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Opa! Greek Festival in Greenville, SC is Back

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The Greek Festival in Greenville, SC is one of the most popular festivals and is coming soon – which means awesome food, lively entertainment, and vendors with beautiful, traditional Greek items. The 2024 Greek Festival is happening at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in downtown Greenville, SC on May 17-19m 2024

Greek Festival in Greenville, SC

Rapid Fired Pizza: Greenville, SC’s Super Fast Pizza Place!

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We have all had pizza, but have you had a Rapid Fired Pizza? Greenville has two locations that will help you get dinner on the table super duper quick! Your family wants dinner every night, shocker, and you’re running out of ideas. Pizza makes a great choice because of how customizable it is. Maybe it’ll help solve that daily question, “What’s for dinner?” at least until tomorrow!

Rapid Fired Pizza

There are currently five Rapid Fired Pizza locations in the Upstate! Two in Greenville, one in Spartanburg. one in Easley, and one in Anderson.

Pepperoni or cheese. That’s what the majority of children like on their pizza. It’s for this reason; that most parents can’t remember what they like topping theirs. But the Upstate has another option for pizza that can solve this problem for parents, and my family couldn’t be more excited.

Making Your Rapid Fired Pizza Creation

Rapid Fired Pizza makes 9”-11” pizzas that are custom-made right in front of you, so everyone can get what they like! They offer several crust options, including a gluten-free crust and an option called “No Doh” prepared on a bed of spinach and parmesan cheese.

One of the best parts is that the pizza is cooked in just minutes – 180 seconds, to be exact. That is just one more of the reasons Rapid Fired Pizza is so family-friendly. Food served quickly keeps the little people happy, which keeps parents happy.

Making pizza at Rapid Fired Pizza

After your pizza is cooked, you can visit the sauce bar and add one of over a dozen different sauces. There are so many choices! Luckily, they offer signature pizzas where all the toppings are curated for you so you don’t have to make all those decisions. Unless of course, you want to!

Sauce bar at Rapid Fired Pizza

Go traditional or be unique

Here are just a few of the combinations we’ve tried!

  • Taco pizza and complimented it with the sweet habanero and chipotle ranch sauces; it was awesome!
  • Chicken Pesto Pizza, adding kalamata olives, red onion, artichoke, and parmesan to the ingredients already included.

Kids’ Meals and More at Rapid Fired Pizza

Kids’ meals are affordable and include a cheese or pepperoni pizza, cookie, and beverage.  On Wednesdays, kids’ meals are free (one kid meal per adult) and include a cookie and drink.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also offer calzones, pasta, and salads.

You can also order online and pick it up on your way home. Super easy – and tasty.

Rapid Fired Pizza: Greenville, SC & The Upstate

  • 2023 Augusta Street, Greenville
  • 4100-B Pelham Road, Greenville
  • 1707-F John B White Blvd, Spartanburg
  • 6099 B Calhoun Memorial Highway, Easley
  • 2192 N Main Street, Anderson

Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn in Greenville, SC: Can’t Just Try One Flavor!

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Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn, a staple on Main Street in Greenville, SC for more than a decade, is under new ownership and we’ve got the story on this Willy Wonka-ish amazing small business.

If you’ve walked on Main Street in downtown Greenville, you’ve probably stopped into Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn, even if just to window shop. It’s been there since 2012 and only recently came under new ownership. Boy did they hit the ground running.

We stopped by to get the story and try the popcorn and really, didn’t want to leave. It was that good. And read to the bottom for a little gift for Kidding Around readers!

Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn
So many flavors

How One Acquires a Popcorn Shop

Skyler Burkett and his wife, Brittanie, were visiting Greenville with some friends a few years ago. They were looking to move from a tiny town in Illinois and stopped into Poppington’s on Main Street. They asked the owners if they were looking to sell at all. Turns out, the owners were open to it.

It took a couple of years to actually make the move to buy Poppington’s and get to Greenville but it all fell into place in April 2023 and Skyler was now a modern-day Willy Wonka, creating all kinds of wonderful and creative flavors that make you second guess exactly what you’re eating.

Skyler and Brittanie Burkett at Poppington's popcorn
Skyler and Brittanie Burkett, co-owners at Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn

Fun fact: Skyler grew up on a farm in Illinois that was basically all corn fields. And now he’s a popcorn shop owner. Full circle!

