your child’s birthday falls on Christmas, consider scheduling their party even earlier than one week ahead. Some families travel for the holidays and head out of town as soon as the school winter holiday begins.

Get invites sent out early

If you plan on inviting friends and/or family to your child’s birthday party, give as much notice as possible. At any other time of the year, a one to two weeks’ notice would suffice; however, with people traveling or scheduling family holiday photos, it’s a good idea to give as much notice as possible.  This will also help if a majority of your potential attendees can’t make it to your party date- and gives you the opportunity to change it to a date that works for both you and your guests.

Decorate a ‘birthday only’ room

If you plan on having your child’s birthday party at home, and you have already decorated your house for the holidays, designate a room that is free of holiday decorations. Have your child pick a theme, whether it is a specific charter or color scheme, and decorate with balloons and streamers- away from all the snow globes and Christmas trees. Party City, offers a variety of themed birthday party supplies throughout the entire year.

Celebrate their half birthday

The holiday months tend to have cooler weather, so it may leave limited options for ways to celebrate your child’s birthday. Consider celebrating their ‘half birthday’ in the summer. The warmer weather opens up more outdoor options to celebrate, and schedules may be easier to coordinate since children are on school vacation. Try a local waterpark. You can still have a cake and sing happy birthday with the family on their real birthday, but wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for your child to celebrate their birthday by splashing around in the pool?

birthday gifts

Choosing The Right Gift: Birthday Presents Dos and Don’ts

Don’t use holiday wrapping paper

You may already have a closet full of holiday wrapping paper, and how convenient would it be to just grab part of a leftover roll and wrap your child’s birthday present in it? Although convenient, something as simple as ‘Happy Birthday’ wrapping paper can help separate their birthday from the holiday.

Don’t give holiday-themed gifts

During the holidays, themed or special addition toys often become available. As much as you think giving your child an Elf on the Shelf might be a good idea (since you need to buy one anyway), stick to something that doesn’t need to be put away after the holidays are over.

Get seasonal appropriate gifts

With keeping the last recommendation in mind, it’s important to stick to gifts that your child can use now. If their birthday is in December, don’t get them a blow-up swimming pool and slide for the backyard or diving sticks for the pool. While you want to separate the holiday from their birthday, it’s a good idea to get them something they can enjoy without having to wait to use it.

Skip the joint birthday/holiday gift

It sounds like an easy thing to do- two birds, one stone. It may seem like the opportune time to get your child that expensive gift they have been asking for, and make it a combined birthday/holiday gift. While it may be exciting for them for a moment, it takes out some of the fun and surprises that birthdays and holidays deliver to children.

Embrace The Holiday Birthday

As stressful as they can be, the holidays really are a fun time of the year. A holiday theme may not be a bad idea after all, if your child likes the idea. Have a birthday party where your child and their friends build gingerbread houses or decorate cookies, which they get to take home instead of a goody bag. Play ‘pin the nose on the snowman or make homemade ornaments. Michaels arts and crafts store is a great place to get seasonal crafting kits for children to make it easy to plan holiday crafts for the party. While this might not be something you want to do every year to celebrate their birthday, it’s a fun way to mix it up and embrace the holiday season!

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Create a Special Birthday Bear with the Build-A-Bear ‘Count Your Candles’ Offer

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Have you visited Build-A-Bear Workshop? There’s something special about selecting a furry body and stuffing it just right to create a furry friend that kids enjoy. Kids love their custom furry friends, but it can get a little pricey. One of the great things about Build- A- Bear is their birthday treat bear offer through the Count Your Candles program.

Your child can build a birthday bear for a fraction of the cost, which can give you a pretty great deal on a birthday bear for your child. Use the program to make your child’s special day or mark a milestone like giving up that pacifier!


Companies Ready To Set Up The Perfect Picnic or Slumber Party for You Near Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for a styled picnic service or sleepover party rentals in Greenville, SC? Wondering “Where can I find sleepover party rentals near me?” One of the better things to become a trend in the last few years is styled slumber parties and picnics. Gone are the days of a simple sleeping bag or picnic blanket being enough to wow a crowd and these small business owners are rising to the task. 

This list of talent includes people who can create a themed slumber party for your child, a themed grown-up slumber party, a themed picnic party, and even someone who can help you with a beautiful picnic celebration on the beaches of the low country. 

Whether you have a reason to celebrate, or you just want to celebrate making it through the week, the help you need is on this list! 

Pampas and Picnic and Dream House Sleepovers set-up
Photo Credit: Pampas and Picnics / Dream House Sleepovers

Themed Indoor Slumber Parties & Sleepovers

These businesses will come to your home or party venue and set up a teepee-style tent and air mattress for each child, along with matching themed items. If you don’t see the theme you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask. 

These sleep-over setups require an area of approximately 6 feet by 4 feet per tent. The huge gain in popularity means that the availability of services books up quickly, and planning a month or more in advance might be required. 

Things typically included in a slumber party setup:

  • A teepee 
  • A Mattress and fully decorated bed
  • Themed Accessories 
  • Battery-operated fairy lights, LED neon lights or other lighted accents
  • A decorated tray table
  • Throw pillows or cushions
  • Blankets 
  • A nameplate, chalkboard name boards, or cafe board
  • Additional themed accessories
  • *For health reasons bed pillows are not supplied by most service providers

Dream House Sleepovers
What makes them unique: Aloft Greenville’s Camp Aloft is the free setup of a slumber tent in the room in place of a cot for a child. 

The Cost: Rates start at $200 for a 1- 3 child setup. More sleepover packages and add-ons are available online.

