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East Riverside Park Has a Fun Playground: Greer, SC

Looking for a new place to play? East Riverside Park has some fun playground equipment along with fields and a community garden. We checked it out to let our readers know what to expect when they visit this park.

Playground at East Riverside Park, Greer

East Riverside Park is a wonderful park located near Riverside High School in Greer. Let’s explore the park from the back of the park to the front.

Football Fields, Community Garden, and More

When you wind your way to the back of the park by car or by walking on its roadway, you will find a large sports field. The field is used for both soccer and football. The wide open area would also be a great place to fly kites. You will find restrooms right in front of the field. There is a large parking lot there, too. 

A short walk from the ball field is a single basketball hoop and the community garden. East Riverside Park is the home to one of the community gardens in the Greenville Parks and Recreation system. What fun it would be to rent a garden plot there to work on with your children!

You can take a trip through the trees or back on the main park road to get to the picnic pavilion.  It is a large area filled with picnic tables, a large grill, and a set of bathrooms.  The bathrooms in the pavilion are the closest ones to the playground area. There is a parking area right in front of the pavilion that is also used by park visitors who want to explore the playground area.

East Riverside Park’s Playground

Shade at East Riverside Park

The playground area is filled with fun playground equipment, recently replaced within the last couple of years.

There is a section of the playground that features equipment just right for younger children and the section for older children is on the other side of the playground.

Both areas have some sun cover. Between the areas, you will find equipment that children can stand or sit on and spin. My son tested out each of the pieces of spinning equipment and announced they were all a lot of fun. Both areas feature climbing equipment and equipment that moves. 

Playground equipment at East Riverside Park

There are no swings available at this park. There is a swinging bridge area that my son enjoyed in the area for older children. Younger children at the park the day we visited needed help from their parents to cross it. 

In front of the playground, there is a sand volleyball court. Young children would have fun trying to get balloons over the net while older children could actually play volleyball there.

Volleyball court at E. Riverside Park

Across the parking lot from the playground and pavilion, you will find an open field that would be great for playing tag or maybe even bike riding. 

Finally, at the front of the park, you will find baseball fields. The fields have their own parking lot and bathrooms.

East Riverside Park: Quick Review


  • Great new playground equipment
  • Restrooms located near the sports field and pavilion
  • Variety of fields and courts to play on


  • No swings

1155 S Suber Rd, Greer, SC 29650

East Riverside Park is only a stone’s throw away from residential and business areas. We found it to be a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle. It was a great park to play and explore nature. 

Have you visited the new playground at East Riverside Park?

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Opa! Greek Festival in Greenville, SC is Back

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The Greek Festival in Greenville, SC is one of the most popular festivals and is coming soon – which means awesome food, lively entertainment, and vendors with beautiful, traditional Greek items. The 2023 Greek Festival is happening at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in downtown Greenville, SC on May 19-21, 2023.

Greek Festival in Greenville, SC