The Flavors Are Incredible

Sweet or savory, you name it, they have it. And it’s going to be good.

I personally love pickles so I jumped at the chance to try the Dill Pickle flavor of popcorn at Poppington’s (don’t judge). I was 99% sure I was eating an actual pickle and not popcorn, that’s how close the flavor was. Literally the only thing different was the texture. The Bacon Cheddar popcorn was also a favorite. It tastes like you are eating a piece of bacon along with the best piece of cheddar cheese you’ve ever had in your life. I just kept wondering how in the world they pack that much flavor into a kernel of popped corn.

Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn
Skyler Burkett at Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn

Oh, and the Havarti Dill flavor was amazing with lots of bold cheese and dill pickle flavors.

Don’t worry, if pickles aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other flavors I promise you’ll love like Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, and Toffee. Every single flavor we tried was just so good.

Popcorn at Poppington’s is the Real Deal

All the flavor combinations and ingredients at Poppington’s are real foods. No powders or fake foods. And they even have a chef who comes up with ideas and makes them happen. He is one of the business partners and went to culinary school. He hadn’t really found his spot in the culinary community until he became a Popcorn Chef. It’s a thing and now you have new goals in life if you love popcorn and cooking.

So the Popcorn Chef uses all real food to make the 50 flavors available at Poppington’s and this is why they taste so good. This is why the cotton candy flavor tastes like cotton candy – because it is cotton candy – and why the dill pickle flavor tastes like dill pickles, because they are.

Looking Ahead for More Poppington’s Goodness

What’s the future look like for Poppington’s? Skyler tells me they are expanding fast and are always trying new flavors and taking the suggestions of their customers. I gave him a few ideas but am keeping them secret so you’ll have to just wait.

Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn
Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn

If you love Poppington’s so much and want to send all the popcorn goodness to your friends around the country, Poppington’s ships their popcorn. Also, you can order little bags of popcorn for corporate events, weddings, parties, Christmas gifts, literally anything.

Special Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn Gift for Kidding Around Readers

Skyler is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. If you go to the shop, be sure to ask for him and he’ll be excited to talk to you and see you. He’s one of the most peoplest people persons I’ve ever met.

And because he’s so nice, he has given our Kidding Around readers a special code to use for 15% off their orders at Poppington through January 31, 2024. Use the code KAG15 for orders online and in-store.

Hours of Operation

Poppington’s is open during these hours but call ahead during snow or big storms to double-check before heading out:

Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 7 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn
30 S Main Street, Greenville
Poppington’s Website | Poppington’s Facebook

40+ Spaces for Superb Outdoor Dining: Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC

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There is something special, a unique vibe, about outdoor dining. Greenville, SC, and Spartanburg, SC have dozens of restaurants that make their outdoor dining spaces worthwhile. No matter the temperature outdoors, there’s a restaurant outdoor dining option to keep you comfortable. Our list includes Greenville and Spartanburg area restaurants with heated outdoor dining, shaded outdoor dining, and simply the best in the area! Now, go enjoy your lunch and dinner in the open air with outdoor seating!

This article includes:
Heated Outdoor Dining: Greenville, SC
Heated Outdoor Dining: Spartanburg, SC
Outdoor Dining Anytime of Year in Greenville, SC
More Outdoor Dining: Greenville, SC
More Outdoor Dining: Spartanburg, SC
Shaded Outdoor Dining in Greenville, SC

Bookmark this page so you can check back no matter the weather

Restaurants with outdoor seating near Greenville, South Carolina

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Greenville, SC

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Whether you’re looking for highly rated restaurants in Greenville, SC, a tasty snack, or the perfect cup of coffee, this guide will be your go-to every time. We took all our restaurant content and put it right here so you can find exactly what you’re craving. You’ll want to bookmark this page for your next dining experience.

This article includes:
Top Restaurants in Greenville, SC
Restaurants by Location
Restaurants by Cuisine
Food Hall Style Dining Locations
Dessert Locations
Dining Out With Kids in Greenville, SC
Date Night Restaurants in Greenville, SC
Restaurants for the Holidays in Greenville, SC
Restaurant Week in Greenville, SC
What’s New?