Dream House Sleepovers
Photo Credit: Dream House Sleepovers

Available themes:

  • LOL Suprise
  • Be Happy – Rainbow Theme
  • Galaxy Theme
  • Glowlight 
  • Candy Theme
  • Ivy Theme
  • Llama Theme
  • Mermaid Theme
  • Glamour Theme
  • Unicorn Theme
  • Horse Theme
  • Tik Tok Theme
  • Spa theme
  • American Girl Theme
  • Boho theme
  • Cheetah

Magical Makings (Easley, SC)

What makes them unique: Princess Theme w/ Visit from a princess character.

The Cost: contact Magical Makings for pricing and package options.

Magical Makings
Photo Credit: Magical Makings

Available themes:

  • Summer Theme
  • Shooting Stars 
  • Tropical 

Magical Makings also offers picnic setups, date night setups, and other options! Contact them for more info. 

magical makings
Photo Credit: Magical Makings

Glamp Kamp Slumber Parties (Columbia Area)

What makes them unique: They also offer Glam Picnic packages so that parents can have a memorable night too! 

The Cost: Contact Glamp Kamp Slumber Parties for a quote
Available themes:

  • LOL Surprise 
  • Glowlight 
  • Tik Tok
  • Tye Dye
  • Tropical
  • Parisian Theme
  • Barbie 
  • Gamer Theme
  • Super Hero
  • Unicorn

Sensational Sleepovers (Charlotte Area)
What makes them unique: They also offer balloon arches and other balloon statement pieces.

The Cost: Packages start at $319 for a 3 child setup, with more packages available online.

Available themes:

  • Dare to Dream – Unicorn Theme
  • City of Lights – Parisian Theme
  • Into The Woods or Campfire Bites – Camping Theme 
  • Glamor Girl 
  • Bear Hugs
  • Wonderland
  • Secret Garden 
  • Charli – TikTok Theme
  • Game On – Gamer Theme
  • FIFA Fever – Soccer 
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sports Connection

Glamourous Outdoor Tent Services

Looking for a fun date night option, without needing a babysitter? What about glamping in your backyard with your special person? Or if you need a mom escape, you can do it all alone! Glamping is made simple with services that set up and decorate for whatever the occasion is.

Tented Greenville
Did the themed kids’ sleepover setups make you wish you were a kid again? Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine, but Tented Greenville can help you with their luxurious tent setups. With their help, you can throw your grownup slumber party, romantic date night, or a backyard mom escape. 

Add some fancy meat and cheeses to that glamping setup with a Custom made Charcuterie Board

Picture Perfect Picnic Setup Services

Glamourous picnics are the new trend in social gatherings! Add a charcuterie board, and you have an instagramable feast for the eyes, and the stomach! 

Pakita Picnics   

This Upstate picnic service offers you custom seating for your meal, along with the option of a crafty keepsake. Pakita Picnics includes a customized menu card for each setting, and their Moroccan-themed set-up is fantastic to see in person. It would undoubtedly make any meal special. 

Heather Campbell @FoodieMcFooderton
Photo Credit: Heather Campbell @FoodieMcFooderton

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Picnic & Company
If you just want to make one phone call and have it all taken care of at once, Picnic & Company is the only Upstate all-inclusive picnic service. They will do everything from the table setup and decor to the food and refreshments. Your work begins and ends when you reserve them to handle your special picnic. 

Pampas and Picnics (Charleston)
I can’t think of a better way to end a beach trip with your family than a sunset picnic on the beach. Who has room to bring all the extra stuff on a beach trip for something like this, though? The good news is you can leave it to Christine with Pampas and Picnics. She can even guide you to the perfect source of food for the picnic! She’s kind of a local expert. Enjoying a glamorous picnic on the beach should be on everyone’s bucket list; I’m adding it to mine! 

Pampas and Picnics on the beach
Photo Credit: Pampas and Picnics
Birthday Party Guide, Upstate, SC

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10+ Bakers Making Custom Cookies Near Greenville, SC

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Takeoff Mini Golf: Plane Ride for Kids Birthday Parties in Greenville, SC

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Think your child would like to visit Takeoff Mini Golf for a plane ride for their birthday? This is such a unique birthday party package sure to make any kid soar with delight.

Birthday parties give me anxiety. I’m not one of those moms that likes to plan them so when the opportunity comes along for a turnkey birthday party, count me in. Thankfully, a lot of businesses around the Upstate totally understand moms like me and have countless options for awesome birthday parties where parents have to do nothing but show up. Thank you to all of them!

But one birthday party package is extra special and that one is offered at super cool Takeoff Mini-Golf right next to Runway Park in downtown Greenville.

Take off Mini golf plane photo
Photo credit: Walker Weathers

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Thinking about hosting an outdoor birthday party in Greenville? Searching for “outdoor birthday party venues near me”? You’re in the right spot. One of the great things about Greenville is our moderate weather. This means birthday parties outside are often a reasonable option. We recently compiled your ideas about indoor birthday party spots but for those who like fun in the sun (or just being outdoors as long as it’s not pouring and/or freezing!), here’s a list of fabulous outdoor birthday party spots.


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Planning a birthday party for a baby and searching through the first birthday party venues in Greenville, SC? What are the perfect spots in Greenville for a baby’s birthday party? Babies are a little tricky. They need a lot of supervision and a safe space. Many times, they need an indoor playground or indoor play area. That’s why we came up with this list full of first birthday party venues, parks, and other creative spots that would be perfect for babies and toddlers in Greenville, SC.

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