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

We have restaurants with outdoor seating, food trucks, and delivery restaurants all on our lists at the top of this guide. Searching for a burger joint with great music, or maybe an epic fine dining experience with top southern cuisine and a fancy wine list? We have all of that.

Then you’ll find our lists by cuisine. Looking for tacos, no problem! Want southern food, pizza, or sushi, we have recommendations. Vegan? We have that, too.

This guide will also help you find the perfect restaurant for dining out with the kids, or for a romantic date night. We weren’t kidding when we said this was the Ultimate Restaurant Guide to Greenville, South Carolina!

Discover Some of Greenville’s Favorite Restaurants

Many restaurants in Greenville, SC offer some very unique dining options. Whether you looking for a place to dine outdoors, a family meal to go, or even the perfect restaurant with locally sourced ingredients, the lists below will help you out!


Best Places to Eat: Who Has KABOOM?

The KABOOM Awards are Kidding Around’s annual best of contest.

Readers say these are the:

Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Greenville, SC
Feel like dining outdoors? This is the list you want. We have restaurants with shaded patios, restaurants with heated outdoor dining spaces, and lots more!

Reader-Recommended Curbside Take-Out and Delivery in Greenville, SC
We asked our readers what restaurants they recommended for take-out and delivery. This list has their favorite restaurants that offer delivery and take-out!

Family Meals To-Go in Greenville, SC
Looking for a family meal deal? Lots of restaurants offer family meal deals that allow you to bring home a family-sized restaurant meal, often at a significant discount when compared to ordering something different for everyone.

Locally-Sourced Restaurants
If you like meals cooked with local ingredients, this is the list for you. All the restaurants on this list source their ingredients locally wherever possible.

Places to Eat in Greenville, SC with Live Music
These restaurants in Greenville often have live music you can enjoy while you eat.

Locally-Owned Restaurants
This is a gigantic list of locally-owned restaurants in Greenville, SC. They are one of a kind and delicious.

Food Trucks in Greenville, SC
Food trucks offer delicious and often unique food to enjoy. Here is a list of food trucks in Greenville, SC, and where to find them!

Three tacos in a basket from Papi's Tacos in Greenville, South Carolina
Papi’s Tacos, Greenville, SC

Places to Eat Near Greenville, SC by City and Town

Looking for a restaurant in a specific area of Greenville, South Carolina, or in the Upstate? The upstate is quickly becoming one of the best hotspots for amazing dining in the United States, and it isn’t hard to see why. Here are our restaurant guides for the cities and towns across the Upstate.

Places to Eat in Greenville By Cuisine Type

What are you craving today? Sushi, tacos, breakfast? How about some pizza or nachos? Find the perfect restaurant serving up what you are craving. This category has tons of options.

Where to Get Great Sushi in Greenville, SC
Check out these restaurants for great sushi in Greenville, SC.

Best Vietnamese Pho in Greenville, SC
The best pho can be found at these local restaurants.

Fantastic BBQ Near Greenville, SC
Here is where to go if you are looking for a great BBQ in Greenville, SC.

Steakhouse Restaurants Near Greenville, SC
If you are craving steak, these restaurants will help satiate your savory-seeking taste buds.

Mexican Food in Greenville
Have a craving for Mexican food? Here’s a list of Mexican restaurants in Greenville for you to try!

Vegan and Vegetarian in Greenville, SC
The restaurants on this list are all Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly places to dine.

Breakfast Places to Eat in Greenville, SC
Breakfast time? Here’s where to go for breakfast in Greenville, SC.

Where to Get a Great Burger in Greenville, SC
Here are restaurants in Greenville where you can get a great burger.

Best Restaurants for Pizza in Greenville, SC
This list is full of restaurants with really excellent pizza in Greenville.

Best Pizza in Greenville, SC

Asia Pacific Bubble Tea

Best Bubble Tea in Greenville, SC
Find your favorite bubble tea in Greenville with this Greenville tour of bubble tea shops.

Favorite Authentic Tacos in Greenville
If you’re looking really authentic tacos in Greenville, this is the list you want!

Best Nachos in Greenville, SC
Find the restaurants in Greenville with the best nachos right here.

Where to Get Great Chinese Food in Greenville, SC
Craving Chinese food? Here’s your list of Chinese food restaurants in Greenville.

Best Places to Find Food for a Picnic in Greenville, SC
Needing some picnic food for your ultimate day trip? Check out these places to pack the perfect meal.

Where to Get a Frozen Cocktail in Greenville, SC
Grown-ups looking for a treat will want to check out this list of restaurants with frozen cocktails in Greenville, SC. Visit for happy hour or just an afternoon out with friends!

Where to Go for Chicken Sandwiches in Greenville, SC
Looking for a chicken sandwich in Greenville? Here’s your list!

Family Friendly Breweries in Greenville, SC

Great Family-Friendly Breweries
Enjoy local beers, plus delicious menu items, music, games, or space to relax outdoors at these family-friendly breweries in Greenville, SC.

Methodical Coffee at the Commons

Local Greenville, SC Coffee Shops
Is coffee considered a type of cuisine? It probably should be if it isn’t. Here are Greenville’s fabulous local coffee shops.

Food Hall Style Dining Locations in Greenville, SC

If you’re looking for a place to go that offers multiple restaurants in one location, these places below will do the trick. Find something for everyone at Food Halls with lots of restaurant options under one roof! The venues often have events like live music and trivia, craft events, shopping, and more.

Places to Grab Dessert Near Greenville, SC

Sometimes you want a sweet treat after a meal, or just anytime. These dessert locations can be found nearby.

Where to Find the Best Milkshakes near Greenville, SC
It is hard to resist the creamy goodness of a milkshake, and these are the best Greenville has to offer.

Best Places to Grab a Snow Cone in Greenville, SC
Looking for a sweet treat on a hot summer day? Here is a list of the best snow cone places in Greenville, SC.

Best Places for Hot Chocolate in Greenville, SC
Here’s where you can find the best hot chocolate in Greenville.

Best Customer Cookie Bakers in Greenville, SC
If you are needing an idea for dessert for an event, these custom cookie bakers will do the trick

Best Doughnuts in the Upstate
Doughnuts are the perfect sweet treat any time of year! Check out our list of the best doughnut shops in the Upstate.

Treats That Are Perfect for the Fall Season
If you are looking for pumpkin spice treats during the fall season, this list is for you!

Ice ream from Creme Shack in Greenville,SC

Where to Find the Best Ice Cream near Greenville, SC
Here is a list of the best ice cream shops in the Upstate!

Bring the Kids: Eat Out With the Kids at These Restaurants

Dining out with the kids can be a little challenging, but we’re here to help.

Family-Friendly Meals to Go
Sometimes it is just easier to grab the family meal and go. These places have your back!

Restaurants with Healthy Meals for Kids in Greenville, SC
Trying to be a little more healthy? Here’s a list of restaurants with healthy kids’ meals.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants that aren’t Fast Food
Want to take the kids out to a restaurant but don’t want fast food? Here are some kid-friendly sit-down restaurants where kids can really practice their table manners.

Greenville Restaurants Where Kids Can Eat and Play
Wiggly kids don’t like to sit at the table all the time. Here’s a list of restaurants in Greenville where kids can eat and play.

kids eat free greenville

Kids Eat Free or Cheap in Greenville, SC
This is our rather large list of places where kids eat free (or cheap) in Greenville, SC.

Date Night Places to Dine in Greenville

Time for a date night in Greenville, SC? These lists will help you find the perfect date night restaurant where you can order something delicious, maybe pop open a bottle of wine, and enjoy an evening out all to yourselves.

Lazy Goat Opera Cake
Opera Cake from Lazy Goat, Greenville, SC

Restaurants in the Upstate for the Holidays

Favorite holiday coming up? Find the perfect meal or restaurant to dine out.

Sandwich and fries from Southern Growl in Greer, SC
Sandwich and fries from Southern Growl, Greer, SC

Restaurant Week in Greenville, SC

Restaurant Week in Greenville, SC is a highly popular week-long event. It happens 2 times a year in Greenville and gives diners a fantastic opportunity to try a new restaurant while supporting local small businesses.

Read more about Restaurant Week!

What’s New?

What new restaurants have opened in Greenville?
Who has a new menu to try?
What restaurant deals and events are coming up?
Here’s our newest Greenville restaurant content.

Restaurants in the Upstate

Got a specific restaurant in mind? These restaurants in the greater Greenville area are organized alphabetically. Looking for something we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!